Right Sizing

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Duncan Duste had more than fifteen minutes of glory: working on Floor 27 of Global Partners in Atlanta. A bright future lay ahead of him, if he could just keep his mouth shut. Which, sadly, he could not. And now: a blast from the past. As he concerns himself making coffee at a convenience store, he run across a self-published book by his old boss: Bib Cornpest. Her life story? He has no reason to be interested in that. And yet: it's two o'clock in the morning. And he's always been the kind of person who looks around for something to read.

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Dancing On a Grave

Submitted: October 02, 2018

Sven had been upset — profane and shouting — when Freddi phoned in at later-than-the-last-minute with a case of the slut flu. The d... Read Chapter

Pump N'Dump

Submitted: October 03, 2018

The late model rideshare car that picked up the old woman followed the most efficient GPS route: turning north toward a trendy suburb w... Read Chapter

Stall Check

Submitted: October 04, 2018

From the beginning, the resolutely constipated corporate culture of Global Partners was possibly the worst possible situation for Dunca... Read Chapter

Bib Notes

Submitted: October 05, 2018

As the official clock on the wall circled around toward two the night Patel gave him the book, Duncan did walk away from the counter, m... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 06, 2018

Bib's origin story wasn’t much, as it turned out. She wanted the reader to understand that nothing much ever happened in the town where... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 07, 2018

  breaking up her family to go olden decisionagain by relocating to High Priests on Floor 29. ... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 08, 2018

Duncan knew that most everyone referred to Bib’s time in Winnipeg as an “exile”. But, predictably, the woman herself didn’t wri... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 09, 2018

All of the previous years had taken Duncan less than an hour to read. So he guessed that the twenty-five grinding, relentless, schemi... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 10, 2018

Duncan finished the book well before his shift ended. He debated just throwing the thing away. Then decided it wouldn’t take up much ... Read Chapter


Submitted: October 10, 2018

Cornelius coincidentally reported that coincidence to Duncan. But that was hardly the last one. They kept coming: probably becaus... Read Chapter