Eee 4 Cee

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Submitted: October 21, 2011

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Submitted: October 21, 2011



Eee 4 Cee

chukwuka chukwueke

If we do nothing about our world, it remains the way we met it;

and if our world remains the way we met it then,

we have denied divinity and robbed posterity without knowing.

You are all it takes to make that maximum impact your

world is waiting for and, you can if only you believe.

There was a man called William Wilberforce, a native of Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire in England. Wilberforce is noted for influencing one of the greatest positive changes in history, the abolition of slave trade. Wilberforce accomplished this by ceasing the opportunity created by his visionary career as a member of British parliament, thus promoting the passing of the anti-slave law. What triggered his passion for this move was the story about the predicament of slave workers in some plantations, narrated by one Rev. James Ramsey, a ship surgeon and medical supervisor of the plantations on the Island of St. Christopher in the Leeward Island. Wilberforce was moved by this pathetic story, and the passion to strive for this historic change was born. But it might interest you to also know that some individuals in other cities had begun campaigns to abolish slave trade like the establishment of the Quakers’ anti-slavery committees. It was the same year, but before Wilberforce heard the passionate slavery story. Let me not bore you with further historical accounts on this, but the story will make sense to you in few minutes.

History has proved at countless times that positive change is a possibility? Individuals with great determination and potentials have contributed immensely to causes that led to building great nations and societies? Could it be a marvel to say that if you look deep down , you would discover that great potentials for positive impact lies right within you? Do you know that you could begin to explore your God-given treasures to change your little environ thereby transforming the entire entity? For great individuals make up a great people and a great people make up a great nation. Are you tired of what is happening around you? Are you fade-up with the state of your environment- the nation? How do you feel when you see what goes on around you; comfortable and excited? If this is the answer then I think we have missed it all.

But I believe the world changer in you should feel uncomfortable and disappointed, as the reformer, transformer and giant in you would react towards a move for positive impact. Do you wonder how you alone can make this happen? You really do not need to. If you will become an agent of transformation in your little corner, you have sown seeds that will set the pace for fundamental changes. For the changes in great cities, societies and nations of today were done by great individuals who arose to use their God-given potentials, triggered by their passion to make a difference. Similarly, there are men and women in the same environment where you are who are eager to be on board same flight; everyone‘s passion to be on cause determines its actualization. (See, Nehemiah 1:1-4; 2:1-12) Often, folks look for whom to criticize for negative things that happen all around. But someone rightly said “If you have no will to change it, you have no right to criticize it.” So criticism does not create positive change, being on course does. “If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it” says Anthony J. D'Angelo. Hey! You are all it takes to make that maximum impact your world is waiting for and you can if only you believe. Have you not heard that you “…shall rebuild the ancient ruins, repairing cities long ago destroyed, reviving them though they have lain there many generations” (Isaiah 61:4, Living Bible)

You would agree with me that it is deformation that triggers a call for reformation. But every reformation is preceded by a vision, empowered by talents, ideas and skills channeled towards inexplicable transformations. It is individual contribution to positive change that culminates into societal changes, which further develop and results into a global change. It does not take politics to make a positive change; it does not take business and economics to make this happen, nor does it take education to bring about it. It may sound fallacious, but this is indeed a truism. Why? Because it is not about institutions and places- say the Wall Street; great political classes from acclaimed developed nations or in great citadels like Harvard and Cambridge among others; nor Governmental and Non Governmental Institutions. It does not take mere institutions to bring about changes. It takes you and me; the upcoming visionary-transformative politicians, captains of industries and ministers, the purposeful NGO/INGO directors and founders, impact-driven educationists. People with potentials who are ready to release that which is deposited within to turn their world around; with sense of urgency, pursuing this expeditiously with vision, ideas, and vigour to secure the destiny of generations, imprinting their feet on the inerasable sands of time. Jesus our perfect example did 2000 years ago, and His impact is still causing waves today.

Now think for a moment. Have you asked yourself the question; why am i here on earth? Why am i created a human being and not a grass? What impact can I make to change my world? What potentials are deposited in me by God and, how can I release them to make a generational mark? What visions, talents, and skills have I identified? What do I (or have I) used them for? Answering these vital, thought-provoking and passion-driven questions marks the beginning of the formation of an agent of change in you. If we do nothing about our world, it remains the way we met it; and if our world remains the way we met it then we have denied divinity and robbed posterity without knowing. (See Matthew 25:14-30) Friend, you must know and understand where you belong in God’s master plan for this generational impact agenda.


There are potentials in everyone, white, black, male and female; the same great treasures exist within all from generation to generation. The fact is that some people discover, understand, and use these potentials, while some do not even believe this. Do you know that societies are transformed daily because seeds of greatness are being released by those who have discovered and used the treasures on their inside? It is time to look within you, for that which you need to have a great destiny and cause positive changes in your nation and the world is within reach, right inside of you. You might say “Chuks, you do not understand, everything about me is messed up. I have a poor background, I am not qualified. I do not have any connection; I am a right-off, it is impossible and I do not have any good in me.” Friend, have you not heard what God said that the pouring out of His spirit and of vision for change upon the earth will cut across all race, background, and class? (See Joel 2:28-29) You may not look like that great personality now and people might see you as a write-off. But you do not need to worry, for “rough diamonds may sometimes be regarded as worthless pebbles.” (Sir Thomas Browne) Please do understand that you are in a process, for diamonds may not look beautiful when discovered underneath the earth until they are taken through a refining process.

Understand that God will erase the roughness of your life and destiny to cause the diamond in you to shine forth.(Psalm66:12). Aldous Huxley in his book Time Must Have a Stop said, “there's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.” It simply implies that until there is a change within, there cannot be a change without; so it begins with you. But friend, do you recognize what you have? Do you know that with God’s empowerment on what you have you can make a positive history? There is a seed in you waiting to be released for securing of destinies; a child in you waiting to be born and nurtured into a son to be launched into the world for maximum impact (Isaiah 9:6).

You have immeasurable gifts, talents, callings, visions, dreams and great capacities, to set you on this purpose-driven mission. You are created excellent in every way, you are never limited. (Gene 1:31; Living Bible) You are a book yet to be read, please do not end up a manuscript. You are the first you that ever is and would be; there is no darkness strong enough in the world to put out God’s light in you to rekindle hope in your world. (See, John 1:5) You were created to be a sandpaper to smoothen the future for the next generation. You do not need to enjoy temporal pleasure at the expense of generational impact. Let us release that vision, idea, and talent, the great God-given potentials for the impacting of our world positively. You do not have any excuse as regarding your background, state, region, qualification and all what not. Whosoever you are, wherever you may be, you can make a great impact. As Martin Luther King Jr. said;“Everybody can be great because anybody can serve.You don't have to have a college degree to serve.You don't have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve…You don't have to know the secondtheory of thermodynamics in physics to serveYou only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.”

Great one, the time to start thinking, driving and acting out those potentials in you is not tomorrow, not in the next hour, minutes or seconds, it is now! It is time to join the great company of trail blazers and world changers of our generation. For you are- EMPOWERED FOR CHANGE

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