Mad mother Earth

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The brutal reality of what humans have done to the Earth.

Submitted: March 26, 2012

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Submitted: March 26, 2012



We were given life,

westole knowledge.

Wediscovered our bodies,

for that we birthe in pain.

We lived off the earth,

tended it well.

Centuries past,

weunderstood our earth more.

We dug for ore,

Mined for coal;

Powering beasts that burned with black smoke.

We became highly civilized,

took over the world.

Owning the plants, the water, the dirt,

the very air we polluted ignorantly.

We want to live fast, efficiently, hard.

We cannot walk too far.

Appreciate the beauty no more.

While our eyes are glued to monitors,

outside the world slowly decays.

It cries for the tender hands that once allowed it to grow,

that never stabbed its heart and sucked its essence away,

that ran through the grass vibrant and wild,

healthy and happy.

Now the earth is weighed down by masses of bodies

mounds of garbage and filth.

We throw our waste into the wind and the water,

burn its gas,

killing our home.

We were too ignorant,

too greedy to stop.

Nobody broadcasts this bad news.

We don't have long to walk like kings,

our minds are cluttered with material things.

So we ignore the obvious clues.

Burn, baby burn the earth's blood,

watch it turn around and burn our bodies to the ground,

drowning all that we've built.

Taking back its air and leaving us with deathly fumes.

We will die.

Tommorow, today?

Earth will decide

Whether we parasites deserve to live or die.

© Copyright 2018 Chrysta. All rights reserved.

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