My Life as a Lesbian: Getting Out

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Coming out of the closet.

Submitted: September 18, 2009

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Submitted: September 18, 2009



Sociology-Getting Out, [my most life changing expirience.]

After all the fun I had discoving myself, It was time to get out.Of course the first people that knew were my friends.I was dating Elizabeth at the time when I came out to my parents.I felt so strongly that I had no choice, my parents needed to know the real me.It hurt to not be able to say it out loud, because I wanted only to shout it to the world, no matter what happened, I felt that if people didn't know, then I was ashamed of being gay.And I was not.My pride was at 100% at the time, so I had no other choice.It began on Elizabeth's birthday, when I wanted to get her a gift and come over to her house.I felt that if I didn't then I was a bad girlfriend.

I asked my mom if I could get her some gifts, and that worked out fine.I bought her presents and a card, and at the time I was happy.It was starting to show, though.I was in the store with me mom, and she told me I couldn't get anything that had to do with pride/rainbows. I wanted to get ranbow friendship necklaces for one of my friends, and my mom refused.When It came to going to her house, my mom said no.I asked why, and she simply said that she didn't know Elizabeth, and didn't want me going there.She made it sound as if she didn't trust her, even though I'd been talking about her constantly since we started dating.

The next morning she drove me to school, Elizabeth's birthday.I asked again about going, and she said she didn't want me alone with her all night so I couldn't go.And I responded, "Well, I'm a Lesbian and I always have been, and If you don't like it then you must not like me at all." She said, "You aren't. It's only a stage, Its because you've been hanging out with gay people." And that was all she said as she dropped me off.She couldn't have been any more wrong about me.It was not a stage and has never been.I was deeply hurt that  my mother could be so pregidious.I went to the counselor afterward and told her everything that happened.She was mostly quiet, probably thinking that I was attracted to her when I wasn't.I had her call Elizabeth down and left us alone.I told her what happened to me, tears running down my face as she held my hand tightly and said: "I'll say something to anyone that hurts you, Chrysta, If I ever see her I'll punch her in the face." And she comforted me at the time.We spent the rest of our day together, I got passes to all her classes without a single trouble.

At that moment I loved her more than anything else in the entire world.Even though it happened, I still felt good that someone knew the truth about me.

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