Virginia Tech Tragedy

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My poem is based on the events that happened at Virginia Tech. That was a tragic thing that happened so i wrote about it! Tell me what you think!

Submitted: April 23, 2007

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Submitted: April 23, 2007



They went to school one sunny day

Not knowing the price they'd pay

They went to class with their friends

They didnt know they may never see them again

They never knew a demented kid in his senior year

Would bring them their worst nightmare... their worst fear

He bought a gun... wait a minute... two

No one knew just what he would do

He went to the dorm, only to find just two

Killed a girl and a guy now their life is through

What would you do if this was you?

Would you know what you would do?

Then he had the audacity to send tapes, pictures, and a letter

Explaining why he did it... he said he never felt better

The guys at CNN got the mail the next day and aired it on t.v.

Everyone was mad about it.... including me

He went in to the school and locked the doors

With the kids not knowing what they were in for

He walked into the first class with his two guns

And shot everyone... one by one

From then on he went from class to class

Killing everyone that was in his path

People were jumping out the windows of the rooms

Trying to get free from the gunman who looms

A guy who survived the Holocaust

Was there that day for a great cause

Teaching was what he loved to do

And the kids loved him for teaching them too

He got shot in America... thats bad

Survived the Holocaust... thats sad

You can make it in the worst place in the world

But you cant make it in America... that makes me want to hurl

The gunman named Cho Seung Hui

Made the headlines with the worst school shooting spree

I bet you he feels proud now

While hes in hell and were all gathering around

So Virginia Tech is staying strong

With the help of families trying to get along

We will never forget this tragic day

Virginia Tech is here to stay



Written By: Charles "Chuck" Edgar Dunnington III

© Copyright 2018 chuckdunn9. All rights reserved.

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