I took my cigar out for a walk...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Free Verse
It was a good cigar, and a nice walk...

Submitted: January 09, 2020

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Submitted: January 09, 2020



I took my cigar out for a walk…


My cigar was getting antsy in the house,

So I took it out for a walk, we walked

Here and there, to and fro, I keep asking,

But it didn’t know where it wanted to go.

We passed by a house where there were

7 or 8 old gentleman in the carport, watching

A football game, some people say soccer, but 

It’s the same, one guy shouted, GOOOOAAAAL!!!

And everyone jumped for joy, except one guy,

He threw his beer and started to curse, he said

Things that were quite perverse, but all in good

Fun and everyone laughed, i’m sure the old guy

Was feeling a little daft, the whole scene made

Us smile with joy and happiness, right then and

There, my cigar got a little spiciness, I cleared

My throat and coughed a bit, and was just about

To spit, when I saw a nice lady looking up in a 

Tree, when I looked up and saw her cat Johnny, 

The lady said to the cat, Johnny, don’t be like 

that. So I climbed the tree and retrieved her 

pet, she returned my cigar she was holding 

for me, and said,”Un minuto, si,” she soon 

came back with a bag of croquettes, I

Said thank you very much, I’m glad to be of

Service, she said, no, thank you I was getting

Pretty nervous. As I headed home, my cigar

And I, On this beautiful evening in May, our

Good deed done for today, as we turned the

Corner just puffing away, I waved to my

Neighbors as I walked on my way, when

I got home, as I feared, my cigar was gone,

All but it’s butt had disappeared, but that’s

Ok, we’ll do it all again the next day...


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