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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sports  |  House: Booksie Classic
andres is one of the best soccer players in the world. his team was assigned to travel to brazil for an away game. not only the soccer fans in brazil but also the brazilian gangs were expecting for the world number one soccer superstar.

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017




“Don’t trust anyone blindly. Even the ones who stand by you.”


Splash! “Wake up rich boy! Get up!”

On a deathly cold metal chair, I was awoken by a bucket of ice cold water splashed onto my face.

“Where am I? Why are my hands tied behind the chairs? Where are my teammates?”

I was startled with confusion. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw myself surrounded by five Brazilian gangsters.

“Ai ai! How could we not welcome the world’s highly priced soccer player to the country of soccer!”

I assumed the man was the leader of the gang since he was the only one carrying a gun around his back. He also spoke in a very awkward English accent. At first, I thought this was one of my teammate’s pranks. However, the deathly ambiance of the jail cell told me that this was more than just a joke.

“Wake up rich boy! We have waited enough for you to bring our money.”

“What money?”

“Alright, son! It seems like you think we are joking around so we better tell you the legitimate reason why you’re here at this moment! First of all, you’re the most valuable player in Buena F.C. In Fact, the most valuable player in the whole Spanish league! Always offered contracts by clubs all around the world with a very high value. Obviously, you have made yourself one of the richest soccer players on the planet.

“There are far more players who are richer than I am. I don’t even show off my property!”


“Oh shut up little boy! We know everything about you. We know you live an ostentatious life in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Spain and own multiple sports cars that every man dreams about! We know haters criticize you for your haughty attitude, but that's what brought you here my friend! When we heard your club was coming to Brazil for the away game, we were patiently waiting for the main dish! Hahahahah!”


I was shocked how precisely they knew about me. I never exposed myself that much to other people. There were only three people who knew very specific about me and my mother was one of them. It felt like there was no way out of this dreadful place.


“We’re going to give you three hours to get two million dollars ready to go. We’ll give you this phone so you could get into your bank account and deposit the money to our account.

“But how am I supposed to transfer all that money at once? Plus no bank of mine would let me do that!”

“Don’t you worry son, we got it all covered. Just transfer all the money to the Brazil Sao Paulo Charity Community and make it seem as if you’re donating all the money to the poor. People at the bank would think you’re a very generous guy! Hahahahah.”


The leader threw a small phone on top of my thighs and led its members out of the jail cell.


I looked at the phone they gave me. They somehow banned the calling system of the phone and also got rid of all contacts so that I won’t be able to call anyone. They shut down every single program except for the depositing system. In one word, the phone was useless.


I knew I had to find a way to escape this dreadful place before I got all my wealth taken away.  After I gave myself some deep thoughts, I came up with the simplest plan: I decided to physically run out of here! I obviously had a better stamina than these old people and would be able to outrun them if we were on a chase. So I waited. I waited for the gangsters to come back for the money.

After the three promised hours passed, I heard the gangsters walking towards the prison.

“You think he got the money ready?” questioned one of the gangsters.


“He should have! Or he ain’t going to survive tonight.” said the other.

They finally arrived in front of the prison door.

“Alright player of the year! It’s time for you to reveal the prize.”

After hearing the expected statement, I slowly initiated my plans.


“I got it ready, but you got to open the doors so that I can send the phone back to you. You can check if I really did it or not.”

One of the gang members stood out and unlocked the doors with his key.


As soon as the door was opened, I burst out towards the doors and ran into the gang members with full power. All five of them collapsed at once like a domino. I took the chance and ran as fast as I could towards the exit doors.


“Run! Catch that little rat! We can never let him escape out of here! ” shouted the leader.

All five gangsters came after me. But as expected, my speed did not disappoint me. I quickly reached the exit doors and went out of the building. I kept running without looking back. I ran and ran and ran and ran. I had way better stamina than the old men, and I was able to lose them after running for an hour. Some of them went back to their base to chase me with their motorcycles. But by the time they went back, I lost the runners at the intersection of the roads so there was no way they could have caught me up.


After I was sure of losing the gangsters, I stopped and looked around for a place to safely take a breath.


Then, I slowly questioned myself,

“Where am I? How am I going to find a way to get back to my teammates? I’m going to end up being nowhere if I don’t find anyone who can speak English to help me.”

I slowly walked around but there was absolutely nothing. So I decided to walk a little bit. After an hour of wandering, I spotted a small village.

“Maybe I could ask for help here,” I said to myself.


Once I walked into the front gate of the village, the townspeople approached me with a very welcoming attitude.

Olá! Bem vinda!”

They greeted me in a very mannerly way, but they did not recognize the famous soccer player who I was. Some of the villagers offered me water as if they saw me as a person who was dying of thirst. Luckily, some of them knew how to speak English and I told them everything that I have been through for the past few hours.


“ Well, it’s pretty normal for a person to get kidnapped for their money in Brazil.” said one townsman.

“I really need the town’s help to find my way back to the team.”  

“It would be better if you you stay here for tonight because it’s getting too late. We will officially start looking for ways to contact your teammates tomorrow.

“Thank you so much. How are the people in this town so generous to strangers like me?”


“Well, you’re not the first one to come to this town for help. In fact, some of the villagers here used to suffer from the gangsters. They moved to this isolated town to hide from the vicious gangs. They surely would enjoy a sweet revenge on them.”

After hearing this, I was relieved that the townspeople wouldn’t call the gangs to take me away.  So I happily accepted their offer and decided to stay in town for one night. It was a chance for me to take some rest from all the kilometers that I ran. With the villagers’ help, I stayed in one of the guest houses they owned. Although it was small, a normal sized bed was just enough for the night. I jumped onto the bed as soon as I got into the house and my eyes were instantly closed.


“Hey Andres! Wake up! Andres!”

“Uhh… What is it?”

“It’s the gangs, they’re here! And they know you’re here!”


I was instantly awoken from my deep sleep when I heard the gangs came to the town to capture me.

“That can’t be! How in the world did they find out?”

“ I don’t know, they must have heard the news that there was a newcomer to this town and probably assumed it was you.”

“I don’t have time for this! I have to get out of here right now!”


I picked all my belongings and burst out through the back door. However, I started to hear voices of more than five gangsters in the town. With unbearable curiosity, I went back to the front door of the house to take a small look at what was happening.

“You are not welcomed in this town!” said one of the villagers to the gangsters.

“We only need the soccer player you fools! Give him to us, and we will do no harm to the village.”

“You want to take Andres? Then you have to go through us first!”


I was shocked by the peculiar scene. All the villagers of the town came out with their wooden weapons to defend me from the vicious gangsters. Surely, the gangsters were outnumbered  and there was no way the villains were going to beat the townspeople.


“You fools! You don’t know what you’re doing! We can share the money and the wealth! So bring him to us!” shouted the leader of the gangs.

“We don’t need your dirty money! We’ve been waiting for this moment, you morons. Do you know how many people in this town had to suffer for past several years because of you dirty people? Leave the town! Or you and your underlings won’t be leaving here safely.” shouted the villagers.


I felt the anger of the townspeople. I also felt how much they wanted revenge on the gangsters. The gangs were intimidated, but they had no choice other than surrendering. Since the gangs knew they had no chance of defeating the massive crowd, they turned back and left without a word.


The villagers felt a great sense of jubilation from their victory and complimented each other for the courageous behaviors. I quickly came out of the house to thank each and every one of the villagers.

“How can I ever repay you! You saved my life!”

With great joy and excitement, the town held an all-night ceremony to rejoice their victory.


After the long night celebration, people went back to their houses to start their new day. I met up with the townsmen to officially start looking for ways to go back. Since there was no internet in the town, it was harder for me to contact my teammates. We looked for phone numbers on the phonebook and even tried contacting the Brazilian team that our team was playing against. While looking through all the phonebooks one of the townsmen called me from outside.

“Andres! Andres! Come out quick! Someone’s looking for you.”

I was shocked by the thought that the gangsters could have come back with more of their members. Leaving behind the fear, I decided to go out and find out who it was.

“If it’s not the gangsters, who in the world would know that I am here?” I murmured to myself.


Once I went outside with great anxiousness, I saw two of my team agents with their car behind their backs.


“Logan? Joe? Is that really you?”

I couldn’t hide my excitement


“Yes Andres, we were sent by our team manager to pick you up and take you back to the team. The whole team was extremely worried about your absence, but we are very glad we finally found you.”


Although I was very happy to go back, I felt miserable of leaving my friends behind. They saved my life after all. So I decided to go back and say a proper farewell.


“I can’t possibly thank you more for what your town has offered me. You guys saved my life and my career as well. This town is truly filled with marvelous people and I will come back someday to repay you.”


With the final farewell speech, I slowly walked towards the agent’s car.

Then, I stopped.

Something puzzled me.

Something did not make any sense.

Something couldn’t possibly have happened.

Then, I carefully called the agents, “Logan, Joe… How did you know I was here?”


© Copyright 2020 CJ7. All rights reserved.

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