Snow Red

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

1ST Story on this website .Pls comment it's Snow white with a twist

Snow woke up inside a glass coffin with a sharp pain in her neck and the taste of bitter apple in her mouth. She put her hand to her neck, and was alarmed to see two perfect circles of blood on her hand. She lifted her hands to push the coffin lid off, but as she began to push, the glass lid flew off, the golden lock broken. A voice shouted out, and suddenly she was staring into the most handsome face she had ever seen. Although, something seemed a bit off, no face was that pale, and no teeth were that sharp.

“Ah, good, you’re awake, it hasn’t been too long, and the transformation has clearly worked, judging by the state of the lid. How do you feel?”

“Good,” Snow looked around. The moonlit clearing seemed as bright as day. Behind an old and gnarled oak tree, all seven of her friends watched, their faces cadaverous with terror.

“What’s wrong?” She asked. “I feel fine, really.” The stranger stood and moved round to the other side of the coffin, walking with power and grace, offering her a hand.

“Actually, or technically, rather, you’re dead. If you come with me I’ll explain.”

Snow’s heart sank. She forced a smile. “At least my mother won’t bother me anymore.”


Alas, dear Snow could not have been more wrong. Deep in the castle, Snow’s mother cackled. She had got rid of her daughter.  She dressed up in her finest clothes, wore her finest jewels, and gazed upon the mirror and said; “Mirror, Mirror, tell me where might I find the fairest maiden in the land?”

To which the mirror replied, “Deep in the enchanted woods, where only moonlight reaches, and where no animal shall you find.”

“What! And Mirror, Mirror, pray tell, what is the name of this maiden, as it is surely no-one I already know”

The mirror remained silent, and then said, “You could not judge a Rose by any other name just as sweet, but you already know the answer, for it is Snow White.”

 The Queen flew into a jealous rage, she tore off the jewelry and seized the mirror and flung it onto the ground. Ignoring the cries of pain from the shards, she stormed from the room.

She could have avoided all this complication by simply saying, “the fairest living maiden.” 


The Queen reached the clearing at midnight. The surrounding forest lay in shadows but the clearing was bathed in moonlight.

“I wish you hadn’t come mother,” Snow said.

“Don’t talk to me like that, you grimalkin! Treat me with respect!”

“Leave. Now. We agreed. Leave and stop this foolish rivalry and we would leave you alone.”


“Me and my husband”

“Husband, you fabulist! With you lying in a coffin all this time, I’d love to see that!”

“As you wish.”

From the shadows, a tall man stepped into the clearing and placed his hand on Snow’s shoulder.

“Mother, I present my Husband.”

The man spoke, “So; you admitted leaving my wife in a coffin”

"She was dead! This time she was dead! I know it!"

"So she is, and you made sure of it," he agreed, grinning. His grin showed his consternation-ally sharp teeth. "And yet Snow White is still the fairest of them all."He took the Queen mother by one arm and Snow took the other, their grips inhumanly strong. "Please, come in. You're just in time for our wedding supper."


Submitted: January 21, 2014

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