A Love Once Lost::..

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I never relized i could lose everthing in a single moment this is a tale of a love once lost a life once ruined a betrayel of friendship. this is my sory.

Submitted: May 24, 2008

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Submitted: May 24, 2008



I never knew i could lose everything i ever loved in a single moment but it happend and i couldnt change that. It started when i was deeply in love with the most amazing guy ive ever met he was my everything and he knew i always reminded him with the passionet kisses and everything i did for them then it changed so fast the love just wasnt as strong even though i still loved him and he still loved me. I ruined everything .I got sad and desparet and got a friend to hook me up with some Marujuana. we smoke it behind the elementry school down my street and got messed up then after me and a friend went back to my house (my parents were both at work) and we layed there in the dark tired and tripping. this friend was also a guy and tried to touch me but i was still sane enough to stop him because i loved my boyfriend and i wouldnt let anyone but him touch me. then later my boyfriend showed up at the door so of coarse i invited him in laughing and giggleing with myself and right after my¸guy friend left he looked me in the eyes and asked me ``are you stoned?`` of coarse i couldnt say no the way i was acting so i said yes. he left not to long after. i knew he was mad i could tell. then i got a text that broke my heart. it read `` i though you were better then that.. i guess i was wrong``. i got depressed and decided not to love him anymore so we broke up and after that i reliezed what i tossed away and wanted him back but he was to mad to take me back now. about after a month of grieving i met one of his friends he was amazingly nice and liked him even though i became heavy on drugs and sex he helped me and i slowed down on the drugs and sex and soon stopped. i started to love him alot and after telling my friend that i got them to meet and soon after.. she loved him and he loved her then they . oh how i was broken deep inside. i felt anger sad and then the drugs. i started drugs again it all fell apart. then rumors started getting out that i was a big whore(which i wasnt) and a druggy. the countless taunts the dirty looks i couldnt take it. i was sad and all i wanted was him.. my best friends boy friend i wanted him bad couldnt stop flirtiing with him and reminding him i loved him alot and all i wanted was him but he didnt love me. he knew i loved him and he was still friendly and stayed me off the drugs because i wanted to stop just for him and i did. But now i feel terrible for trying to take them apart i mean....shes my best friend i love her to death. Then my ex came back to the picture and said he was gunna help me stay on the right track even though he doesnt love me anymore and i admit i still love him alot but.. nothing stays gold.. not even for a moment. and this is how i ruined my life theres is still more to come more pain more sorrow more love.

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