On the inside out

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An observation of school cliques.

Submitted: September 28, 2009

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Submitted: September 28, 2009



Observation of a Social Interaction-
What I’ve found the most intriguing Social Interaction to watch in my surroundings is how girls tend to act. Not just any girls, but pretty, “popular” girls. Their attitudes and topics are usually the same, involving a lot of giggling and fooling around. When they’re not talking about boys, shopping, athletics or events going on around them, they like to mess around with people. It would seem unthinkable that these sweet, angelic, A+ students could poke fun, but it’s a favorite pastime of theirs. Since most of them are blessed with good looks, outgoing personalities and wealth, it’s easier for them to pick out those who are different. A display of the Haves and Have-nots, that seems to still exist in society.
They might say to a less popular girl, “I like your hair” or “Cute shirt” but these aren’t really honest opinions. When they say something like this, they are actually picking out a flaw and making it more obvious. It may sound nice, but with the right tone of voice it can be an insult. Something they might say to a less popular male would be “Do you have a girlfriend?” or “You’re really cute” to make the boy flustered and embarrassed. That was the purpose the girls want to achieve, though, to make people feel ugly and unwanted, even depressed. Some can’t stand the insults and will merge into the background of the school life and start being rebellious, and try the most to be different,A concept the Haves interprets a completely separate way. They all want the same clothes, same hair, and same brand name. If you don’t have the right brand name, you have less money. the hostility to homosexuals.
Most people know my sexuality as a lesbian, and when I’m around these girls they know exactly what to say. It’s either, “ We should all be lesbians!” or something like “You are so hot”, directed to each other of course. The action of mocking my sexuality and making it appear foolish is clearly their idea of fun. Because of their hostility, it only makes sense to mock what they don’t understand and make it seem harmless even though they fear the
What I’ve experienced firsthand from them is homosexual lifestyle and the fact that a lesbian could target them. They don’t realize that a gay person only “targets” someone they know is also gay.
The stereotype of a “popular” girl or a “clique” is a real thing in school. Sometimes it seems like they actually are imitating what they have seen in the media. And that really is a sad truth.

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