Play with me: Ash's poem

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The Deeper I Fall
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Submitted: April 26, 2010

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Submitted: April 26, 2010



You're playing old game of Hide and Seek

But the problem is who's playing?

You try to run away from love

But it's only leading you to trouble

You try to run away from me

But I followed

You think I'm in love with someone else

You got that answer wrong

So, why don't you admitted that you're in love

That is the question

You think I'm clueless about romance

Well, I fool you

You think I don't know you love me

Well, I love you too

Every time we high five

I heart begins to jumps

And when you're on the battle field

I'll be your cheerleader

When I go to sleep at night

I'm thankfully that you're here

Because I know that when I wake up

You are right there

You think I dream of Pokémon battles

I really can't lie

I always dream of

Your lips against mine

The deeper I'm far from you

I pray that you're alright

I just hope that you don't fall in love

With someone else

I care about the fact we love Pokémon

Together we're heroes

But when are we going to found out

That our love is just in the middle?

The love game that you're playing

Doesn't make senses to me

Because you think that you're that killer

But you're just suffering

I sorry if I scared you

I try to do the right thing

Now I'm trap

And the games... had just begin

I disappear for a while

But now I'm back

And I know deep in your heart

That you haven't given up on me yet

The game isn't easy

Because it so deadly

Theirs your animals

And you're their prey

I'll do want every it takes

To protect you

Because with the help of my friends

We're unstoppable

I can't wait to see you again

I'm crazy about it

The question is

Are you really to admitted?

There no rules to this game

There no hard, medium, or easy

This is the deadly game of Hide and Seek

So, will you play with me?

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