the Angel and Kale

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there wasn't a teacher alive who could tame scruffy, cheeky troublemaker Lucy Breakstone, Helen was the first one who ever came close.

always wanted to try this kind of story, but its a first :)

Submitted: March 05, 2014

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Submitted: March 05, 2014



Helen had the most beautiful eyes. They were the kind of eyes that you’d fall in love with at first sight, and had near half the town boys at her feet. It was no wonder that Lucy saw something in her too, though of course that was hot gossip, more than it ought to have been. The truth however was a lot more faithful than what most of the townspeople at Harbours Mill would have you believe.


Lucy Brakestone was born left side of the Jenner’s river, and was a little troublemaker from the word go. When she was around eight or so years old she’d come running in from school with dirt all over her clothes and hands from playing, a glancing smile dancing in her eyes. There wasn’t a teacher alive that could rule Lucy. Her mother of course took it best she could and scolded her something awful when she’d come home with red marks on her palms from where the rod had hit, but in the end there was little that could be done.


Didn’t stop the whole town from taking her to heart though. There wasn’t nobody who wouldn’t smile at that little girl running down the road with the boys from school kicking a beaten old can down with her. People said it was the way she laughed, a laugh bright as the angels. “I shouldn’t worry, Mrs Brakestone” said the village teacher to her mama “most little girls have a tomboy phase to work though, she’ll grow out of it”


Around six years later, Lucy Brakestone had yet to become the lady that the village teacher had promised. She had dark, tawny brown hair that was nearly always kept up under a pageboys cap that kept the sun from her face. She was a fine looking girl, everyone knew it, and everyone was still just as fond, though everybody pretended they weren’t of course.


Helen on the other hand was quiet enough for her arrival at the town to go unnoticed by almost everybody. Lucy had never heard of Helen Kale, and why should she have? It wasn’t as if she spent much of her time with the other girls anyway. “Go on Lucy, Head it!” yelled one of the boys down at the edge of Jenner’s river under an old willow tree, the ground beneath them scattered with autumns leaves. Lucy leap up and headed the ball to Simon who passed to John. Their laugher rang across the riverbed, the timid figure that came towards them, unnoticed. “Hey, who’s that?”


The group fell silent as they turned to look at the figure that had frozen in her tracks. She was a frail kind of girl, one that looked like a breathe of wind might blow her away, yet their was a look of determination in her solid brown eyes. “Any of you boys seen Lucy Brakestone?” she asked quietly.


The burst of laughter that short followed made her draw back a little, and still chuckling, Lucy stepped forward “You got eyes don’t cha? I’m Lucy, what is it?” she grinned, hands in her pockets.


“Sorry. I came to see you, was all.”


Lucy’s brow knitted together in confusion “me? Why? I don’t know you, do I?”

“No, you don’t. I’m Helen” the girl held out a hand for Lucy to shake, and she took it after a moment consideration “So the rumours weren’t true”


“What rumours?”


“The other girls say you’re a rat, and I most certainly shouldn’t be talking to the likes of you Lucy Brakestone. Why, you’re practically famous!” hearing this, Lucy looked blankly at Helen for a moment, before bursting out laughing again, the tears near rolling from her eyes.


“Ah…famous…well I guess you’re too good for the likes of me then, aren’t you? Anything else you wanted to say to me, Helen…”


“Kale. And no, unless I’m good enough for the likes of you” the girl grinned up at Lucy. There was a shine to Lucy’s eyes as they rested on Helens that day, and near every day since. There was a silence between them for a second, before Lucy smiled, the smile of the angels as each of the boys there would have sworn by it.


From after that, you would have had to lock Lucy behind iron bars to have kept her from Helens side. They went near everywhere together, hardly anyone was ready to believe it. Lucy’s mother prayed that maybe it was the beginning of the end of Lucy’s attitude, except Helen only ever seemed to do anything to make it worse. It was weird how fond Lucy was, it the talk of the town in weeks. Helen was a shy, meek, modest angel, surely everything that Lucy wasn’t yet there was a powerful bond, and a fool could see it.


Five summers few past, two women were made out of a tomboy rat and quiet dove. It had been a year since Helen had left town, and Lucy still wasn’t doing much better since then. Only Simon could get near her. He’d find her wandering around down by the river in her shirt and trousers, waistcoat with the buttons worn off, and of course the same page boy cap. She was strong, fair faced, sometimes Simon wondered if she might even have been beautiful if the Lord had made her a Lady after all.


She’d smile and drink with him, and laugh as she used to but it wasn’t hard to see that the light had all but left her eyes. Sometimes if she got really drunk she’d pace up and down angrily shouting about how she loved Helen and Helen loved her and they both knew it so she should have stayed but didn’t, and Simon would just listen till Lucy fell into a stupor and would wake up crying bitterly, remembering maybe that it was Helens Birthday, or the day she met Helen, or even just that the sky was Helens favourite colour.


After a while, she’d get back on her feet again and smile brightly and laugh, and buy Simon a drink or anyone else who asked, maybe even flirt with the other girls, her eyes dead and cold, and drink herself to sleep more often than not. She was making herself unwell, until Simon said quietly one day that maybe she ought to go see Helen. She shot him a dark look and reminded him that Helen moved away explicitly so she wouldn’t see her anymore, like her parents told her too. They all said that Lucy was a bad influence on Helen. Simon told her maybe they were right, but sometimes we have to do things because we want to but because we have to.


That Sunday next, Simon drove Lucy up to the west green in Hardens County, for once her hair brushed and plaited down her back. Looking as though she were walking to deaths door Lucy got out of the car and was about to walk up the front garden path of a small white washed cottage, when Helen suddenly appeared at the door. Lucy froze. At the sight of Lucy, Helen smiled wider than anyone had seen her smile in years and dropped the washing basket under her arm.


Hurrying over to Lucy she threw her arms round her shoulders and said something that Simon couldn’t hear through the glass, but was certain it was something along the lines of “I just knew they’d never make a lady out of you, Lucy Brakestone”


Lucy gently pushed Helen away so they were standing eye to eye. She was warm beneath her earth worn hand, and more real than she had before ever seemed, so much so that Lucy didn’t want to let her go, for fear she’d simple disappear again. They were both pale as ghosts in the warm evening light, as though they didn’t belong to this world. It was never clear what it was that Helen and Lucy shared, there was only ever something, though it was clear that Lucy was head over heels for the girl that went otherwise unnoticed.


I’m a stubborn old sod, I must say, and I swear by it after all these years that those girls were simply meant to be. All I can say now that I and my best friend are old spinsters as it were, her love for Miss Helen Kale was strong enough to last the rest of her life. She always was the type to never give up once her mind was certain set, and I’m glad that I got to hear her laugh again, her eyes shining bright as the heavens


God knows that if anyone deserved to be happy it was drunken, scallywag, troublemaker, Miss beautiful Lucy Brakestone, and her girl.


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