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This poem is dedicated to the memory of Alton Pope and thousands of others who have or will meet the same fate. ALL Lives Matter including young black men.

Submitted: July 07, 2016

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Submitted: July 07, 2016



What were you thinking after you shot?


Did you think that maybe, just maybe I would be somewhere being great had you not


You see a black man and assume I am a criminal


Think I have no potential


You try to call me thug, say I must be a drug dealer


But you aren’t a policeman, you are a killer


You say you were in fear


Fear of what, that there were people near


Who recorded what you did


Because you weren’t afraid when you aimed your gun at my head


I was the one who was afraid


Soon as you stepped out the car looking like at me like I was a menace I prayed


Please GOD don’t let me be  another victim


I want to live so I’ll comply with him


You yelled “drop the weapon and keep your hands behind your back”


I had no one weapon, my arms were behind my back that’s a plain fact


I did as you said


And still I ended up dead


My son is without a father, my mother is without a son


And you get to keep your badge so that means I won’t be your only one


Funny how the news can’t find a mug shot but yet they label me a criminal


But overlook the fact that you are a legalized serial killer


How do you  sleep at night


Knowing that not one moment of our encounter did you feel fright


But you killed me for no other reason than the color of my skin


And the knowledge that society places no value on the lives of black men


Go on ahead and sleep well at night


Because someday, somewhere you will feel something much more powerful than my fright



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