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I had to do this one at the same time as the other piece, "I am alone", for a writing assignment. I have to admit, they sound somewhat alike. But anyways, in this piece I am basically criticizing some parts of the society that I encounter at my school. I was thinking a lot about societal pressures that I face. Once again, all constructive criticism is welcome. Enjoy.

Submitted: December 17, 2007

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Submitted: December 17, 2007



Get the money, get the grades, get the girl, get the fame. If you don’t then you’re a waste of space. An insignificant being on a huge planet with millions of others to take your place. The mantra swam through my head once again. Get the money, get the grades, get the girl, get the fame.

Don’t hesitate. Hesitation is a sign of weakness. A sign that you don’t know what your doing. And you always want to look like you know what your doing. Even if you don’t.

Smile. If you look happy then you must be happy. Besides, if you don’t smile then people won’t smile back. And people who don’t smile back are the ones that don’t like you. They are the ones you should look out for. The ones that can’t be trusted.

Don’t be scared. Being scared means that you are afraid of something. Being scared means that you are weak, and the weak always die while the strong always survive. Heroes are fearless. Losers are cowards.

Don’t speak your mind. If you always say everything you are thinking of, then people may find out what a terrible person you are. They will realize that they don’t like you. That you are not what they expected, not what they had thought.

Don’t take risks. Taking a risk means that you can fail. And failure is not acceptable. If you fail then they will look down at you for your failure. They will laugh at you and call you names. They will ask what you were thinking. Why you failed. For failure breeds condescension, and you don’t want to be the one it is directed at.

Don’t lose your temper. Only bad and evil men lose their tempers. Anger is a result of a loss of control. And you always want to be in control. Even if your not.

Money makes the world go ‘round. It is the catalyst that can jumpstart you to fame. And we all want fame and fortune. The two go so well together because they result in the respect and admiration of many people. And that is one of the most important things in our lives. Respect and admiration.

Don’t argue. If you argue then you are a whiner. And nobody likes a whiner. People don’t like it when someone else disagrees with their point of view because their point of view is always right.

School is your life. You spend so much time there. You might as well make use of it. As a matter of fact, you’d better make use of it. School is your life. Therefore if you fail at school, then you fail at life.

Your ultimate goal in is to get married and have kids. Step one is to find the love of your life. Do everything you can to impress her and make her like you. If she likes you back then you can tell everyone how she likes you back. Everyone will be so impressed with your victory. And it’s good when others are impressed.

If you don’t want to tell something then it’s because you are ashamed of it. Therefore if you withhold a lot of information then it is because you are ashamed of a lot of things. Likewise, if you tell everyone everything then you are proud of everything you’ve done. And it is good to be proud. Good people who do good things are proud.

If you have everything, then you have everything to lose. You are among the privileged. All look at you and wish that they had what you had. It does not matter how you obtained it or what it means to you. You have everything. And when you have everything you need nothing.

Get the money, get the grades, get the girl, get the fame. If you don’t then you are a failure. One among the few that find that they don’t make the cut. That find that they are found wanting. That find that others don’t like them. And you need others to like you. Even if you don’t like them back.

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