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Waste Management

Submitted: May 06, 2008

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Submitted: May 06, 2008





Waste management is one issue that has been of concern to the government, corporate bodies and individuals in Nigeria, especially as it affects urban centre and cities. The activities of human beings especially in the cities are characterized by high generation of waste and this has given rise for the need to address the country’s waste management situation a topical issue

Waste generation in this country is a serious matter and the need to address the situation has become really pressing. Though challenging waste management however, has some underlying economic benefits for anyone who embarks on it.

From close observations, the amount of waste collected by or on behalf of municipalities is constantly increasing in Nigeria and the issue is of importance to the government. This has led to problems like illegal dumpsites increasing in urban areas.

Municipalities play a crucial role in waste management and that one way to run the municipal services is through the participation of the private sector. This participation may take various forms depending on different socio-economic factors. This is because both the public and the private sector have certain advantages in the delivery of services and tasks.

Waste management is also occupying a priority position in Nigeria because of the negative effects its efficiency can cause the people. Research, has shown that there are about thirty five different kinds of diseases that can be contracted through poor waste management.

Unfortunately, most people do not consider investing in this areas of endeavour because the level of awareness in the trade is low. A major part of waste management involves converting waste materials in to items. It also involves producing and marketing waste bins, waste bags and other industrial cleaning utensils. This yields handsome income.

Another aspect of the business, involves the use of waste carrying trolleys and evacuating vans and trucks.

Comparing how far some African countries have gone as regards waste management and control, Nigeria still has a long way to go in imbibing this culture. This means opportunities abound in waste management generally, and the private sector has a lot to benefit from this.

Government may not have the will power to embark on this project, though it may have the wherewithal. This is where the private sector can come in by initiating ideas that proffers solution to the waste condition of our cities, the government will definitely welcome the development, and may contract some jobs to these private companies with the needed capacity.

Opportunities in this area of waste management are enormous, considering the untidy manner in which many people dispose waste in the country. Opportunities are found in many leading cities.

Various state capitals should be the main focus of anyone intending to invest in the business. Cities like port Harcourt, Calebar, Abuja, Jos, Owerri, Enugu among others.

Some of the facilities that are necessary for waste management include wheeled containers, standard bins, designer bins, monkey proof bin, wall mounted bin, refuse storage systems, waste trolleys conveyors and waste vans.

The services of trained personnel is also of immense importance in the business because the operations of various equipment is done by human begins with specific skills. This therefore implies that the waste management firm should invest in training his work force so that intended results are achieved.

Also, public enlightenment is needed to make the job easier. This is because one major challenge facing our government in terms of environmental health is the indiscriminate dumping of wastes into gutters. These constitute obstacles to the free flow of water causing the gutters to over flow, and consequently flooding. With public enlightenment people can stop indiscriminate dumping of refuse, hence widening the market for private waste managers.

Government’s assistance could however some times be crucial especially on the development of human capital and equipment to tackle waste management problems.

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