Promises, Pleasure, and Pain.

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Part Two of "Breaking Her", This time from my perspective of the dream.

Submitted: November 16, 2009

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Submitted: November 16, 2009



I opened my eyes and saw him standing above me, staring down at me with tears in his eyes.

"Why did you leave me, Lovebug?" He asks, his voice small and childlike as it came from a man's body. His eyes are red and worried, and somewhere deep inside I see something else. I gather the sheets around my nude body, suddenly shivering, my toes curled tightly.

"Please, go away Scottie."  I manage to say, voice coming out stronger than I expected.

"No. I can't do that."  He  responds, coming closer, his large hand held out. I flinch away as he strokes my hair, my cheek. His tears fall on my face.

"You promised to let me break you." He said, voice now deep, low and much different.

"That..,was a long time ago," I respond, suprised and both ashamed.

He pets my neck, rapidly like a child would stroke a cat's fur. As I stare at him, puzzled, his eyes soften and he drops his big clumsy hand and strokes his pants.

"Remember how I said I would stroke your hair, and I would always be gentle....?" He whispers in his man-child voice.

"Yes. I remember." I say carefully, watching with caution as he pulls his hand away from me and unzips his pants.

"This time.. I can't do that."

"Scott...I told you to go away. You can't be here right now. If my mom sees you, she'll-"

"Your mother is dead. Its just you and me...forever."

Shock freezes me, and I find I can't move, can't even open my mouth in protest.

"Why did you leave me, Lovebug? I was always kind, I never even hurt you..." He asks fervently, his arms gripping my shoulders.

"I know you never hurt me. You were always kind, and sweet. But I needed to leave you."

Scott is silent, his black hair hiding before his eyes, white, pasty skin flushed.

"No... You hurt me. You hurt my heart."

He responds, more big, wet tears dropping from his closed eyes.

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry isn't enough this time, Chrysta!"  Scott shouts with pain, breaking into sobbing, gasping tears. He digs his nails into my waist and burys his hot face in my chest.

"Please, I really am sorry..."

He sniffles, and lifts his head.

"I want to break you now."

At first I don't know what he means, I thought he was quoting a movie or something like that. And then I know, my whole body tensing. I feel a hardness against my leg.

"No....Scott, get off me or I'll scream--"

"Scream all you want, baby. Nobody will hear you but me." He responds with a grin, lifting his head.

He tears the sheet I wrapped around me away, exposing my breasts. I gasp, unable to react quickly enough. I notice a hot spreading sensation on my leg,

and as I do his face turns red and he swears, sitting up and pulling down his pants. He glares at me for looking at him, with his hanging gut and pale skin.

His penis is erect and without hair, and as I look at its pinkness, I think of a worm and begin to giggle.

His eyes bulge practically out of his head and he smacks me across the face in one hard, stinging motion.

"What's there to laugh at, its not like you've ever seen one before, so shut up." He sneers cruelly, pinning me down and pulling the sheets down enough to press his fat worm against me.

I closed my legs tightly and squirmed, letting out a helpless scream.

"Scream some more, dumb bitch. I like it." He says, laughing like a little goblin.

He grips my knees and forces them around his waist, and plunges inside of me like a stinging, tearing fire.

"Not so funny now, is it?"

I squeeze my eyes shut as I feel it digging inside of me, hot and dry and void of emotion.

"I knew I'd get my wish." Scott says powerfully, taking me as his own as I died inside.

The End.

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