Life isn't a video game

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Submitted: April 26, 2011

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Submitted: April 26, 2011



Today’s kids are addicted to the virtual world. Twenty-five percent of gamers are under age eighteen, 49% are 18-49, and 26% are over 50. When I was little, I rarely ever played video games. I was always outside for hours at a time. Now most of the guys my age and even a few girls are constantly talking about these virtual worlds and what new games are coming out. In a 2004 study conducted by Gentile, Lynch, Linder & Walsh, adolescent boys averaged playing video games 13 hours a week and girls 5. An extreme or professional gamer plays about 48.5 hours a week.  The problem with this is that video games aren’t real. You’re sitting in front of a TV screen pushing buttons trying to accomplish something that is made up and is completely fictitious. The whole idea of myself doing that makes me sick. I couldn’t bear to waste away hours of my life like that. I’m already losing time on the Internet and watching TV. I don’t need video games, too. I would rather spend that time doing something memorable or useful. I started seeing this watching my boyfriend’s little brother play video games. He’s constantly playing games and isn’t interested in doing other things like going outside. Then when I saw all the articles in the Bi-Monthly Mildew paper about Pokemon, I just thought it was pathetic and sad that my fellow classmen devote their lives to this franchise instead of getting ready for college and starting their lives. It’s not bad at all to have a little fun, but when it becomes an addiction you have a problem.Video game companies are making a fortune on today’s youth; they’re probably bathing in all the money they make. I can just imagine them sitting behind crystal balls and laughing maniacally. By the time I have children, playing video games could mean putting on a pair of goggles and jumping inside the game, and that isn’t something I would want them exposed to. It has been discovered that children who play video games grow up to be more violent and tend to lash out on adults and peers. They can have attention problems such as hyperactivity, ADD or ADHD, family interaction problems such as less positive parental relations; declines in verbal memory performance, and significant reduced amounts of slow-wave (REM) sleep.Executive producers of games have been known to make, on the average, $50,000 a year. A video game tester can make about $32,000 a year.This is great for them, but it does take training and a good education to get that far. Most of the guys I know who play games probably could have a good chance of getting that far, but they would need a lot more drive and effort than they put in their schoolwork. 

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