Neighborhood Ghosts

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"I was the last to be born...I was the first to watch them die among me like flies... I was the last one to what is this place I am? I was the last to why do I feel so alive?"

Submitted: June 07, 2012

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Submitted: June 07, 2012



I was the last to be born...I was the first to watch them die among me like flies... I was the last one to what is this place I am? I was the last to why do I feel so alive? We were the children that lived in this earthly place, we were the suffering with no one to hear our cries. We all were born in different places, we came to this "Neighborhood" in our own time, we all died before our true times. So why are we still living, if we died long ago, with houses that should be decaying into nothing more then memory, staying young and untouched by time? Why does no one notice us when we cry for help? Why do we continue to go through our violent deaths? Why are we still living...?


The oldest of us was Noah, he was the bravest and most adventurest out of all of us, he was tall about 6"4, his hair a jet black with emerald eyes as bright as the stars. He was the one who lived on the farm land his parents owned. He was the only one who really worked on the livestock and the crops, he didn't seem to mind, in fact now that I recall, he seemed more happy with the animals and his solitude then anything in this world. However, whenever he was tired or needed a break, he'd neglect his chores and run off down the alley that lead to the almight river where he met with the second oldest of the group which was Joey. Noah and Joey were the best of friends, they were like two peas in a pod, always getting into trouble, always coming up with odd stunts that nearly got them killed. Their friendship seemed as if it would last forever, however that wasn't the case. In the summer time, when things were so hot you could cook bacon on a boulder, Noah decided to go swimming in the lake not to far passed Joey's house. Upon arriving, Joey greeted him, asking him what he was doing at the lake. Noah merely replied that he was sweating like a yeti and needed to cool off, Joey laughed and began to join him in a mid-morning swim. The two seemed to have had so much fun in those murkey waters, I remember seeing their smiles as I sat beneath a large oak tree at the edge of the water, soaking my feet as i drew the scene out. I never thought I'd witness this before, the death of someone who was like a brother to everyone in the neighborhood. I heard frantic splashing, and the screams of Joey as he was being dragged down by some unseen force, it wasn't Noah who was causing it, but an old robe that was tied to a cinderblock to weigh down something. Noah knew he had to do something, however, even though Noah was a good swimmer in shallow waters, he was sure to drown in deeper waters. However he wanted to Joey to live, so he took that risk that utimately took his life. As soon as he dived, and set Joey free, who searched for Noah afterwards to thank him, Noah had drowned, sinking to the bottom of the lake, leaving behind only that spirit that lingers here, even now, in the afterlife he refuses to go into the water, as well as Joey.


Joey was always the muscle of the group, he was also the easily angered and sadden, when Noah died, a part of him died with him. They had promised to be best friends to the end, even as they grew up. Apparantly from what I heard about the two, they had grown up together since a young age, and they were inseperatable. so when Noah died, Joey immediately felt that growing emptiness and grief that consumed him. After Noah's death, he spent months, sitting by the lake cursing at his reflection, kicking and slapping the water to be rid of it. I remember me and my own friend the third oldest seeing Joey soaked, crying his heart out, saying those same words I wrote in my own journal to perserve his memory. "Damn it, it's all my fault...I went to far...I'm sorry Noah....I'm Sorry." Is what he'd say repeatedly. At home, he started a drug habit,cocain I believe it was, with the love of his best friend he never grew a conscious, nor a feeling ever again. It wasn't long before he became abusive toward the other children in the neighborhood, I've gotten my share of beatings, but I got more then any other child because I was there when Noah died, and I did nothing to help him survive. I guess that's why I was also killed...but that can wait. In the fall, months after Noah's death, Joey's sanity broke when his father punished him for having bad grades in school, and blamed him for Noah's death, wishing it was Joey instead of him. Granted I don't think the father meant it, I think it was just to get his son in line, however Joey didn't see it that way. He ran away from his home, crying tears of pain and guilt, he ran to the lake, stripping into nothing but his boxers, taking a stick and etching something into the muddy ground, a message I will never forget.  He swam out to the deepest point that could drown him, the place where Noah had drown, he found the same rope, tying it around his neck,  tightly so that he wouldn't float to the surface. That's were he died, in the same place his best friend died. When they discovered him there, they found the message he left. "You wished it was me who was dead, well so did I,  so that why I have drowned myself in hopes to free myself." It read, everyone morned over Joey...knowing it wasn't his fault. Joey's father...well...he was so ashamed and grief stricken, he killed his wife in the kitchen with a butcher's knife and hung himself in the bedroom, with a note reading, "I'm sorry for all those I've hurt." From then on no one has taken residence in Joey's old home, in respect of the family, as well as Noah's home. However, at times when I use to sit in front of the lake, I'd see those to smiling, not even knowing they are going to be gone soon from my memory. They were buried beside each other.


Michelle was the peaceful and kind child in our neighborhood, she was born a pacifist, she was a genius by birth but a slack by choice. She'd occasionally take walks with me down to the lake to pay her respects to the two souls that we lost long ago. I noticed everytime we'd bring up the topic of Joey, she'd cry, she'd cry so much that sometimes I thought she was going to over flood the lake. It became obvious she had fallen in love with Joey. In fact from what she had revealed to me, Joey was her  first lover, and first friend when she moved here. The story was sad, so on her page of my notebook, I wrote it down, so that way she had something to remember. Even though she was still grieving Michelle still lived happily, going to parties and events, laughing, smiling, and other things. But all of us knew that she was just hiding underneath a mask, a mask in which she was trying to hide behind because of Joey's death. She never forgave his father for saying what he said, she said that night she went to chase after Joey, he turned and merely gave her a kiss, telling her he would be fine. She believed him, but when she found out that he committed suicide, she basically put the fault on herself. To help her with her guilt and sadness, she began to plant a garden, and help out with the smaller children when the parents were gone. However her depression got the best of her, she committed suicide two years after the deaths of the first two. She had slit her wrists while in the bathtub smearing the words "Good-Bye" on the door for her parents to die. At her funeral everyone placed one lily on her casket, knowing they were her favorite, she was wearing her white dress, she looked like she was sleeping then dead. However we all know she thus they buried her next to Joey, with the words "Beloved and Lost" engraved on her tombstone.

 [Sarah and Milo]

Sarah and Milo were brother and sister, Milo was the oldest, Sarah was the youngest, they moved in shortly after Michelle's death, having heard about it in the newspaper they were from a military type family with a very strong independent mother and a dead GI father. Sarah was very wrathful, taking most of her anger out on her brother who paid no mind because he shut himself into his room, reading comics and getting high on weed. Sarah had developed a crush on the first youngest boy named Leo, who returned the feelings, though they were only eight, they played and stayed together for most of the day until they had to part. However, Sarah and Milo died soon after they had settled in, they died in a traffic accident in the city while visiting their grandparents along with their mother. They say that the only thing of their bodies was intact, were their hands, their hands were holding each other, with "I love you Brother/Sister" on the palms. They were buried with their dead father and mother.


After the death of Sarah, young Leo played in solitude, never speaking a word, merely crying as he played, it seemed being heart broken was true. At time he'd swing on the swing set by himself singing a lonely song of death, hoping Sarah would it. I remember the lyrics so vividly, I cry everytime I rememeber them.

"We use to swing together all day long...

But now you swing with our dear God

You use to smile with so much life

But now that smile is a etched with a knife

I am here, waiting for death

with tears shed

Please let me be with her...

Please let me just die...."

His depression was too much for him...he became dependent on others love, but it wasn't enough. Finally his body surcumbed to his pain and wished, he was diagonsed with cancer, he'd fade in and out of his near death experiences however...he died, with a smile on his face and his last words were, "I'll finally be able to see Sarah again." Everyone petitioned for him to be buried with Sarah, saying it's what he would've wanted, and they died.


Ryan was always the loner of the group, he was also the most intelectual, though he had a smoking habit, he was the smartest in school, getting straight A's without even trying. He usually stayed at home, experimenting and researching on the human body, trying to cheat death all the time. To him that was normal, while other's thought he was a whack job. Now I know what you're thinking, "Let me guess, his experiments lead him to his demise?" If this were a test you'd fail this question. No, he died during a fight with a bunch of thugs, he was pretty much mangled, they had cut off his head and tied it to a tree, cutting a smile into his face from ear to ear. Grusome huh? That's not the worst part I remember, they stripped his body, tying it to his roof, and taking the acid he was working on and poured it all over his body, leaving his skin to fester and rot away until morning when the police found the body. However upon capturing the bastards, they told them were they put the head, however when the police began to investigate....the head was gone. They chalked it up as wild animals taking it... but I know that's not the case. Something or someone took his head. I know it.


Sid was the second to last one to die, he was very timid and sickly with overprotective parents whom he loathed more then his existance. He was the life loving kind of guy, who was Ryan's best friend and smoking buddy. I'm not really sure how he died, but apparantly while trying to stand up to his abusive father, his father beat him to the point of bloody pulp, he died on the way to the hospital, his father was put to the death penalty, he was killed thirteen years later. In death Sid, continues to do stupid stunts and smoke with Ryan. I guess that's why he chose to stay


I was the first to see everyone die before me...I was the last one left to live. It was lonely in the neighborhood, my walks were quiet and eerie, my drawings had no life, just emptiness. There was no laughing, no playing, no rule breaking....just....nothingness. I was born a very quiet child, often beaten and neglected by my parents, that's why i sought friendship, but now that everyone i knew was dead...when was I going to die. I walked passed all the death points, wondering what's it like to die...was it painful? Peaceful? Horrible? I didn't know, just that my death was becoming near...and it did. Three weeks after Sid died, my mother murdered me and my father in a fit of rage, I was the last to die. I don't remember much, just that there was no one at my funeral but me, it was raining and after that everything went dark.


Since then, everything has been the way it was, Noah and Joey were doing their things as kings of the neighborhood, Joey and Michelle, expressed their love more, with the occasional kiss and such. Sarah and Leo played with each other all day, having sleep overs and other things, Ryan, myself and Milo became the miscreiants of the hood. Time seemed to stop for us, we never age, we never really feel pain. What is this place? Heaven? Hell? If so why on the day of our deaths, we relive them....? Why does no one here our cries?

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