Savaric: After the Battle

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So, this is just a random scene in a sort of novel I've been working on. Savaric is a character I came up with a year or two ago, and he's one of my favorites. With the a good friend, We've created, more or less, a whole world complete with different races, most of which live in the ocean. If your reading this, you might not understand a lot of the terms/names of races/Gods. Anyways, in thise scene, Savaric is recovering from a near fatal wound he got after a major battle where another one of my characters, Meridan, has defeated a greedy goddess.

It's more of an interaction scene between Sav and his love interest, Kishi, than anything else.

Savaric winced, biting back a grimace as he let out a lungful of air. Even breathing hurt. His expression relaxed as he felt a pair of fingers brush softly over his brow, smoothing aside a few sleek strands of raven. A soft groan left his lips. The enemy, whom he had mistakenly rescued and taken from the crumbling cavern, had stabbed him. From the injury he had sustained, he should have been dead. He was weak, he could barely lift his head, and even he was surprised at how much of a struggle he had put up when he had first been brought aboard the Serpent’s Curse. But he was wary, tense and agitated, though he didn’t show it. Weakness was not a trait one wanted when part of an Aelaelos band, and certainly not if one held such a coveted position as leader.
But he wasn’t the leader anymore; his damned sister had made sure of that… though he knew her motives were pure. She was not as greedy as some were lead to assume, at least not when it came to family. Deep down, he knew she had done it out of love and concern. Stripping him of his rank and position would keep him still and uninterrupted, and would give him time to rest. Plus, it would keep him safe from challenges… if anyone in his band had enough guts and courage to challenge him; weakened or not. But that didn’t change how he felt about the whole situation… it was humiliating, nearly dying for a mindless mistake, and then having everything he had worked so hard for ripped out from beneath his fins. He was nothing now; a grain of sand stuck between the toes of a dirty pirate had more rank than he did.
Savaric felt himself tense when he felt the thud of a booted foot fall too close to him, and in turn, he grimaced at the pain such tensing caused. However, at the rather threatening hiss from above him, he relaxed. He didn’t let any of the band come too close to him without threatening and cursing, partly because he was sulking and huminliated; but Kishi, the young Aelaelos woman he had grown fond of over the months, was the only one he didn’t instinctively lash out at when she came close.
He could feel her soft, curious fingers trailing over the tattoo that lined and framed his left eye, both of which were closed, though as he felt her touch brush over his closed lid the injured Aelaelos opened his slitted amber depths to gaze groggily at the face that now peered down a him.
“Grand awakening Leader,” The woman greeted him with a smile, her vocals were soft. She was young, much younger than Savaric himself, though he was still in his prime. She might have been young, but she was still a grown woman, in near every aspect; though at times she seemed naïve. He knew her affection had started as nothing more than hero-worship. He was the strong leader of a band of rebels, he had traveled the oceans, he had abandoned his family in order to follow what he believed in, and had practically started a war. He was respected by not only his band, but by others as well. And if they didn’t respect him, they certainly feared him, In battle he was ruthless, he lead his band with a strong hand, but he was fair; as fair as an Aelaelos could be. And, he was handsome. What woman wouldn’t admire him?

But, so unlike many Aelaelos women, whose attention was often diverted to another partner(it happened with the men as well) she had always been at his side. She had yet to leave it for another man’s arms, even when the role of leader stole his time away from her, and ate up all his energy and devotion. He was grateful, especially now, as he chased the bodily comforts of others away from him. She was beautiful. Never once had he seen a woman with such pale hair, and still owed all her blood to Aelaelos ancestry, her coloring was rare- it was coveted and treasured. He knew it was more than him who vied for her attention, but he was lucky, as she always seemed to have a pair of glinting silver eyes for only him.
However, now he was frowning up at that pale, sharp and beautiful face; framed in short, sleek, jaw length blonde locks and glittering silver depths. “Leader? Don’t mock me.” He grumbled, feeling irritable. He was lying on the deck of the Serpent’s Curse, a raggedy blanket thrown over his lower half (which only fueled his humiliation). His head was resting on Kishi’s lap; though he welcomed her warmth and presence. It was still cold, though the cold usually didn’t bother the Aelaelos… Savaric was still suffering from blood loss- enough so that he should have died a few days ago when he received the wound.
“I’m not mocking you, stop being such an Eili*.” She told him, her mannerisms blunt, as was Aelaelos custom. Savaric scowled, but remained quiet as he closed his eyes once more, feeling the young woman shift slightly beneath his head.
“Serena’s awake.” Kishi observed, glancing down at the dark haired male, frowning at his uncaring grunted response. Savaric had not spoken to Serena since he had been told that his leadership had been stripped, even if it was temporary. She felt bad for him, but he was acting childish. “You can’t ignore and shun her forever, Rejal, she’s the only family you have.”
Savaric snorted, frowning as he opened his eyes to look up at the woman. “I’ll only shun her until I have the chance to kill her.” Savaric was bitter.
“Keep this attitude up and you’re going to die alone.”
“Good.” Savaric knew this was the wrong thing to say just as left his lips, and then he felt Kishi tense and there was no taking it back.
“Really? Why don’t I let you get a head start? You can pout and sulk here all you want, like a child!” She snapped practically jumping to her feet, carelessly letting Savaric’s head bounce against the wooden floor boards- causing him to gasp in pain as his head swam and he watched lights flash before his eyes. He barely heard her give an affronted huff before stalking off.
“Fine!” Savaric yelled a bit too late, biting back a pained groan.
Savaric watched as the band settled down around the deck, though he sat alone, as he had been all day; leaning heavily against the railing. Silently, he watched Serena stride across the deck, a rough blanket drawn around her bare shoulders as she stopped to speak with a few of the Aelaelos members before settling herself near the far railing where Ridley lay, his back to the cold breeze as he tucked his arm under his head. He was slightly curled, and didn’t stir much as Serena touched his arm; he was still mourning the loss of his father. Serena draped her blanket and arm around his waist and slightly under his arm; cuddling close to the warmth of his back.
Savaric shivered against the breeze. He was used to the cold, but not when he had to bare it so alone. Every Aelaelos had a companion, or more they were huddled close to in search of warmth and protection from the elements. It was a scene all too familiar just before everyone fell asleep. It certainly didn’t help that the damned ratty blanket didn’t help him in the least.
Gingerly, the male folded his arms across his stomach and tightly bound wound. He was perfectly fine, he could sleep alone and freeze his fins. He closed his eyes. He wouldn’t ask for warmth and the comfort of another body or two, not now, he was far too proud and stubborn to do that after the way he had been acting. Suddenly, the male nearly jumped from his skin when he felt a tug and a light pressure of nails at his right arm.
Eyes wide and body tense he was quick to look, only to relax as he saw who was nudging his arm. He blinked, if a bit blankly. “Kishi?” His stunned acknowledgement caused her to grin and giggle as she tugged on his arm, coaxing it’s movement with gentle fingers before tucking herself under his arm as she drew another blanket around them; laying her head silently against his chest.
“I can’t stay mad at you Savaric, and anyways, you looked lonely and cold.” She snuggled close to his bare chest, breathing deeply. “Are you going to hold the sending off ceremony for our fallen since we lost Azmar?” Savaric gave the smallest nod of his head.
Kishi was silent for a few moments. They had all witnessed the human’s ceremony when they sent off three of their own.
“I spoke with the healer, she says the Caesyli** sleeps fitfully, even under the medicine. She says that she regretted letting her go out to watch the ceremony- important or not, we do not need Vysyri’s wrath upon us if she does not survive this illness.” Kishi murmured, tracing light designs over Savaric’s collarbone. She suddenly gave a giggle. “Some of the women felt sorry for Zacheus tonight, you know, because he’s hurt and alone,” She gestured towards the front of the ship, but all Savaric could distinguish were bodies, if that, and certainly not faces. “A few figured out that the Eiloli are warm, no matter the weather- Serena’s fighting to keep poor Ridley all to herself.” Savaric smiled weakly as Kishi passed on the news of the band. “I’m sure a few have tried to crawl into bed with Caesyli, if they can even get past the door. Some are saying the healer won’t even let her Theresi or human in to see her. She makes a good replacement to old Aezmar.”
Savaric nodded. “I don’t think the captain would appreciate a bunch of roudy, cold Aelaelos warming themselves up to Meridan.” He paused to think, letting his eyes close as he felt sleep drifting in. “Aezmar was old.”
((*Prick **Heroine))

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Great scene. Can't wait to

Sun, August 30th, 2009 7:06am


Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Mon, August 31st, 2009 11:14am

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