My People are all gone

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My People are gone

Submitted: May 28, 2014

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Submitted: May 28, 2014



They've all left me, forever

They didn't do it on purpose though

They didn't abandon me

The evil men from the west got them, and made them leave forever

Im all alone now

Heresy and rebellion is their reason

They've run rampant with their new religion 

They worship a god of blood and a man of lies and robes

They conquer and kill in the name of "Him"

They sympathize with the poor, but hold their gold in palaces of pearl and plaster

The Romans are the plague of this world

Only they could corrupt the word of a saint, a loving man

Only they could kill us in the name of savior

In the name of a savior that they killed themselves

They don't care about us

They will spread their catholic plague throughout Canaan

They will burn us all to the ground, I know it

They have stolen our land 

But all empires fall

No catholic will stay innocent

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