Love has limits

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Love comes in different types
you can love someone so much you go crazy
Love is like an addiction
you can never get enough of it
unless the addiction backfires
Love can also mean risking your life
to be with him/her

Submitted: June 20, 2008

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Submitted: June 20, 2008



Girlfriend picks up

Girlfriend: Hello

Boyfriend: Hey bubs, how are you??

Girlfriend: Im gud,

*the girl seems puzzled because he never rings her, NEVER* is something up?

Girlfriend: Okay well I’ve gotta go, my mum hates it when I’m on the phone I’ll text you later

Boyfriend: Okay, but theirs something I need to

*before he can finish the line is dead*

2 hours later the girlfriend texts him

Girlfriend: Sorry bowt that mum pulled the cord,

Boyfriend: That’s okay, can I call you?

Girlfriend: Yeah sure but really is something up?

Boyfriend: Nope, trust me nothings up but theirs something I need to tell you.

A minute later. The phone rings

Girlfriend: Hey huns, wats the matter?

Boyfriend: Nothing but can I ask you something?

Girlfriend: Yeah hun, anything, wait their I’m gonna go get your jacket to wear it’s getting a bit chilly

Boyfriend: Okay,

*waits for her*

Girlfriend: Okay I’m back

Boyfriend: Oh great you have the jacket do you know why I rang you?

Girlfriend: No, why?

Boyfriend: Because I’m cheating on you

*The girl breaks in tears*

Girlfriend: So where does this leave me?

Boyfriend: the truth is, look in your jacket I gave you, left pocket theirs a letter read it, it explains everything

*She reaches into her pocket then closes the phone*

To my dearest

I hate you so much

You’re not Gentle and humble

You’re the worst girlfriend ever

You’re the worst thing that has ever come to my life

You’re the most ugliest girl in the universe

You’re a Slutty girl

Ill never cherish you in my heart

I hate the fact that you loved me

I never want to remember you

I hope you always forget us

You were always greedy and selfish

The reason I’m saying this is because I’m leaving

And the truth has to eventually come out

All I want you to know is that


*She cries herself to sleep*

The next day, the girl goes to school and doesn’t see him at school

Everyone keeps looking at her. A good friend of her boyfriend runs up to her in tears

Girl: I’m sorry

Girlfriend: for what

Girl: He didn’t tell you?

Girlfriend: Who didn’t tell me

Girl: Your boyfriend, well he’s…. He’s in the hospital

Girlfriend: What

*her eyes begin to fill with tears* what’s wrong with him?

Girl: Well I don’t know if you knew but he’s got cancer, and he died this morning

Girl runs to the hospital gets to his room to find that her boyfriend dead.

*girl cries and cries until she can’t cry no more*

The nurse walks into the room

Nurse: Are you his girlfriend?

Girlfriend: No were just friends

*Trying to wipe the tears* why?

Nurse: Well if you find his girlfriend tell her he said theirs something in the right pocket of some jacket

Girlfriend: Okay

*Girl rushes home checks the right pocket to find another letter*

To my dearest

If you find this, that means I’m already dead

In the other letter was the letter

This piece of paper is the key to the letter










Hope you can forgive me,

Love you so much


*Girl cries for three hours, four hours later the girl is found dead with a letter in her hand*

If I could change time I would

If I could die for you I would

But I can’t so I’ll die with you

To show how much I love you

Since I cant be with you

I’ll die so that I can see you

You were my everything

Now that your gone

My everything is shattered

Nothing in life is left living for

My life is left hanging on a rope

It’s a mess please come back

My dear babe

Boyfriend: Nah I just thought ill ring you to see how you are

Boyfriend rings girlfriend

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