Never Did You Ever..

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Kelly is dieing and Bryan is carrying too much baggage. Will she live? Will Bryan realize what's going on?

Submitted: June 30, 2011

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Submitted: June 30, 2011



Never did you ever expect the outcomes. \"Bryan! Hey Bryan! Wait up!\" I called out to you. \"No, I, I can't do this right now. Please, just, leave.\" \"But why now? You always do this! You always run away from your problems without even trying to fix them. But now i'm here, I'm your problem. Fix me, fix it.\" He looked at me like I was crazy, maybe I was... But we needed to settle this. \"I-I can't..\" You trailed off. \"Why not? What's more important then us right now hm? I'm going to die soon, and your going to be sorry you didn't fix what we had..\" \"You're going to WHAT?!\" You screamed. \"Die. I'm going to die soon. I have cancer..\" I stated with a matter-of-fact look on my face. \"You have cancer, why didn't I know about this beforehand?! Kelly, why? WHY?!\" You started to tear-up. Finally, some emotion from you. \"Because I didn't know until two weeks ago! I didn't want you to treat me differently because of it. I loved you Bryan, I really and truly did. But you going behind my back with Celeste didn't help.\" \"Who said that?\" You questioned. \"You did, on the phone. You were drunk and called me up to tell me you just slept with Celeste. I should have been mad, but I had more important things to worry about at that time.\" \"Kelly, I love you. Really and truly I do. Please don't be like this.\" You pleaded. \"No Bryan, this has gone on for too long, I think we shou-'

My body started to convulse, I fell, and darkness enveloped me.. I woke up to find you beside me, In a hospital bed. Maybe you were good for something. Though I didn't know what yet. My head was pounding, you were talking but I couldn't hear you over my head. A nurse walked in to check-up on me. She fixed some tubes, looked at her clipboard, said something to you, and left. I knew they couldn't save me, I was a goner. The tumor was too far along to fix. Before I knew I had cancer, my friends had been telling me I wasn't acting like myself. I slept through classes, agreed to everything, good or bad. I couldn't even remember my birthday or my parents' names! They were concerned and told me I should go to a doctor. I put it off thinking it couldn't be anything serious.

At some point in the day, I regained my hearing and speech abillity. I heard you saying, \"Why me? Why always me God? What have I done that's so bad I'm losing the love of my life? Is it beacause I cheated on her? Why not make me pay? Kelly didn't do anything. Please let me take her place.\" That felt good, you apologizing. But it didn't help my condidtion.

As the days went on I got worse and worse. Although I could still hear and speak, I absoloutly could not move. Mother and father were always beside me, they never left. On occassion they did leave to eat and use the toilet, but otherwise, they were there.

It came to one day where I knew it was my last. We talked about the memories we had, the memories now, and the memories to come, though I knew there wouldn't be anymore with me in them. Mother and father left for dinner, and I was left alone on my deathbed. Minutes later you walked in, took my hand and said,

\"Kelly, I love you. More then Romeo and Juliet loved each other. I love you with all my heart. So whever you go I go. You jump I jump.\" You used the last line from \"Titanic\" my favourite movie of all-time. You knew I loved that movie almost as much I as I loved you. But I didn't love you anymore. Things had gone to far, and for me, it was just infatuation. For you, I guess it was love that drove you to do it. You pulled out a gun and said, \"The minute you leave this world, I will be with you all the way..\" I tried to tell you not to, that it wold just be worse. But my voice gave away, and speaking wasn' t possible anymore. I was getting dizzier and dizzier. I felt the world melting away, I knew I was going, hoping I'd hit Heaven. I opened my eyes just enough to see You shoot yourself, dropping dead on the floor. The gunshot carried throughout the hospital and armed men barged through the door only to find a dead You and a dying me...

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