Giving birth at a young age!

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I was very young when i gave birth to my daughter so this is my story1

Submitted: June 23, 2011

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Submitted: June 23, 2011



I was in high school and my prom was coming up and i went on a date and i had sex for the very first time for the night and we had a codom but it broke during it!About a week later i missed my period and i told my boyfriend and the next day we found out i was pregnant!We didn't know what to do so we only had to tell out parents but we knew my mom was the one that would be nice enough to understand.We told her she said "Your only 15 and your boyfriend is 17 and your pregnant!

Well why am i the first one to know about this?" I said "Well mom dad would freak out and Jacob (My boyfriend)His parents aren't there for him!"So my mom decided to be there for us and about a week later i found out...

That jacob was cheating on me so my mom told me there was only one thing to do break up with him!So i decided i had to and Jacob didn't care he stayed with his girlfriend!So it looked like i was gonna be a single mother at 15!But with the help from my mom i knew i could do it!It was when i was 27 weeks pregnant and i found out i was having a girl

!So i decided  to name her Lyric Xandra Koss!Oh and me i had to go to the bathroom every 5 mintues!Oh and tell me about those eating alot!i was so hungry!

The next step was going to tell my dad and it was shocking my dad was happy!It was when i was 39 weeks pregnant and it was up to one week left!

Then it hit me on Semptember 17th,2005 it was time to have Lyric!And after hours and hours finally it was time to push and at 9:22 a.m. on Semptember 18th,2005Lyric was born!And at 5:22 a.m. that moring i turned 16!And Lyric was 6.1 oz pounds!And a fewdays later i got to go home!

And today when my daughter gets around 15 i am going to tell her this story and tell her you don't want to get pregnant until your older it's hard and you  can tell your son or daughter this story too!

And today she has a baby brother!

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