Back To Alive

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Jolene went to celebrate her birthday at school with her friends. However, something was wrong with a pool at her school which she believed it had something to do with her missing sister...

Submitted: November 29, 2008

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Submitted: November 29, 2008



‘My name is Jolene. This is 1989 where I was only 12 years old. I got family, and I got my pet, Sam. However, I got no friends. I only got my sister, Jane. I love her so much. She’s my only friend. In her 18th birthday, I gave her a small teddy bear doll. She said she will always keep it with her.’

‘At 25th December, 1989, at 12 o-clocks, she went out from house through her window. I saw her in her room. She was a little bit shocked.’


“Jo…Jolene? What are you doing here?”


“Sis, are you going?”


‘She was smiling and held my both shoulders. “No, I’m not. I just want to see my boyfriend.” I knew it was wrong. So I told her, “But daddy wouldn’t let you.” She just kept smiling and said, “If you help me by not to telling him, he wouldn’t know it. So, will you help me?” I looked into her eyes and felt that there was something wrong.

“Why I feel you will be gone tonight?”


“Jolene, I will be back at 1.00 o-clocks. Promise.”


‘So she went out and I wait her in her bedroom. It was already 3.00 o-clocks, but she doesn’t come back. Suddenly, I heard the phone ringing and my mother answered it. She was crying and shocked. I heard my parents were talking with the police outside our house. I heard that someone died. My sister was dead.’

6 years later…

‘Things are changing now. I am 18 years old and I got a guy who loves me. I call him a boyfriend. I call it my love. His name is Chad, and we always hang out together. I got friends too. In the holidays, we plan to stay at school, for a camping activity. It would be my friends, Chad, and me.


“Hey…Who wants to sing? Chad?”


“Me? Oh…I can’t sing. Ask Jo.”


“Wha…What? Me? Oh…no…no…no. Singing is not my type okay. Absolutely, no.”


“Oh…Jo, come on. Five days to go it would be your birthday celebration. Come on girl.”


‘I was singing a song. My favorite one. It calls Someone’s Watching over Me. The singer is Hillary Duff. When I sang it, I felt something wrong with the song. I felt, someone was singing with me. It sounds like a girl’s voice. My head suddenly hurts. I held my head and screaming. Chad was holding my head too and asked thousands of why. I then ran towards a tree. Something brought me there. Far away from my position, near the pool of our school, I saw something. However, I cannot see it clearly. It seemed a person was standing there. She was singing the song just now. I shouted to her while the wind was blowing so strong, “Who’s there? Hello? Why are you here?” She didn’t answer me. Suddenly, she was turning and looked at the pool. She jumped into it and I was running to save her. I didn’t realize that I jumped into the pool also. I don’t know how to swim. I opened my eyes in the pool and saw something dark swimming towards me. It was the girl. She opened her mouth and I heard a loud screamed where I quickly closed my ears and eyes.’


“Jo? Jo? Jo, wake up my dear. Jo?”


‘I woke up by the voice of Chad. He hugs me and asked me why I jumped into the pool. I was confused.’


“How…How did I be here?”


“Hey girl, you were trying to kill yourself. Chad jumped into the pool and save you. What are you thinking?”


‘Because of Tina’s words, I remembered the girl I saw.’


“The…The girl!”


“The girl?”


“Yeah…Yeah the girl. I jumped into the pool because I saw that girl was trying to kill herself. I saw…I saw her swimming in the pool also. Chad! I saw she was opened her mouth and a terrible voice came out from her. And I…I”


“Jo? There’s no one here. It’s only us here.”




“Yeah Jo. It just you, Sammy, Tina, Justine and me. There’s nobody else here.”


“But…But I saw a…”


“Jo? There’s nothing here. It was just a hallucination. Okay, maybe you should get some rest.”


‘Chad brought me inside the school and we were staying at there. It was raining. So heavily. I looked at the window and watching the pool. Chad gave me a cup of coffee and asked me. “Are you okay?” I didn’t answer him. I was busy looking at the pool.’


“Jo? Jo? Jo!”


‘I was shocked by his loud voice.’


“Huh? What?”


“Are you still looking at the pool? What’s wrong?”


“I…I feel strange. That pool seemed to be connected with me. I really saw a girl there and…”


“Jo? How many times do I have to tell you that there is nobody at there?”


“But I saw someone was there.”


“Ok…Okay Jo. Listen. There are only you, me and them. The principal said there would be nobody here in these holidays. You heard me right?”

“No. I don’t hear you and I don’t want to hear you. You should trust me Chad. I am not blind. I really saw a girl there.”


“Jo? You need some rest alright.”


“I was disappointed because Chad didn’t trust me. I really saw a girl there that night. He brought me to my bedroom and said that I should get enough sleep. At 12.00 o-clocks, I heard my window was opened. I get up from bed and I saw my window was opened. I closed it and turned back. I tried to sleep but I heard someone’s laughing. I get up again and went towards my window. I looked at the pool and saw nobody was there. Suddenly I saw a person was running. I was shocked and ran downstairs and got out from the school. I ran to the pool and shouted, “Is anybody here?” I looked around.’


‘I saw a girl was standing near a tree and walked towards me. I heard this singing voice and I closed my ears and eyes again. When I opened my eyes, this dark girl suddenly pushed me into the pool. I was drowning and I still heard that voice. Suddenly, I heard a voice again. It sounds like this, “I want a change”. It was a soft voice that I heard 6 years ago. “Jane?”


“Jo? Wake up Jo! Wake up!”


‘I woke up found myself on bed. I was sweating. Chad was holding my both cheeks.’


“Are you alright Jo? Sam, please get a towel.”


‘I was confused and unspeakable. I was thinking whether last night was only a dream, or it was real? Chad wiped my face with a towel. He asked me whether I’m alright. I don’t know how to answer him. I don’t feel anything that time. Chad brought me to sit at the park. I was still thinking about last night.’


“Jo? Are you okay? Jo?”


“Huh? Mmm…Yeah, I’m alright.”


“Are you sick? You need a sleep now…”


“Chad! I’m fine. It just that…nothing.”


“Jo? This morning you were calling a person name ‘Jane’.”


‘I looked at him and remembered last night. I heard my sister’s voice when I was in the pool.’


“Yeah, I did. Chad? I was dreaming last night. I heard my sister’s voice.”


“Your sister? I thought you never had any siblings.”


“Chad, I do. When I was 12.”


“When you was 12? After that you had no siblings anymore, like that?”


“No. I do have one. I got a sister. Her name was Jane.”


“So, what happen?”


“I saw her went out from her room 6 years ago. On 25th December 1989, on Christmas’ day. She went out without permission but I saw her. She said she wanted to see her boyfriend. That time, I felt that, she will be gone forever from me. I can feel that. She didn’t listen to me. She just…goes.”


“Then, what happen to her?”


“She…was missing. Her boyfriend told the police. He cannot search her anywhere. The police searched her for 5 months, but they can’t find her. So, they made assumptions, that she was dead.”


‘My tears are running out as I told him about that. Chad hugs me and tried to calm me down. When I was hugging with him, I heard a whisper in my ears, “Chad…Is…Mine.” I let Chad go and looked everywhere. Chad asked me what’s wrong.’


“Chad, last night, my sister had said something in my dream.”


“What did she said?”


“She…said that, she wants a change.”


“A change?”


“Yeah. Chad, I think something is not right with the pool. We got to check it out.”


“Jo? There’s nothing wrong. It was just a dream. A nightmare okay? Calm down. We still have 4 days for your birthday to come. So, be patient.”


‘I can’t explain it anymore. He will not trust me. In the evening, I went to see Justine at the kitchen. He was cooking for the dinner.’

“Hey Jus. What’s for dinner?”


“I make a toast egg, and fried rice for us all.”


‘I smiled and looked outside the window. I looked at the pool again. I know it wasn’t a dream last night. I could felt it. Just like I felt when Jane would be gone forever.’


“Still worry about the pool huh?”


“Huh? Yeah.”


“Oh…Jo. Don’t think too much. You just were having a bad time.”


“Yeah, I hope so. Hey Jus, I want to go for a walk first. Call me when it’s time for dinner.”


‘I went out and went to the pool again. I still remembered Jane’s words last night. I took my teddy bear necklace which Jane gave me in my 9th birthday. I was missing her.’


“Jane, wherever you’re right now, I always wanted you to know, that I love you so much. If you were here, I would be so glad. If ever you had been alive…”




‘I heard that whisper again. It was Jane’s voice. She was calling me.’


“Jane! Jane, where are you?”




‘I can’t hold it anymore. I ran to the forest and tried to find her. I shouted her name. I want to see her. I stopped at a spot. I saw the same girl, with a dark physical, standing in front of me. Her eyes were white and she was singing Jane’s favorite song. Her voice was killing my head. I fell while holding my head. I closed my eyes again and again. I shouted and then I faint.’


“Jo? Jo, can your hear me? Jo?”




‘Chad and Justine held my both shoulders and tried to calm me down. I calm down and held my hurt head.’


“Jo, what are you doing in the forest?”


“Sam, I…I…I heard my sister called me.”

“Jo! Jane is dead! She is gone already.”

“How do you know that? You didn’t know anything about my sister Sam.”


“Jo! Listen. It was already…6 years past. This is 1995.”


‘I started to listen to them. Yeah, Chad right. This is 1995. My sister had been missing for 6 years. Maybe…I was…dreaming. I lay down and tried to get some slept. I tried to forget all those things. I tried to forget Jane.’


‘At 12 o-clocks in the midnight, I heard my window was opened again. This time I went to look at the pool towards the window. I tried to be brave. Suddenly, I saw two persons were sitting happily near the pool. It was a guy and a girl. After that, they seemed to be arguing. The guy pushed the girl into the pool and I was shocked. I ran downstairs and went to the pool.’


“What are you doing? Hey!”


‘When I reached there, the guy was missing. I looked at the pool and saw a girl. The girl was drowning. I pulled her up but I can’t see her face. It was dark that time. I told her to wake up and suddenly, all the lights were switched on. The girl was coughing which means she was alive. When I looked at her face, “Ja…Jane?”


‘At the school, Chad and the others were looking at her. I was too. She looked at everyone and laughed. “Hahaha…”


“Why…are you laughing?”


“Because you guys looked at me like a stranger. What am I? A ghost or something?”


“You would be.”


“Jus, stop it. Jane, you…remembered me?”


“Of course I am stupid. You are my sister, Jolene.”


‘I was so happy. I hug her with tears and glad feelings.’


“Where…where have you been Jane? After 6 years past, you come back.”


“What are you talking Jo?”


“Jane, you had been missing for 6 years.”


“Oh yeah? Oh…Yeah, I remembered that. All these times I was living in the pool.”


“Yeah, the pool.”


“The…In the pool?”


‘Chad suddenly pulled me away from her. Everybody was getting away from her. She was sitting at the chair and smiled.’


“You better stay away from her Jo. She’s different.”


“What are you talking Chad? She’s my sister.”


“Listen to me Jo! Nobody was living in the pool all these times. She’s…she’s not a human!”


‘I was shocked to his words. Jane was laughing and then she stood up and kissed Chad. I and the others were shocked. Chad was too and he pushed her away.’


“What the hell are you doing?”


“Chase, it’s me, Jane. Your lovelife.”

“Chase? Who’s Chase anyway? I am Chad.”


“No, you’re Chase. My boyfriend.”


‘I was really confused. Why Jane called Chad, Chase? This wasn’t right. This is 1995. What I heard was Chase had died because of the car accident in 1991. Jane was totally dreaming. I went to hold Jane’s hand.’


“Mmm…Jane, wait. That’s…wasn’t Chase. Chase had died in the car accident in 1991. This is 1995 Jane. This is…Chad, my boyfriend.”


‘I tried to explain to her but she looked me with her red eyes. When she looked at me like that, my head was hurt. Again, I heard the unwanted voice. The whisper, saying that Chad is mine, is killing my head. I faint and did know what happen after that.’


“Jo? Wake up dear. Jo?”




‘I suddenly hug him. I had this terrible feeling. I seemed to be losing him. I don’t want that to happen. Chad looked at me and held my cheek.’


“Jo? Are you alright?”


“Where…Where’s Jane?”


“She was in the other room. Besides me.”


“What? Besides you?”

“Yeah. She said she wants to be there, besides my room.”


“Oh my God.”


“Jo? What’s wrong?”


‘I knew something in my heart. I could felt it. Eventhough she was my sister, but she’s not the one I knew. Chad’s right, she’s different. I ran to the room where she’s staying and Chad chased me. I opened her door and saw she was sitting on the bed. She smiled so evilly and I saw this dark smoke around her, I knew, Chad cannot see it. I told Chad to leave us alone and he had to do as I said. The door was closed and I walked towards her and she told me to sit besides her. I sat as she said. Her eyes were totally red.’


“What can I do for you sis?”


“Jane, tell me. What have you been doing in the pool all these years?”


“Nothing, I slept, waiting for someone.”


“You came to my dream Jane. You said you want a change.”


“Yes, I want it.”


“What change you want Jane?”


‘I stood up and kept myself away from her. Her eyes now were white, just like the girl I saw in the pool and in the forest.”

“You…You’re not Jane. You are someone else.”


“Jo, it’s me Jo, Jane. It’s just that everything was changed. I want a change. I want Chad.”


“I won’t let you.”


“I’m afraid you can’t. I will take him with me in the pool tonight. At 12.00 o-clocks, I will bring him with me.”


“I won’t let you Jane!”


‘She suddenly gone and locked me in the room. I screamed but no one heard me. The clock already showed 11.55 o-clocks. I got to find a way to stop her. I screamed a lot but no one heard me. I ran to the window and saw Jane held Chad’s hand and took him near the pool. I also saw Justine and Sammy ran towards them. However, they can’t stop her. I was shocked when she pushed Chad in the pool. I screamed and knocked the door all the times so that somebody will hear me. Thank God Tina managed to open the door. I ran downstairs and went to the pool. I shouted at Jane and told her to stop. She just smiled and jumped into the pool. I also jumped into the pool and found a huge black hole. I saw Jane went into the hole and I followed her. I fell in a place. I managed to cough and looked everywhere around. The place seemed to know it. It is our school, but it looks old and dark. I saw a signboard, and went to read it.’




‘I realize that Jane brought Chad back to the past. I heard Chad’s screamed. I went into the old school and it was so dark.’


‘Nobody’s there. I heard Chad called my name. I ran upstairs and saw some pictures at a board. I went to see it.’


“That’s not Chad.”


‘I looked at my back and saw Jane. She looked similar where she wore the same dress she went out that night.’


“That’s not Chad Jo. That’s Chase, my love life.”


“What? But…But he looks like…”


“Chad. He is Chase Jo. Chase lived inside Chad. I want him to come back to me.”


“No, no Jane. Chad will not come back to you. Chase is already dead. You must realize it.”


‘I saw her blood tears came out from her eyes. I was shocked and kept distance from her.’


“No Jo. Chase will come back to me at 12.30 o-clocks. Don’t you understand? Chase lives inside him. He is Chase’s generation.”


“No…No Jane, please, gives him back.”


“I’m afraid I can’t Jo. I had come back alive, and Chase would be the same thing.”


‘Jane disappeared and I looked at the pictures again. It seemed that Chad’s face in the pictures seemed to change. I ran to find him quickly. I heard Jane’s singing voice again. It came from the stage in the hall. I ran there and saw them there. Chad had faint and Jane was hugging him.’


“Jane! Don’t!”


‘Jane stood up and dark smokes came out and surrounded her. Her eyes went white and she still singing. My head was hurt and I fell. Meanwhile, I remembered something.’


“Hey Jo? Jo?”


“Sis Jane?”


“Remember my favorite song?”


“Yes I do sis.”


“Want to sing together?”


“I don’t want sis.”


“But, why?”


“I just…don’t want to hear it.”


“How would you do that?”


“I will close your voice…through my heart.”


‘I remembered I said that and I tried to close my heart and prevented the song from coming into my mind. I managed to do it. Jane stopped her singing and smiled.’


“You close your heart.”


“Yeah sis. I won’t let you do this.”


“You don’t know my pain Jo.”


“What pain?”


‘She went into my body and controlled my mind. Suddenly, I saw something. I was in the pool. I saw two persons, a guy and a girl were sitting near the pool. I called them but they didn’t listen. They seemed to be happy that time. I thought maybe they can’t see me. When I came closer, it was Jane with Chad. No, it is not Chad that time. It is Chase, the real Chase.’


“Chase, would you love me until the end of your life?”


“I would Jane. But, I can’t be with you.”


“Yes Jane. I’m sorry. This would be the end of our relationship. My parents want to bring me back to Australia. We will live there forever.”


“You liar! You said you won’t leaved me just like that.”


“I knew I had said that. I’m sorry.”


‘That time, I saw Jane was hitting Chase over and over again. Suddenly, Chase accidentally pushed her into the pool. She was drowning. Chase cannot afford to save her because he didn’t know how to swim also. He ran to search for help. Jane drowned there. She died there. Jane went out from my body and I saw her blood tears once again.’


“Ja…Jane. I beg you. You know, I don’t have any friends when I was twelve. You are my only friend I got. Now, I got friends, I got Chad. You want to take him away from me again? After you leave me, you want Chad to leave me again?”


‘Jane was quite that time. She looked at Chad who was begun to be Chase. She remembered that Chase wanted to leave her that time. She looked at me and hugs me.’


“You know I love you.”


‘I was shocked to her words. She smiled at me.’


“You’re right Jo. I shouldn’t take the one you love anymore. I respect your feelings my sister. I shouldn’t come back alive. I will be back where I belong.”


‘I was crying when I heard she said that. There is a strong wind blew us all. I ran to Chad and hug him. I closed my eyes and when I opened it, I didn’t saw Jane again. The school was back to normal. My friends ran towards us.’


“Chad? Chad wakes up? Chad?”


‘Chad woke up and he saw me first. I cried when he called my name and I hug him.’


“Jus? We need to go to the pool. Tina please called the police.”


‘They did as I said. I told Justine to make the water in the pool gone and after that, Chad and Justine tried to look for a crack spot. They found it. They opened the crack floor and saw a body at there. It was my sister. She was buried in the pool’s floor for years. The police came and they did their job. The police asked me for a few questions.’


“Is that your missing sister?”


“Yes officer.”


“Hmmm…You said she had died in there, for 6 years now?”


“Wo! Her body didn’t change after all.”


‘I looked at the body and I knew why. Chad hugs me and said happy birthday to me. It was my birthday today.’


‘I am Jolene. This is 1995. My sister, Jane, had died in 1989. Her body didn’t change because she had just died at there in 1995. She had come back alive. She died again in the pool, just to make me happy. In 1989, she was considered missing. Actually her boyfriend accidentally pushed her in the pool and made her drowned there. She died in there and nobody’s known. She died in 1989 before she came back to alive in 1995. She died at 12.30 am at 26. December. 1989. That’s my birthday date.’

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