Love and family secrets

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Skye has excepted the fact that her mother is dead and she can't remember why, but when Brandon, an old family friend comes to live with them family secrets come up from there hiding spots.

Submitted: December 28, 2012

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Submitted: December 28, 2012





I use to have the perfect family, my dad is a detective for five different companies and my mom was a lawyer. Monday through Thursday would be work days for them no matter what, and Friday through Sunday would be family day. I was use to this schedule when I was little, but when I started to grow up I grew sick of it. I hated how organized family time was and how I wasn’t allowed to talk fun with my parents during the week. Family days began to become me sitting in my room and ignoring my parent’s day. I guess you could say I began to not appreciate my parent’s and all that they did for me, but when my mom died everything changed. There was no longer a schedule or family day. My dad poured himself into his work and I poured myself into homework and studies. When my mom died I pushed my friends away, I felt like they didn’t understand what I was going through.

At the funeral people kept apologizing and saying they understood what I was going through, to be honest I knew they didn’t. The memory of how my mom died was so traumatic that I just don’t remember. No matter how hard I try I can’t remember. I go to a therapist twice a week, and I hate. Mt therapist is nuts. The first time I met her she would not stop talking. The whole time she kept talking I couldn’t help thinking to myself, isn’t this suppose to be about me and not her. Whenever I go to her I zone out all the time, when she asks me a question I tell her what she wants to hear. If it were up to me I’d smack this lady in the face and never come back. School is about the only thing I take interest in now. As for me and my dad, well me and him haven’t had a decent conversation since my mom died. It doesn’t affect me as much anymore only because I can’t remember how she died.

The police and my dad do, but they think its best not to tell me. I use to be mad at my dad for not telling me how she died, but now I’m mad because he never talks about her or talks to me. It’s like we lost all contact when she died. The only thing he said to me this morning was that an old family friend’s son is coming to stay with us for a couple of months. How that’s going to be a joy to have to share the house with a boy who knows nothing about me or my dad. Today is the day he’s suppose to arrive and I’m supposed to be on my best behavior. My dad acts like I’m rude to people on a normal basis, I barley talk to him so why would I talk to someone that I don’t know at all. I was sitting in my room doing my homework when the doorbell rang. I got up from my desk and went down to the door. When I opened it I saw a tall boy standing in the doorway.

His dark wild hair blew in the wind and his baby blue eyes looked down on me. He brushed pass me and said nothing. I closed the door and sat down at the kitchen table and folded my arms. He looked around the house a while without a single word. I couldn’t believe this kid. Who enters someone’s home and says absolutely nothing. Now I knew I really didn’t like this kid already. “Where’s your dad?” he said pulling up a chair to sit down. “At work” I said. “I’m Brandon by the way” “Skyler, your room is upstairs and to the left. My dad should be home soon.” I said heading upstairs. I walked upstairs t my room and continued my homework until I fell asleep. I woke up around one in the morning to get a snack. I walked quietly down the stairs so I didn’t wake up my dad. On the way back upstairs when I saw the screen door to the balcony wide open.

 I slowly walked to the door to see Brandon sitting outside. I was going to walk back upstairs when I heard him talking on the phone. I stood there and listened to his conversation. I think he was talking to his mom, but I wasn’t sure. He was talking to his mom about how long I he had to stay and how he missed her. I felt bad for him. I knew how he felt being away from a person you love. I started to walk away when he hung up and said to me “how long have you been standing there.” I walked outside and sat down in the chair across from him and said “sorry, I really didn’t mean to listen in on your phone call.” I looked into his eyes and they were red, I could tell that he had been crying. I saw several bruises on his arms, I started to say something about it, but I knew better than to bring something sensitive up.

We sat there in silence and we both fell asleep. I woke up in the morning and realized that I was in my bed. I went to the bathroom and took a shower and combed my wet hair, and got dressed. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and ate breakfast. I grabbed my backpack and keys and started to head out the door. “Wait for me.” Brandon said running down the stairs, his wild hair in his all over his face. I stood there and waited for him to put his shoes on and grab his backpack. We walked to the car and both got in the car, I started the car and drove off to school. We were at a stop light when I took my eyes off the road and looked to Brandon sitting next to me in the passenger’s side. “Hey, do you remember how I got to my room last night.” I said looking at Brandon. “Oh your dad carried you to your room” he said smiling. “Oh, okay.” We pulled into the school parking lot and I turned off the car. “See you after school.” He said before he got out the car. I made my way to my locker and got my math book and rushed off to class.

My teacher was giving a lecture on how were all late to class, when I caught myself thinking about Brandon. I shook the thought and tuned into what my teacher was saying. Before I knew it the day was all most over and I was in 4th period. Science class and I could see from across the room that Brandon was sitting by the window and he looked better than ever. I couldn’t hide the fact anymore that I thought Brandon was cute. I watched as he looked out the window and then at me. I quickly looked down and in the process I knocked all my books and paper on the floor.

Thank God the bell rang and saved me from embarrassment. Brandon walked up to me and helped me with my stuff. “Thanks” I said my face turning red. “You’re a little clumsy. The second thing I learned about you.” He said walking with me to the car. “And what was the first thing you learned about me.”  “That you like to listen in on peoples conversations.” He said laughing. We both got into the car and I started the car. “Where are we going” Brandon said as we passed the house. “I want to take you to a place where they sell the best chocolate cake in the world” I said as we pulled into the parking lot of The Market. We went inside and got a table and sat down. I ordered the chocolate cake for us both and then I realized that Chris was here.

Chris used to be my best friend since first grade until he joined the football team. The popularity got to his head and he dumped me as a friend and hasn’t talked to me since, except to insult me. I scooted down further in my seat and hide my face. “Who is it?” Brandon said looking across the room. “What do you mean?” “Well your hiding your face and you’re so far in your seat I can’t even see you.” “Chris, an ex best friend. We should go.” “We just got here.” He said putting his water down. “Please.” I said getting out from the table. Brandon and I headed for the door and there he was. I ran right into him. Chris stood there and looked at me while I continued to walk away. “Who’s the kid?” Chris said blocking my way. “No one.” I said looking down at my dirty converse. I started to walk, but he continued to block me. “Move Chris.” I said getting mad. Chris was about to say something, but Brandon came in. “Hey man just leave her alone were not starting anything were just trying to get home.” He said in a stern voice. Chris stood closer to Brandon. “Chris, stop.” I said “That’s right your mommy isn’t here to save you is she.”Chris said with a smirk. My eyes started to water. “Yeah that’s right, she’s not because she’s dead.” I said finally walking off.

Me and Brandon drove home in complete silence. I drove into the driveway and I put my head on the stirring wheel. “Are you okay?” Brandon said patting my back. I nodded as I cried. Me and Brandon started to walk to the front door, when he jerked me back. “What’s wrong?” I said stopping. “Shhhhh.” He said. I knew he was trying to trick me so I kept walking; I really wasn’t in the mood. Brandon tried to whisper for me to come back, but I kept walking. I unlocked the door and opened it. I turned around to tell Brandon that he was being paranoid, but someone grabbed me from behind and I blacked out. I started to come to and my vision started to come back to me. My hands were tied to a pole behind me and my mouth was covered with tape. I looked around at my surroundings. I could tell I was in a basement.

 I knew I had been here, but I couldn’t remember how I had been here. I saw Brandon across from the room. He was tied up and still knocked out. I tried to get untied, but it was no use. Someone was coming down the stairs and they stopped at the stairs and kept walking. A tall man in a black mask stared at me through the holes in his mask. He pulled out a knife and waved it in my face. At that moment I thought I was going to die. I kept thinking I would never see my dad or Brandon ever again. I started to cry when there was a knock on the door upstairs. I thanked God that he saved me at that moment. The Killer put the knife away and went up the stairs. I saw Brandon starting to come to and I tried to get his attention.

When he realized what was happening he looked at me and he had great fear in his eyes. The killer came back down the stairs and he untied me and ripped the tape from my mouth. He grabbed me by the arm hard and tied me to a chair. I cried and begged “Please don’t do this, just let us go.” I said as he tied me to the chair. “I can’t do that, I have to finish what I started with you and your mom.” He said in a muffled voice. “What?” “Wow you really don’t remember, do you?” “Remember what?” I said in confusion, I was going to ask again when the killer fell to the floor and Brandon stood behind him. Brandon was untying me, “How did you get out?” I said as continued to cut the rope. “I knew that switch blade my dad gave me would come in handy.” He said with a fake smile. I could tell that he was scared and worried. I got untied and Brandon kissed me.

 I could feel the tears streaming down his face as he kissed me. He pulled away “I thought I was going to lose you.” He said holding my hands tight. “Brandon…I like you a lot. And when I thought I was going to lose you I …” Brandon cut me off. “I like you too.” He said kissing me again. “He’s not dead; he’ll wake up in a few minutes. We need to get out now.” Brandon said yanking me up the stairs. We ran to the front door and it all seemed too easy to get away, but when we got to the front door we realized that it was locked from the inside and we had no key. We were stuck in the house. Brandon looked around frantically, looking for a way out. He still held onto my hand. Brandon pulled me down the hall and put me in a closet. “Stay here.” Brandon said “What? No way, I’m coming with you.” “Skyler, No please stay here.” He said, somehow in my heart I knew to trust him, and that’s the only reason I stayed.

He closed the closet door and I heard him walk down narrow hallway. 10 Minutes passed by when I realized that Brandon had been gone for a long time. I made the decision to go look for him. I walked up and down the hallways avoiding the basement knowing that Brandon was most likely down there, but I had to go and save him. I quietly made my way down the stairs and peeped my head around the corner. I saw Brandon in a corner sitting down and I rushed to him. He was bleeding badly and he was looking very pale. I held his stomach to try and help him stop the bleeding. All of the sudden a heard clapping. I turned around to see the killer clapping and laughing. I scooted closer to Brandon. The killer bent down to my face and looked at me. “This is classic.” He said in a muffled voice. “You’re sick.” “I still can’t believe that you don’t remember.” I gave him a confused look when it all came back to me so hard I started to cry. The killer, the basement, and my mom’s death. I sat and started at him with horror in my eyes. I gripped Brandon’s arm so hard I think I made the pain worse. “Ahh, so I see you do remember.”

He said giving me a smirk. He then took off his mask and started at me in the eyes. I gasped as a looked back into my dad’s eyes. “You killed mom, but why?” I said really crying hard now. He took out a gun and he pointed it at me. “Your mother was going to divorce me and take you away, so I had to get rid of you.” “But why kill me and Brandon.” “Because you started to remember and you would tell people and then you would be taken away from me. If I can’t have you no one can have you.” He pointed the gun harder and I closed my eyes and whispered to Brandon “I love you.” I said as the gun shot roared over Brandon’s “I love you.” Back.

At that moment I knew I was going to die, but the only thing I thought about was how much I would miss Brandon. I continued to breath and I opened my eyes in confusion. I opened my eyes to surprisingly see Chris Holding a gun. I then realized that Chris saved me and Brandon. The police came and took Brandon to the hospital. I sat m=by Brandon’s hospital bed and I held his hand. “Hey.” Brandon said as he woke up. “Hey. How are you feeling?” “Well you’re here so good.” I smiled and kissed him and he grunted. “What’s wrong?” “You’re on my wound.” He said holding his stomach. “I’m so sorry.” I said. He smiled and said “As long as I get to kiss you all day I’m okay.” He said kissing me again.

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