Into The Blind World

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A man plunges into the ocean and in his final minutes of life replays events of his life.

Submitted: March 21, 2012

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Submitted: March 21, 2012




Slowly, the man eased up onto the marina railing, looking out over the ocean waters.

He began to think to himself about what it must feel like to drown. The fact that there was very little one could do to prevent oneself from drowning.

He then thought about how he couldn't swim.

About his fear of open waters.

About his life... what would happen to his girlfriend if he were to die? What would his friends think?

Would anyone really even miss him?

But before long his thoughts faded and he moved away from the railing as he began walking back to shore.

The man slid his hands into his jacket pockets as the night air seemed thin and very cold.

He continued to walk along the shoreline, listening to the ocean water hit the sand and whisper its way back out to sea.

He then closed his eyes as he walked and let the wind blow through his hair.

It moved in all directions. Over his scalp, past his ears, and even around his neck.

The wind carried his thoughts away, good and bad. It cleared his head. It made him feel empty.

The man began to spin, slowly.

He let the wind blow his hair all over and carry his body as if he were as light as a feather. He felt euphoric. For the first time in months since all of this mess had began, he legitimately felt fine.

He stopped spinning. His eyes focused on what appeared to be a small cove ahead of him.

The man, feeling a tad adventurous and better than he had in quite a long time, entered the cove with haste.

He climbed atop the rocks and felt the cold air rise up from the water that clashed against them.

He smiled and laughed, feeling the air rush underneath his jacket.

"I'm ok..." The man said to himself with a smile. "I'M OK!"

The man closed his eyes once more and stood up tall, with his arms spread wide, letting the air rush under him again.

Then, the man felt nothing below him.

Nothing around him.

As he swung his arms he felt emptiness.

He opened his eyes but there was only black before he felt himself hit the water, head first.

The current then pushed him into the rocks and broke his arm and as he reached out with the other the current pulled him back out.

The man knew what had happened.

He had slipped.

The current was not his friend in this world of cold black-emptiness.

He was swept into open waters and was thrown far enough to where he couldn't make it back. Not with his arm.

The man struggled. He couldn't swim and he could already feel his air running short.

He flailed and tossed about in the water, hoping beyond hope that something, anything would happen that would save his life.

Finally, in a moment of panic, the man opened his mouth.

His lungs had given out and his body knew that he needed air.

The water flowed in and the mans struggling slowed as once again, he thought.

He thought about how just over three moths ago, him and his girlfriend fought over how little he seemed to apply himself.

He thought about how not even a month ago, his mother died the same way his father did. Cancer.

Then he began to think about how many friends he had.

How many people he hurt or was hurt by.

The day his girlfriend left...

He thought about everything.

Then his life began to play back in his head.

His first birthday. His first bike ride. His first crush. His first date. First day at college.

His entire life, from beginning to end.

And his last thought... his last memory. Was the day he proposed to his girlfriend.

The picture of her smile... and the tears of joy that filled her eyes. Faded in black.

His motions ceased.

And he sank.


The man was fine now. Better than he had been in quite a long time.

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