The Stage

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The most magnificent, non-theatrical stage of all.It had only one character and now many but the curtain hasnt fell...this play is still going on.

' A stage, what is the first thing that comes to mind? May i take a guess please? You are thinking of a wide area in which on one end, all the entertainment occurs; in the other, the constant, mezmerized gaze of the audience is seen. Also, you are thinking of props which can be from a small cubicle simple box to complex and intricate wires which form the roofing to a colossal house. I pose this question to you though: is it all not but just an area or space in which different events take place? Perhaps by using objects conveniently placed in the way? IT is. Dont confine yourself, let your mind whisk free...what stages can you think of?

The universe. ( according to my interpretation it is the largest stage of all)

The mind. Flowing constant imagination creating your own entertainment.

Those were only just a few examples but the one in which my curious tale takes place is on the gand stage you're standing on right now. Can you find it? Just search and you'll be sure to find it.

Actors need roles in which they take the form and enter the mind of someone they are not and i shall do the same ut i will be a character no one knows. Furthermore, it will not be a humble homosapien that i will act..oh no...but the very forst character thet ever stepped on stage, beginning th eplay and paving the road for many characters yet to come.

Wind gushed against the slime infected body, driving a shiver down the spine, immobilising it instantly. Never have i felt the presence of air rich in Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and Argon; i have only but tasted the bitterness of Oxygen through my gills some days ago but this...this experience is nothing i ever dreamt of. The large spherical body emitting heat pierces my photophobic fins, gradually incinerating the fungus growing on them. My life of everlasting abyss was suddenly illuminated in seconds, blinding me in my steps and burning the filament covering my cornea ; i will not need the protection of precious water anymore. I was airborn for a few seconds but it already felt like a lifetime, then...' OOF' i hit solid ground for the first time. I was the very first primordial creature to break free of the oozing slime in which all animals bred and i soared into the miracle named life.

Irregular solids clinched on my body (which had now lost the slime which used to mask it )but i brushed these aside casually with my loabed, smooth limb. I was licking something ressembling bakes seaweed but my mind is still having an immense difficulty accepting the fact tht i am no longer flowing through water. It was a savory green (a new color amongst many othersto my eyes ) and this species of surreal plant covered the wntire terrain i was crouched on. I peered around attempting to understand my surroundings. A glooming brown upright object lead the way up into the sky. The top of this amazing enitiy held a plithora of objects ; this particular one held spherical vessels, the one next to it crescents of yellow. This bizzare and yet outstanding object sagged over me creating an enormous shadow which comforted me. I lifted my head to witness a blanket covering parts of the sky. Whiskfuls of white were smeared all over the rich blue overhead. It was a miraculous feat, some towering over others while some held multitudes of dark shades. They were omnipotent to be primitive eyes. I clenched the muscle in my arms and legs to take my first step into the unknown....fearing it to react with animosity.

Heat scorched my skin, destroying the scales. Ihad stumbled out of the solace of the lush green valley and into the furiousness of water-lacking terrain. My fins scraped sluggishly against the rough grains surrounding me. What is this place? There is no water and no exquisite bodies escaping into the air but only this sturdy, brown pebbled dust which pierces your body, radiating millenia of heat it patiently stored. I dragged my body aimlessly across this difficult terrain, hoping to find safety from this ' ball of doom' glowing in the sky so evidently...i could not escape it....its rays were omniscient and i was but just a victim of its gaze. I was persistent in my quest for immediate survival and i ventured on into the unknown.

WATER! oh how sweet it is. This sickening chemical used to be my home and now my savior..there is no place like home. I hauled myself into the sparkling beauty and drank vigorously. I did not even notice the beautiful bodies from before around me creating a scaffold into the wonders of the sky. There was a whislte of wind easing past these bodies grabbing dust and pebbles and throwing them into the sky. Imagine if one day, the might of the wind would chuck a creature into the sky..a moment words could not describe. This water i bathed in had a current i did not notice but i was soon forced to. I found myself being driven and rolled downstream like an insignificant boulder. For the forst time in my life...i felt excitement. Oh what a wordless emotion, made my body tingle and my mind laugh. I loved it. Unfortunately every enjoyment has an end as i thudded against spmething solid..rendering me unconscious.

I awoke to the flight of the ' ball of doom' as it vanished behind mysteriously colossal entropies piercing the sky so far away. Darkness yet again surrounded me but this time neither did it send disgust to my blood nor did it send melancholy to my mind but only calmness. A calm i had never was soothing. I knew i'd wake up tomorrow with not the same, monotonic story to tell but the never-ending beauty of life. I closed my new eyes and fell into a state of mind here reality meets fiction but this time i know, more is yet to come

And just like that...the Act has ended. Nature is still the director and we are all but dancing on its stage.

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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