I Dont Fit In

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Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018



I Don't Fit In

I don't fit into this world of new conclusions to solutions that consistently conclude negativity to problems that could easily be solved with positivity, this new way of thinking has overpowered the minds of society to the point of no return, and I refuse to alter my mind into this new era of thinking, as much as I've tried to change my mindset to think in such a way the world has so voluntarily accepted to do so I noticed very quickly that I don't fit in,

I was raised by a woman who was yet still a kid herself who intended to be my friend more than my mother, who sometimes lacked the attributes of an older woman yet still was able to instill the morality of being old-fashioned by being respectful, caring, sympathetic to others situations, and considerate none of which this new world contains, many have been built on a different Spectrum of morals in which contains none of these once relevant attributes that used to be common within all, now these are attributes that are looked upon as less worthy of a person to have, yet I have not deter myself from this way of thinking, Leaving me sticking out like a red thumb letting me know as well as everyone else that I don't fit in,

Our new way of loving has deteriorated the old way of loving in which many valued and cherished, souls used to be okay with vulnerability, loving to a point of uncertainty they weren't afraid to fall because the chances of them being caught was undeniable, yet now many play the game of possum acting Dead to true emotions refusing to be vulnerable using uncertainty as a way to float around with no feelings involved, for the fear of falling and not being caught resulting in no one catching no one, yet everyone is touching everyone with no value of commitment, as I reflect my way of loving towards the reflection of this new way of loving I no longer see a reflection of my love but a reflection of love that I don't fit into,

Over the years I've watched this world change and evolve into some greatness as most would say, but I've also watch us lose the importance that we once contained to be true not only to ourselves but to others as well, we used to be built upon communities because we used to care for all now we've been conform to individuality which now has many just concerned with self, consuming the informity in humanization resulting to careless souls in which I don't fit into,

As I reflect myself to this world trying to camouflage this new reflection many have tried to conflicted upon me I've noticed that I was born and raised with a reflection that I've been incapable of changing due to the fact that It was built to fit into a world that no longer exist. C.S.M 2/9/2018 ©? material (copyright)

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