Fuzz the Tiny and Terrible

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A story about how my cat came into my life.

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013




Last summer, I made a new friend. My cat Daisy that lived outside gave birth one

day to four adorable little kittens. We knew she was pregnant but we were hoping by the

time she was ready she would use safe place we had  prepared for her and the kittens.

Instead of using the box we had set up, Daisy went and had the kittens under a

neighbor’s house. We knew this because their dogs wouldn’t stop barking at what was

under the house. About five weeks later, Daisy appeared in front of our house with the

four kittens. Daisy was a beautiful black and white tuxedo cat with emerald green eyes,

and her kittens were white, grey and brown. We cared for her and the kittens and soon

had all of them litter trained and eating cat food. One of the cats in particular was very

loud mouthed and demanded attention from his mother by swatting at her tail and

meowing non-stop. He was a grey kitten with very soft fur like a chinchilla, and bright

green eyes. He was also the most friendly of all the kittens. Everybody fell in love with

the little grey cat, especially me, being a cat lover.

For a few months I would watch the grey kitten play outside, chasing the other

kittens and killing bugs. Soon I decided I just had to have him. It was pretty hard to think

of a name for him, I searched cat name websites and tried thinking of my own to no

avail. One day, I asked my boyfriend Timmy what he thought the kitten should be

named. He said “Fuzz”, because he was so fluffy and soft. I decided that was the

perfect name instantly. When Fuzz was old enough, I took him inside the house and

introduced him to my older, much larger Flame Point  Siamese cat, Tipper that thought

he was king of the house. He treated Fuzz like he was a nuisance, and didn’t want to be

bothered by a foolish little kitten. Fuzz didn’t care though, he just kept chasing tipper

and biting his tail like Tipper was his new mom. I kept Fuzz and my mom told me I

would be responsible for feeding him and changing his litter. Every day when I came

home from school my room would be trashed because Fuzz had been playing in my

room. I would find his toys scattered everywhere and my things, too. I didn’t mind

though, because Fuzz was just a kitten and wanted to play.

I trained him with a spray bottle of water, and every time he and Tipper started

fighting I sprayed them both. Fuzz got sprayed at least ten times a day, and he didn’t

like it at all. Fuzz needed a bath from being outside, and my mom and I did it together.

That day I learned to never, ever give him a bath again. Fuzz meowed as loud as he

could and cried, trying to get out. All cats do this, but Fuzz was special. He made the

biggest ordeal out of it as he could, and the sounds he was making were so sad he

sounded like he was dying. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I took him out of the tub

before the bath was even finished. Fuzzy certainly is a special cat.

The next six months of his life were just as hyperactive and destructive as before,

And we thought him and Tipper would never get along. The time came for Fuzz to get

neutered, and we brought him to the vet one sad day. I was worried because he was so

tiny he wouldn’t survive the anesthesia. Luckily, Fuzz was fine the next day and we

went to bring him home. Fuzz had to stay in the carrier for the rest of the night, because

the surgery made him dizzy and weak. When my parents went to the Vet they got a free

bag of cat food from the Vet and brought Fuzz home. I wanted to take him out of the

carrier because he was meowing and sticking his paws through the cage, but I couldn’t.

The next day Fuzz was ready to go. We let him out of the cage and soon he was

running around just like before. Fuzz healed quickly and soon his wounds were gone.

After being neutered, Fuzz became more laid-back and him and Tipper go along better.

Now Fuzz is the perfect cat because he sleeps most of the day and doesn’t make a lot

messes, except when he knocks over his water dish, and him and Tipper are like

brothers now and are always playing, fighting, cuddling, and cleaning each other. Fuzz spends

his time watching TV and playing with his toy mice, and waiting for his mommy to come

home every day so I can pet and play with him and Tipper.




1) Daisy was a beautiful black and white tuxedo cat with emerald green eyes, and

her kittens were white, grey and brown

2) He was a grey kitten with very soft fur like a chinchilla, and bright green eyes


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