One in the Chamber

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A party game went a little too far for Ava. She is faced to make a life-altering decision.

Submitted: October 02, 2014

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Submitted: October 02, 2014



As I stumbled out from the dirty bathroom, I knocked into a pyramid of red solo cups that could put the mighty Egyptians to shame. The overwhelming smell of alcohol, burps, and piss made my already upset stomach even more nauseous. Why am I here? I glanced over at the Adonis-like statue, controlling like a puppeteer. He had the ability to make people hang on every word he said, as if he was the prophet Jesus preaching the good word. He broke away from his cult, made eye contact with me and smiled and I remembered. Oh right he is my boyfriend. Average me. Cassie Johnson from Springsdale, Arkansas, where the population is around 700. A simple freshman girl got a god like Max Fitzpatrick. I stared in doubt at his beaming blue eyes as they stone bright against his blonde hair, and his Abercrombie shirt outlined his perfectly defined body.

The first time I saw Max, I was overcome with awe. There I was disheveled, trying to move into my new dorm room, and he was walking, no he was gliding with a pack of clean shaven frat boys who looked like clone copies all wearing perfect letterman jackets. However, in that field of clones I was immediately drawn to Max. I was so frazzled, I dropped the box I had in my hand. I quickly snapped out of the daze and tired to pick up the mess. As I was walking to my room, the voice of an angel said, “Excuse me miss, you dropped this.” When he spoke, every part of his being spoke to me: his eyes, smile, skin, body, every molecule that belonged to him. I was enchanted, and ever since I was under his spell.

I never could have imagined he would start dating me. I thought he would go for my roommate Ava. She is stunning. I try not to look but I can’t help admire her creamy caramel skin, and how it compliments her hazel eyes. She is Brazilian, so naturally guys think of one thing-ass. But not Max, the Fates allowed him to choose me.

The party was amazing. Max is in a frat, and his line brother Dylan, was putting the moves on Ava. Although she was denying it, she was kind of feeling him, too. When everyone left, and the remaining brothers were passed out in compromising positions, the four of us were left, and conscious enough to clean the dumpsite that was once a basement.

 I offered Max to help clean up. In an attempt to spend more time with Dylan, Ava said she would too. “That’s why I love you.” It was faint but it echoed in my head. It was the first time he ever told me that. I was in too much shock to repeat the line back. We cleaned the basement. I was afraid that we would have to leave because their was nothing left to do. I wanted to spend more time with Max. No body wanted this night to end. We all just looked around, and waited for someone to say something. Dylan was finally the brave one, “So. It’s only 3am. Night is still young. What do you party animals want to do?” Ava looked at him like a love sick puppy “I’m down for whatever.” Ava wanted to please Dylan. I could tell. The third button on her shirt was undone. Ava was leaving nothing to the imagination. When she had someone in her sight, she would do anything for the kill.

This time Max spoke up, and I felt an electric current throughout my body. “How about a game?” “Yeah! Beer Pong?” Ava suggested trying to soon too cool. “Strip poker?” Dylan had caught hold of that third button. Max laughed, “I was thinking something a little different. Something not as typical as beer pong, a bit more edgy.” He pulled in closer. This was only meant for me, “How does that sound baby?” Trying to catch my breath I said, “Sounds great. You always know what do.” This pleased him. “What do you have in mind Max?” Dylan asked “It’s what I have in mind, It’s fate.” After his said this Max was lost for a moment. “I’ll be right back.” 

Max came back after a few seconds with a wooden box. “Okay, let’s sit in a circle.” He pulled me close again.  “C’mon” he whispered in my ear. His words caressed my ear like a gentle lover.  He took my hand, and then walked in front of me brining me to play. We sat. In the circle Max was on my left, Dylan on my right, and Ava in front of me. “Okay! Who is ready.” Max sang with excitement, He put the box in the middle. I honestly had no idea what this game was. I once played the Ouija Board in high school, could this be it? Knowing Max, I knew it was going to be amazing.

Then he opened it, and I saw the shiny polished revolver. My mind couldn’t process the feeling I was possessing. I just looked at Max to try to understand. Was this a joke? But, Max looked like a little kid on Christmas morning. He was excited, and eager. Ava and I were confused and horrified. Dylan looked traumatized, like he was seeing an old friend. Max picked up the gun. He opened the chamber and pulled out all six bullets. Then he took one, showed us, kissed it, and put it back in the chamber. He closed his eyes, and spun it. He looked up at us. He eyes were deranged. “Max, are you insane?” Dylan question broke the silence barrier of the room. “Why would you ever want to do this again?” “Again?” Ava faintly got the words out. “We had to do this to join. Max, I haven’t had a goodnight’s sleep since that night. Carl died.”

“I know. He was supposed to die. The fates wanted him too. We didn’t. We were chosen, Dylan. We are meant to be here. Are they? Ava, are you meant to be here? Cassie, baby. Are you? They need to be tested. Like we were. Fate has to test them. It would be cruel to have them go through life, not knowing if they were not intended to live. We are doing them a favor, Dylan.”

“Your are not God, Max. You can’ do this. Don’t you remember what it was like when we had to.”

“Of course. It is what made me the person I am. Knowing Fate chose me to live, gave me a purpose. I want to give that gift to the girls..”

Dylan knew their was getting through to him. He faith was implanted in him. Dylan stood up and took Ava. “We are leaving. Max you need help. C’mon girls.” He took Ava’s hand, and she went, of course. He motioned for me, but I didn’t give my hand. I looked at Dylan and shook my head. “Cassie, are you kidding me? You are going to stay with this psychopath? I knew you were pathetic but this is ridiculous…”Everything else was just white noise. I looked over at Max, and saw he was pleased with me. Dylan had to carry Ava out because she was crying, and screaming. She was pissed at me. She did what she need to, and I did what I need to.

Max took the gun and took it in my hand. “We will find out, Cass. What Fate decides for you. Just pull the trigger.” My body was not my own, I was a host to a foreign parasite. I escaped my body and watched. The scene played out. I let the Fates direct the scene. I took the gun. Put it in my mouth, and pulled. 

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