Letter to a dead beat dad. Let him go....

Dear Father,

Did you forget to tell your daughter that you love her?


That other than your mother


You place no woman above her


Hey dad,


Did you tell her that she’s the best daughter that any father has ever had


Did you tell her how proud you are; to be are to be her father?


Did you forget….


To tell her that the day she was born was the perfect gift


Did you ever tuck her in at night?


And when she was afraid did you hold her tight


Dear Father, you aren’t really even fit to be called one


Answer me this; why did you run


Maybe it’s a good thing you did


I would never wish someone like you on any kid


When I think of how you hurt me I no longer cry


I no longer even ask myself why


I’ve accepted


That I was neglected


And you are no longer respected


And your excuses and lies are now rejected


Too many times you’ve let me down


And now I longer want you around


I’ve buried all of my anger


And now to me you are a stranger


I’m thru


Pretending to start over with you


Dear Father or whoever you are


I don’t even want to see you from afar


Ive done just fine without you

So there’s no need to continue


To pretend to care


You were never there


Good riddance Dad and this time please stay gone


This time I’ve deleted your number from my phone


No use in holding a fake conversation with someone you don’t know


And now that I’ve let go


Of wasted years trying


And stopped crying


I realize it was never me


You just aren’t fit to be somebody’s daddy


Dear Father or whoever you were supposed to be


I took the blinders off and now I see


You aren’t shit


And although I don’t wish you nothing bad you deserve whatever you get






Submitted: September 10, 2015

© Copyright 2023 Cindy Dancy. All rights reserved.

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