And You Smiled

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem for a friend, who really likes Oranges, and Oranges are my favorite fruit besides berries >u< Sweet n Sour!
Hope you enjoy! This however is not exactly a love poem:

You were kind of down today
So I wanted to say
I love you, I know
You wouldn't know;
As you laid down, I sat beside
So many things, you can't confide
So sad and I wondered
How many places you've wandered
I remember when you said
You'd prefer an orange instead

I bought an orange, placed it beside you
But perhaps it wasn't true
Like the orange my feelings are on hold
Or so I was told
Afraid the orange would soon be wasted
But a surprise you said it was the best you've ever tasted
You took me in an embrace
With that expression on your face
And you smiled

As tonight I smile gazing in the sky
Wondering if it caught your eye
A shooting star I wished for you to know
How I felt but I didn't know how
To let go of this corridor of my heart
Perhaps it would crumble apart
I sit near your bed again
ANd to my surprise I felt something in my hand

I looked down at the unripe fruit you bore
Something that's so sweet yet too sour
I could see the fear in your eyes
And suddenly to my surprise
Your lips touched my shaking hand
And tearing you said "I understand"
That's when I knew that all along it was you
And you already knew
And you smiled
You smiled

I tasted the sweetness balanced by sour
And it lingered every hour
The taste of love and just knowing
With something besides just showing
Thanks to an orange, something so simple we forget
What it's like to regret
Not to appreciate the little things
You, my friend, my shooting star
I knew it all
When you smiled
Yes when you smiled

Submitted: November 16, 2012

© Copyright 2021 cinnabunnyummi. All rights reserved.

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