Love, Hope And Friendship

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Submitted: April 24, 2012

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Submitted: April 24, 2012




Love, Hope, and Friendship


Cassie was a sister of many people and a good friend to others. She had her own place, car and everything she ever wanted until things went down for worse. She began feeling sick and didn’t know where to turn. All her family was out of state. Her friends were untraceable and the only place she could turn was to an abusive boyfriend she once had. The abusive boyfriend was a guy named Kevin but everyone called him “Kuntry”. They called him that because he always trying to be from the country to turn over a new leaf but never could. Everyone was scared of him, but for some reason she wasn’t. A few days passed and she had received a call from her brother, Adale. He was coming into town for business but wondered what was going on with her. She had left thousands of voice messages on his phone. And he couldn’t help but think something was wrong. He had never received so many phone calls from her unless something was going on that he didn’t like. He arrived the next morning. He had an appointment with a client that he was trying to do a record deal with name, “D.Will”.  After his meeting, he called up Cassie and asked to meet at the restaurant, that she loved the most; in that case it was “TacoBell”. She was always a fan of Mexican food. They both arrived and they sat down and talk while having lunch. She was nervous to tell him what has been going on but she didn’t want to scare him.

A couple of weeks ago, she had been diagnosis with having a severe health problem called “Lung Cancer”. But she told him anyways because she knew that he would do something because he was the oldest in the family. So she went for it and said “Brother, a couple of weeks ago, I was diagnosis with lung cancer. And they said that I need serious help if I want to get better. I tried to call you and some of my friends and other family members but I didn’t get an answer from none of you. So I went for the next option which would have been Kevin. I know you don’t like him but what was I suppose to do. I was getting sicker by the moment waiting on one of you to call back. I am so scared because mother died of the same reason and I want to reunite with mother but not of this.” He got a disappointing look on his face like he was scared to lose some one close to him. He called up his girl, Imani. He told her “I can’t let my little sister stay in this town alone because she might die and I don’t want anything to happen to my little sister. She is my world and always has been. You are my wife but I can’t let my sister die. Either we move back down here or we let her move in until she fights this cancer thing off.” The wife got quiet for a second and then she said “Okay. That’s my sister too. When we got married she became part of my life as well. And I don’t want to see her go or I don’t want to see you tripping over another lost one. Because the last time was your mother and you was acting out really bad. I love you and your family. And she is always welcomed in out home.” She had to get back to work so they said they goodbyes and hung up the phone. For the couple of days, he was in town he decided to stay with his sister in her home.

 She had received a phone call from her best friend, Chantel. They met at a high school called “Ruskin High School”. They were almost close but not as close because she wasn’t every popular. As they got older, she started making new friends and communicating with the others a little bit better. But when Chantel called, she was just so happy to talk to her. She told her what had been going on and asked could she help in anyway. Her friend Chantel was so lucky she knew about the illness and asked could she do anything for her. But there was nothing left to do because her brother was helping her out with her daily routine and trying to get her back healthy. The only problem that stood in their way was her ex boyfriend. He didn’t want her to leave because he said he was in love with her. But Adale didn’t care for the fact of if he would touch her he would be buried under ground and he stated “I will tell the police that I did it. If I ever see you lay a hand on my sister every again. Now, move we got somewhere to be and it isn’t here with you.” Kevin moved but he had this look in his eyes like it wasn’t over. He had a meeting around 4 in the afternoon. So he asked her to call Chantel and see if she could stay there for a couple of hours.  She called her and she said “Of Course!!” Adale dropped her off and left to head to his meeting. They talked and ate ice cream but something made her pass out on to the ground around 5:30. Chantel called the ambulance to come take her out to the hospital and she rode with her. She tried to get a hold off Adale but he couldn’t answer the phone at the moment so she left a message on his voicemail that stated the following;

Adale, I am so sorry. But your sister is in the hospital. I don’t know what happened but the next thing I know she was passed out on the floor. We are on our way there but we wanted to let you know. I will keep calling and giving you updates about the situation. I just think it is best for her, that we hear bout you soon.

After getting off the phone with him, they arrive at the hospital. Cassie is rushed to a room where they start doing test on her to see what was going on. A shocking report hit them after the test come back. She had passed out on the ground because someone had put something in her food or drinks. They identified it as Rat Poisoning. Chantel looks confused because she doesn’t have rats or mice because she keeps her house clean all the time. So she calls up Adale one more time. He answers the phone and hearing the noise it the back ground gets him more worried than before. He speaks and says “Chantel, what is all the noise in the background I am hearing?” she speaks and says “we are in the hospital. Cassie passed out and is unconscious and they did some test and the test came back that she has Rat Poisoning in her system. But I don’t have rats or anything like that.”

Adale worries that Cassie, his little sister, might not make it out the coma to get better and healthier. He starts to cry but tries to show no emotions in front of her best friend, Chantel. He thinks everything is going to be okay but how can he be sure if she is lying in the bed unconscious. His phone starts to vibrate and it’s his wife, Imani. They were supposed to arrive in Los Angeles in two hours. He answers the phone and says, “Baby, before you say anything I got something to tell you. Cassie and I are in the hospital. I went to a business meeting and left her with her friend, Chantel. She had called the ambulance to come pick her up because she fell unconscious on her floor. They did some test and they found rat poisoning in her body. We don’t know how it got there or when it got there. The ice cream had triggered it off because it didn’t go all the way down into her system. We don’t know if she will be coming home alive or dead. They are trying to see if they could remove it along with some of the cancer in her lungs. I am going to need you and the children to come down here for a while until she gets better.” His wife is quiet only for a few minutes and then she says, “Baby, I am so sorry. We can pack up right now and get on the plane and make it there by 7 in the morning. But we wish her the best of luck and she is in our prayers.” They hang up the phone and he continues to cry for the sake of his sister.

The doctor comes out and asks to speak with Adale for a brief moment. “Adale, we know it is late and we are trying to do our best but we are sending investigators over. They need to know what the rat poisoning was doing in her system. If Chantel didn’t bring her in when she did, she could have been in a worse condition than what she is now. With the cancer and poisoning it could lead her to experience death. Right now, we are trying to do everything we possibly can to remove the poisoning and get rid of some of the cancer in her body. We do appreciate your prayers. Well, I have to go back but we will keep you updated on what’s going on.”

The doctor leaves and Adale goes back to his seat. A phone starts to ring but Chantel doesn’t know if it’s hers or Adale’s. They both check their phone and answer them. On Chantel’s line it is Kaci, another friend of Cassie and hers. On Adale’s line it is DanTonio, the big brother of his and Cassie. When DanTonio finds out the news about his little sister being in the hospital with cancer, he freaks out and starts tripping with everybody in his place. He drops the phone and rushes to his car and speeds up to the hospital.

When he arrives at the hospital he finds Adale and Chantel there asleep. He wakes them up and asks, “What is going on?”. They look lost and confused at first. But then they fill him into details. “DanTonio! Listen! I had a meeting with one of my clients to make a record deal with and I took her to Chantel’s house for a while. An hour and a half after I left, Chantel took her to the hospital because she passed out on the floor. When they arrived here, they took her back for some test and found rat poisoning in her system. They are sending the police over. They are investigating how the poisoning got into her system, but no one really knows. Chantel keeps her house clean all the time and you know Cassie, she would not dare live in a dirty house because she doesn’t like living that way. But Chantel is trying to help out and the doctor said if it wasn’t for her, he thinks she would have been in worse conditions than what she already is.”

DanTonio is mad out of this world and starts to go off on everybody. The nurse comes out and it’s Ayanna. Ayanna is the ex-girlfriend of DanTonio. He starts to calm down and listens to what she has to say. “I am sorry that your sister is in here. But we need you to calm down. The doctor said they got some of the cancer out of her body, but not all the way.” He looks really confused now. “CANCER! Adale, what does she mean CANCER?” DanTonio asks Adale. Adale says calmly, “she has lung cancer. But they said they are trying to remove it so it won’t affect her body as much.” DanTonio starts to scream and yell at everybody and starts knocking things down off tables.

 Ayanna takes him to the other room to see if she could calm him down. But it is hard. They start having a conversation about their relationship and things. They talk for about an hour and a half but then she leaves because she has to get back to work. He goes back in there with Chantel and Adale. Ten minutes later, Imani and the kids walk up. The kids want to see their aunt, Cassie. But they have to sit and wait for the doctor to say its okay. It has been 4 hours since the doctor came out to see them.

The doctor comes out with some heart-breaking news. “I am sorry to tell you this but your sister is gone. We did everything we possibly could but we couldn’t save her. I am so sorry.” They all start crying. The next morning, Adale gets this text from his phone from an email account that states the following:

“Dear Family, I am sorry that you had to see me go this way but I do want to let you know that I will always be with you. I hope you don’t feel as horrible as I do right now. I left you and the family about 100 million dollars. I have been saving it for about 8 years. I was going to tell you but you were always busy. All the things in my apartment are yours. The person who put the poisoning in my food was Kevin. He was mad because I was leaving with you for Los Angeles. Tell the kids I love them and tell DanTonio I am sorry for not telling him. One day I hope to see all of you again. But for now on I will be watching over you all.  The bank account is under TweetyBird and the password is Davis Family. I hope you enjoy. I Love you and the family. Love always, your little sister, Cassie “TweetyBird” Davis.”

They always knew she would stay by their side and when Ayanna got pregnant by DanTonio, everything was going to be okay. When the baby was born, everyone was there and they named the baby Cassie Lanae Davis. The name was once their little sister’s name. They gave her that name because the baby looked exactly like her when she was born. All they could say was that it was their sister coming back in a second life.

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