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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem about chasing something so far, and yet being able to see it clearly but never being able to touch it

Submitted: December 17, 2012

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Submitted: December 17, 2012



Gently a wind blows, white rose petals tenderly fall
As the stars silently befall
This forbidden change; a single tear, guilty forestall;
Gentle memories safe in my heart's palm
Long gone, yet desperately I deny and embalm
It aches to face the dawn;

You play a song, of the highest sound, I can't hear
To far to touch, though so close and somewhat shear
Running never reaching the heavenly chord
Yet with the contrails it soared;
I answered with a broken string on my heart
The atmosphere has long torn it apart
Will it ever reach you, will you ever hear
The gentle song of innocence I've saved with that single tear
for you
only you

Gently blown by the wind, dandelion seeds are lost
Wished before the come of frost
With every shooting star it became harder to smile
A small and frozen non-existant isle;
Against crashing waves of ice and reflections
These false illusions and unknown sensations
Where we stood that day, so close yet I could never touch you;

A million light years away, your song plays again
In this lonely space where my heart remembers what's been
Fleeing moments the dawn stole away
With contrails I chased I thought I could make you stay;
The orchestra of the twilight plays to remind me
Important and unsayable words, an unfindable key
Juxtaposed by perfect sound, I cannot hear
On a fogbanked and blinded frontier
Where I stood before
So close to you;

You silently whispered words I could never understand
I desperately tried to reach you're hand
But too far;

Your face befell a single tear, when I couldn't hear
I could never reach you, though so close and shear
Racing the sunlight to find that heavenly chord
You once played, like contrails it soared;
A quiet, tender and innocent song I play on my heart
Racing the atmosphere that once tore it apart
Praying it will reach you under the stars now falling
I've saved with that single tear, still believing and calling
for you
only you

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