My Grandmother's accident

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My terrifying experience learning my grandmother accidentally hurt herself.

Submitted: May 31, 2011

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Submitted: May 31, 2011



September 7th 2006, was my first day of school. Everything was going great my uniform was perfect ,my tie was tied and i was ready to enter my brand new school. Untill I went home to check on my grandmother and she wasnt there, i ran all over my house looking for her and couldnt find her, as im running around my house im talking to myself saying,

"Omg where is she my grandmom" 

She never leaves the house, she is always here where could she be? My heart was bounding and my hand started to sweat really bad. Tears wanted to come down and my jaw was acheing really bad from holding it in. I went to walk up the stairs and I noticed a hole in the wall that wasnt there this morning. As I took another step there was dried blood all over the step like if someone tried to wipe it up but it smered. In the back of my mind all i could think was that the woman of my life was dead! tears poured down my face and i just sat there wondering and crying with my head in my hands. thats when the door opened and my uncle walked in, i jumped up and got right to the point,

Uncle leo where is grandmom where is she?"

"Tell me uncle leo where is she?"

He told me to sit down and listen but i didn't want to sit down; i wanted to know right then and there where she was. That is when he told me,

"Cionie grandmom fell down the stairs this morning a little after you left for school. "She was walking up to the restroom and got dizzy at the very top of the stairs."

Tears filled his eyes and all i could think of was that she was dead and that what was next to come out his mouth. Luckily it wasnt and i was relieaved to know she was alive.

"Well can we go to the hospital so I can see her."

He said "Of course you can but there is more to tell you and your gonna have to be strong and listen carefully, ok"? 

Yes, explain!

Well she is doing good but she broke her neck and she cant move it."

"WHAT! what are you alking about she cant move it? if she cant move it how will she come home? i dont understand just take me to see her please"!

Okay your mothers on her way to come and get you so you can go see her. okay! Two hours passed and she still wasnt here i was geting really angry and i was about to snap. I started pacing around the room back and fourth, back and fourth when i looked out the window she was there I opened the door and yelled "Well about time you got her, take me to the hospital mom please i wanna see grandmom".

Come on were going now. I sat on the bus slient just thinking about everything my tears just started falling from my cheeks into my hands.

My mother grabbed me and said "Babygirl its gonna be okay she fine".

"How is she fine if her neck is broke mom?

Shes up and walking she even asked for you",

" Did she" I asked. Yes she did."

She said' Where is my baby at, where is cionie"?

When we got to the hospital i ran to her room and fell on my knees, shockingly my grandmother had metal stuck in her head like a pipe. I was hurt to see that, she was actting a little crazy, and from there i knew my grandmother will never be the same again. She is my grandmother alive and im very thankful but she also suffers from demensia.

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