What happened to D?

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/* It's actually unfinished yet.. I had it hanging somewhere.:) i'm still trying to figure things out. kinda busy lately.:| but I think you know what happened to D ;) most of my friends knew at once :D:D hope this works :) */

It's a story of 5 high school friends who had their vacation after graduation.:D but, one of them seemed different ;)

/*sorry for grammatical errors. other chapters out soon.*/

Submitted: February 01, 2009

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Submitted: February 01, 2009



CHAPTER ONE: Graduation Rites

Finally. Graduation day came. I’ve waited forever for this. I am so damn excited.

S, M, E and me were gathered in a small circle in one of the corners of the hall waiting for D.
“Where the H is D?!” I said impatiently. I wanted to have a picture with her.
“What did D say? What time will she be going here?” S asked E.
“I don't know. She hasn't replied to my text messages since last night.” E said a bit worried.
“Yeah. We were sending text messages until after 6 in the evening. After that, I didn't hear from her,” M said, supporting E.

“Ladies..” said the voice over the PA system. Aww. Mrs. Innocencio my Economics teacher. I will definitely miss you. “Please go to your line. We’ll be starting in a few minutes.”

Oh no! Graduation rites will start in a few minutes, yet no sign of D. I should have a picture with her.

At once, people emptied the hall. All of us were excited for the fact that:
One: We will Graduate. NOW,
Two: We will leave an all girls school—time to meet the other half of the human population,
Three: Yet we will miss the high school way of life—especially in our Alma Mater.

“Ballesteros, Margarita Veronica T. With Distinction. St. Cecilia's Award for Religious Youth Music Ministry. Loyalty Medalist.” I went up the stage into the limelight after the “Loyalty Medalist” call and bowed down condescendingly.
“Banzon, Samantha Mikaela M. With Distinction. Loyalty Medalist.” S climbed up with her rarely used innocent looking face.
“Cosim, Dianna Lauren C. With Distinction.” D. There she was. She seemed exhausted yet she was still pretty.
“Jose, Emily Denise J. Bronze Medalist. Loyalty Medalist.” E went up wearing her usual small-but-terrible smile.
“Hernandez, Rose Marie R. Bronze Medalist. Josefa Llanes Escoda Award for Girls Scouts of the Philippines.” M was up before her name was called and was about to step down when Ms. Lopez announced her name.

Go M. You are excited as always.

Graduation rites went on smoothly. After the last two words of the graduation song was sung, we marched down the red carpet for the last and final time as some tears found their way out or our eyes.

I came to see my other buddies yet only Mikee, Nikki and Zen were all I found. It was impossible to find certain people in an event like this. My parents requested me and my “primary” buddies (M, E, S, D) to go up the stage for some photographs. By the time we reached the stage, Kathleen (one of our longest friends), Tanya and Jessica. We had some shots before we parted ways. But before we knew it, D was with her parents waving wearily at us.

“Why does D seem so exhausted? We haven't done a single thing yesterday. Well, except our beauty rests.” M wondered aloud.
“I wish I know,” E said with a worried tone and sadly shaking her head.

But of course, our meeting doesn't end here—at the graduation stage. We will meet again after we finalize our out of town trip.

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