life isnt simple

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what life is like in high school pls read

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



Life isn’t simple for us teenagers, your expected to do great things like get great grade, save up for a car and get a job. Take me for an example alright grades but bad at English. I have brown hair and blue eyes and like most teens pimples but not as many as you think, I’m not like the girls who cake on the make up just to get boys attention or rude to kids I don’t even know just to be known.

I’m the type who just sticks to themselves and friends, I love my group of friends we just hang out and help people out, well I should introduce myself my name is Kim and my friends names are; jonty, jess, Vicki and madi. I mean we are in all the same classes except I’m the only one in drama I like drama just not the people in. I mean I can’t even get any work done because I’m always being teased by the popular people. I love acting I don’t even If I’m good or not because I can’t learn with them.

Well enough with the depressing moment there, sorry about that anyway me and my friends always help people out except one problem they just turn around and treat us like dirt. Ever get that feeling.

Life sucks at high school I mean you learn a lot its just the people in it sometimes, everyone says it’s easy well, do you know what I say “go through high school again except go through as one of us that get treated like dirt”.


Im sorry if this is really bad story its just that it’s my first time doing it.

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