Different and Dangerous

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The first time it happened, I killed someone. They were innocent and helpless against the darkness that comes from within me. I didn't know how to stop it, I barely knew it was me doing it. I'm a murderer and the darkness inside me makes it hard to care. First thing I did when the man died was smile but then I ran. Like hell!

Submitted: March 08, 2013

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Submitted: March 08, 2013



The first time it happened, I killed someone. They were innocent and helpless against the darkness that comes from within me. I didn't know how to stop it, I barely knew it was me doing it. I'm a murderer and the darkness inside me makes it hard to care. First thing I did when the man died was smile but the I ran. Like hell!

It was a day like any other. I was walking home from school, happy for the weekend. I decided to stop in at a local shop where my good friend Anna used to work. Now an old man stood behind the counter.

"Can I help you girl?" He asked as I walked in the door.

"No" I replied, "thank you"

I never stopped in this little store anymore since I had no real reason to. Today I had to pick up milk for my mother and I didn't feel like walking an extra mile to the grocery store. I made my way to the back of the small shop to the refrigerator. A man stood not far away looking at some different kinds of cat food. Obviously on an errand for the wife because he looked clueless. The milk was on sale which just made me check the date on it. It was fine so I started back toward the cashier.

The man who had been standing in front of the shelf of cat food backed up and tripped me. I fell flat to the ground, hitting my head hard on the floor. Dazed, I tried to focus on something, anything. The man was looking over me asking if I was okay. I managed to nod my head but my hand shot up to my temple as a spike of agony shot through my head. The man saw me wince in pain but didn't know what to do. I felt like a can of cat food... The man helped me sit up and got me propped up against a shelf. He had already told the clerk to call an ambulance. I must have been unconscious for a minute or two before I woke up.

The clerk ran over to our side, "Ambulance is on the way" the old man said.

"Good," the other man said, " what's your name sweetheart?"

"M.... M..." I tried so desperately to talk but I couldn't find the words.

My head was spinning and pounding all at the same time.

"They better hurry" the man said to the clerk.

My vision went hazy again and I thought I was going to pass out so I grabbed the mans arm as a way to let him know I felt weird. The man looked at me for only a second before horror crept into his eyes. It was like he was seeing something evil. I found I couldn't let go of the man, no matter how hard he struggled and I tried to let him go. The man was yelling for help and the clerk came running back over to us. He yanked me to my feet making me loose my grip on the other man. He spun me around to see my face. Quickly the same look of horror entered the clerks eyes. The coward of a man was running out of the store screaming for help. That the devil was trying to kill him.

The clerk spoke but his voice was raspy and breathless, "what are you?"

I noticed the clerk had let go of me but I still held one hand. Once again I tried to will myself to let go but I couldn't! My vision went dark, yet I could still see. I don't know how to explain it. The clerks hand that I held was turning a misty grey. The stain travelled up his arm. He screamed in pain while I just screamed because I didn't know what was happening and I couldn't stop! The dark disappeared up his sleeve and soon appeared on his neck in the shape of a hand. The fingers wrapped itself around his neck. The clerks eyes went dark as night.

Finally I could let go. The clerk dropped to the floor. The darkness on his skin retreated and his eyes returned to normal. But they had one difference. They were eyes of a dead man. I felt the need to smile for a split second before tears started to pour. I had to get out, I had to run! I grabbed some crackers off the shelf and found myself passing a mirror on the way to the shops back entrance. My cheeks were covered in black tears, my eyes as dark as the clerks before he died. I stood there a moment, thinking about what the answer to the clerks question would be. I didn't know what I was. Maybe the man was right, maybe I am the devil!

I sat alone under a bridge eating my crackers. I ran a good four miles before I broke down, sobbing and whatnot. I found a place under the bridge where it was dark so no one could see me from the street above. I dusted off the crumbs that had fallen onto my shirt and put my little half empty box of crackers on the ground beside me. I leaned over and grabbed a piece of shinny metal that lay nearby. I held it in my hands a moment, took a deep breath and looked at the reflection. My eyes were normal, if you call puffy and red, been crying for hours normal. Tears began to form as I thought back to what I did and what I had become. They weren't black but they were there. I sat up against the post I had been up against before and returned to eating my crackers.

I had no idea what I was going to do. That man probably told the cops everything and they probably have evidence on video cameras. I was so done for. I put down the box once again and pulled my knees to my chest. I wrapped my arms around them and pulled them closer. My eyes became droopy and the weight of the puffyness didn't help. I tried to stay awake but found myself asleep within moments.

I startled awake when I heard a loud crash coming from up in the street. The night had fallen and a street light made it a bit easier to see my surrounding while still keeping me hidden. I jumped to my feet and scurried up the side of the hill. I peeked over the side railing to see what all the commotion was. Clearly it was late because no cars were passing by so in a small town like this it could be eight. I didn't know this town all that well but it was obviously tiny since if I looked one way I could see the street lights end and same if I looked the other way.

A man stood not to far from where I was hidden. He stumbled around and I noticed a trash can knocked over near him. Definitely drunk out of his mind. I was going to return under the bridge when I heard a voice too young to be the mans.

"Dad!" He screamed, "come on we have to go home."

I looked around and a boy about my age stood just a little farther than his father. "Out of my way BOY!" The man spat, pushing the boy out of his way.

The boy stumbled and nearly went over the ledge of the bridge. I held my breath and sighed in relief when he was safely on his feet again. He was not going to give up. He ran up behind his dad and grabbed his shoulder. The old man whipped around and his hand caught the boy right across the face.

"Piss off!" The man yelled and continued on his very awkward drunk man path.

"I hope you rot in hell old man!" The boy snapped.

He was on the ground and held his face in his hand carefully. Once the man was out of sight I jumped the rail and quietly made my way up behind the boy.

"Are" is all I could say before the boy hopped to his feet and faced me ready against danger. I raised my hands to show him I don't mean to hurt him. He calmed down as soon as he saw I was a girl. "Are you okay?" I asked.

"Fine" he said.

I cautiously walked up to him, "may I?"

He nodded, not really sure what I was going to do. The man obviously had a ring or something on because the boy had a wicked cut on his face. I raised his head so the street light could help me see. It was bleeding quite a bit.

"You should get that checked out" I said taking a step back.

He seemed to watch me. I'd never seen a boy look at me that way and I don't mean the look they give girls who they want to have sex with. He expression showed kindness and compassion.

"Thank you" he said with a grin, "what are you doing out here? It's one in the morning!"

"I was" I decided to keep the sleeping under a bridge thing to myself, " going for a late night walk, trouble sleeping."

"I've never seen you around here before"

His response took me by surprise. What could I say to that? I stood there and probably looked like an idiot trying to find an answer that he would believe. All of a sudden fear quickly turned into a weird anger towards this boy. I didn't mean to be angry, I didn't even know why I was angry with him. Then I knew what was happening. Dark began to flood my sight while still letting me see. The night concealed my eye colour change but my sudden retreat confused the boy. I backed away from him, I couldn't let it hurt an innocent boy. I went to turn and run but something caught me. An invisible force, hard to fight against. I faced him once more and he was coming closer.

"Are you okay" he asked.

"Run" I urged.


"RUN!!!" I yelled.

My voice came out strong and loud scaring the boy into a slow retreat.

"Please" I cried.

The force pulled me closer to him although he kept a good distance but as I started to advance faster he was forced to turn and run. He took off at a full sprint and I ran after him. I couldn't control myself no matter how hard I tried. Whatever the darkness was, all it wanted to do was kill. I was advancing on him quickly, he had speed but I had stamina. Finally he took one last burst to get a good 100 feet ahead of me before stopping and spinning to face me. I raced on and the closer I got the more I wanted to give in to the darkness. The more I wanted to kill, not just it. I was maybe twenty feet front reaching him when flames shot of of his hands and put a line of fire between us.

The darkness went away and my vision went normal but I couldn't stop in time before I was in the fire. My legs burned but I ran through, past the boy and collapsed a few feet from him. I patted out the fire on my pants but my legs were already scorched. I screamed in complete and utter agony. Luckily we ran out of the town. The boy must have noticed the dark in my eyes earlier because now in the light of the nearby fire he could see they were normal and it was safe to come close. I lay on the ground twisting and screaming. I would sit up to look at my leg but would fall back down due to the immense pain in my legs. He came and kneeled next to me and watched as pain ripped through me with a vengeance.

"I'm so sorry!" He apologized but I could hardly think through all the pain.

I continued to scream, but he hushed me to try and keep it down a bit. Of course when he went to pick me up I screamed the loudest but after that my legs hurt a little less. The cool night breeze cooled my burnt legs as he carried me. Every now and then a loud 'son of a mother it hurts' scream would come out but other than that I just whined. I thought he would be bringing me to a hospital but instead he walked me to a house just outside the town. He knocked on the door, careful not to drop or even move me too much. A light flicked on and a young woman answered the door.

"Oh my gosh!" The woman gasped, motioning for the boy to bring me in, "Jeremy, what happened!?"

"She is one of us Kati" he placed me on the kitchen table, not carefully enough and I screamed out in pain, "she can't control it, she came after me. I didn't know what else to do!"

"So you burned her?!" Kati ripped off what was left of my pant legs.

"I didn't, I put down a wall and she ran through it! How am I supposed to know she would do that!" Jeremy yelled.

"Well, if her ability is not under control, you should be able to assume she is not in control!!!!!"

That shut Jeremy up pretty fast. A huge wave of pain hit my legs and I yelled, screamed and squirmed.

"Make it stop! Please!" I cried.

"You have to calm down!" Kati told me.

I tried my best but now that we were in a warm house the initial pain was back and very bad. Kati lay her hands on my legs making me wince. She closed her eyes and something was definitely happening. My legs became less and less painful until they were better. I propped myself up on my elbows to see my legs healed. Kati on the other hand looked drained. She stumbled backwards a bit and Jeremy kept her on her feet. He sat her down in one of the chairs. I was so surprised that I felt nothing and that there was nothing. I sat up, swung my legs over the side of the table and got on my feet.

I looked down at my legs amazed, "how did you do that? How did both of you do what you did?"

"Same way you do what you do" Jeremy said pulling a chair over so he could sit next to Kati.

"I don't know what I do" I hopped back up to sit on the table but kept my eyes down, "I'm sorry, this is my fault"

"None sense" Kati sat up in her chair and took a deep breath, "if you are anything like my brother, we both know you couldn't stop yourself."

"What are you guys" I asked raising my head so I could see their faces, "what am I?"

"Well I as you saw, am a healer" Kati replied.

"Fire is the element I control and produce" Jeremy answered, "when my ability manifested I was at home luckily, sort of." His gaze fell to the floor.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I was at home, not feeling that great and I had a very high fever. My mom was watching me while my father was out getting me some medicine." He began, "Kati was in her room, not really aware of me being ill. My temperature went above and beyond a fever. I was scorching hot. Then BOOM! Like that fire exploded from my body, killing my mother instantly. Kati got burned bad too but then she discovered her ability once she was in the hospital. I was fine. We told the cops that we didn't know how the fire started but I told my sister before they took her in the ambulance. My father of course blames me because I didn't get our mom out."

"That's aweful," I said, "is that why your father is drinking?"

Both of them nodded, but Kati spoke up, "so if you are like my brother we know you couldn't stop yourself."

"I know I couldn't the first time" my eyes fell back to stare at my lap.

"First time?" Jeremy asked.

I told them everything knowing that I could trust these people because they were different like me.

"Wow" Kati gasped.

"I'm really glad you didn't catch me because that is not how I want to die!" Jeremy chuckled.

"It's not funny!" I snapped, " I killed someone and nearly got you. I should be locked away, maybe I should turn myself in"

"And say what?" Kati stood quickly as did I. She came up to stand face to face with me, "what would you say to explain how you killed the old man? You would reveal that there are people like us and we would be hunted and killed because we can be dangerous!"

"You make it sound like there are more people like us" I noticed.

"Of course there are more like us, just found out a few days ago that my friend has an ability"

"Woah" Jeremy interrupted, "Jen has an ability!"

"She does and she trusts me enough to tell me about it," Kati said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I don't know how to explain it or what to call it but I think it may help us figure out how to control your ability."

"Really" I squeaked.

I was excited to know that these people were willing to help me. Then a thought crept into my mind. Will I ever see my family again?

The luscious green hay swayed gently in the wind as we walked through it. The field we were in was surrounded by trees so no one could see us without us seeing them first. Jeremy had on a backpack filled with food. I think he was going to set up a little picnic for our lunch which I found quite cute.

"Jen should be here soon" Kati said stopping.

Jeremy immediately took out a blanket from his pack and lay it out of the ground. It was t a big blanket but he offered the space to Kati and I while he sat in the hay. He had to pat in down a bit to keep it from brushing up against him. We were maybe seated a few minutes before Jen showed up. She was tall maybe a year or two older than me like Kati.

"Your brother finally need someone to put out his fire" she smirked.

"You told her about my ability!" Jeremy yelled.

"And that you have crappy ass aim." Jen grin got wider.

She was a very brave girl, talking to a flamethrower like that. Jeremy glared at Jen as her and Kati went to walk away. Kati was to explain what was going on to Jen.

"Never really liked her" Jeremy scoffed.

"I like her, she's very brave" I said.

"See how brave she is when a fire ball is thrown her way." Jeremy jumped to his feet as did I.

"Jeremy, don't do that!" I tried to stop him.

"It'll be funny, watch" he said.

"You could hurt her" I yelled.

The girls looked back at us making Jeremy cover my mouth, "Quiet, Kati can heal if I do."

I sighed and removed his hand from my mouth, "Fine"

Jeremy took a few steps away from me and closed his eyes. He put his hands together out in front of him and when he pulled them apart a fireball had formed in his palm. As he pulled his hands farther and farther apart the fire ball expanded. With one quick motion the fireball was hurled forward and his aim was right on. Jen turned in time to see the blaze coming towards them and she pushed Kati out of the way right before the flame engulfed her.

"Oops" Jeremy said and we both took off running towards the girl on fire.

She didn't scream, she didn't run around like a lunatic she just stood there. The fire that had surrounded her body died down as we approached and she looked perfectly fine.

"Ouch" Jen smiled then she raised her hand and a fireball the same size as the one launched at her came flying back at us.

I went to jump out of the way but Jeremy caught me and pulled me behind him. The fireball hit him but he seemed to be immune to it. He even made the fireball smaller before it reached us. I came out from behind him and we both stared at Jen in amazement. Her clothes were burnt for the most part but she wasn't naked thank god. She still had on an undershirt and her underwear survived.

"How did you?" Jeremy looked confused. I

probably looked just as confused as Jeremy with my mouth hanging open. Jen and Kati came to meet us.

"Madi this is Jen" Kati introduced, "she can help you"

"Wait a minute!" Jeremy interrupted, " is she like me? Controls fire?"

"I'm right here you know" Jen said, " you can ask me! The answer is no"

"Then where did the fireball come from" Jeremy demanded.

"You..." Jen replied calmly making it sound like the answer was obvious.

"But... But..." Jeremy stammered.

"Jen just tell them, stop messing around" Kati and Jen smiled to each other.

"Fine" Jen started, " I can sort of absorb the abilities of others. I can either keep it and use it once or I can swallow it, sort of. Make it go away so I don't have to use it."

"Is that why she is helpful?" I asked, "because she can survive me while you guys try and figure out what happens."

"Exactly!" Kati said, "shall we get started?"

"But I don't know how to make it happen. I barely want it to happen." I said.

"Anger usually works to pull out my ability" Jeremy said, "maybe we just need to get you mad"

"I need to get her mad so she will attack me, not you guys" Jen began to tell us what to do, "Kati you go over there with your brother, Jeremy you have to throw me fireballs. This time I want to catch them so they don't burn the rest of my clothes off!"

Jeremy turned a bit red on that. He and Kati started to walk away and Jen pulled me the opposite way. When we were a good two hundred feet from Kati and Jeremy she stopped me then started to walk away so we would face each other at a distance.

"Ready?" Jeremy yelled.

"Throw me a good one!" Jen yelled back.

I fire ball came hurling towards Jen but as she said she could do she caught in and absorbed it. Soon she was remaking it in her palms.

"Ready Madi?" She yelled to me.

"What do I do? This will hurt me!" I screamed.

"Just evade!" Jen yelled back.

Soon fireballs were being launch at me and I was jumping all over the place desperate not to get hit. Jeremy was providing Jen with ammo and I looked like a freaking chicken trying not to get barbacued. When it wasn't working, Jen absorbed one last fireball and walked up to me. She held it in her hand and I could feel the heat radiating off of it.

"Jen, pull it back a bit" I said, "it's hot"

Jen did the opposite and put it closer to me.

"Jen stop it hurts!" I screamed.

She continued until she had the blaze right next to my face. It burned like hell and I could feel my skin peeling away. I shoved her away but she came back.

" I said stop!" I yelled.

The darkness came and the pain in my face was forgotten. Jen immediately put out the flame once she knew she had me.

"Come on," Jen teased, "lets see what you got"

I lunged at her, not trying to stop it hoping she would be okay. I missed the first time I went to grab her and it angered me more. Again and again she evaded me, the darkness in my eyes made it a little difficult to see. Every time she got away from me I got angrier and angrier until I stopped. The darkness that was inside me was coming out. Now I was trying to hold it in.

"What are you doing Madi" Jen yelled, "let me have it"

"Get... Them... Farther... Away!" I managed to say.

I fell down to the ground on my hands and knees and started to find it hard to breath. I looked over to Jeremy and Kati who started to run. With a sudden burst a dark cloud began seeping through my skin. I tried to calm myself but it was too late, I was too far gone. Jen stood by me watching me closely. The cloud of smoke that had surrounded us didn't seem to affect her. Soon she knew it was too much and she jumped on me stopping my concentration. I grabbed her arm and the darkness tried to spread through her blood like with the old man but her ability wouldn't allow it. She held on to me as I held onto her. The mist had stopped and disappeared from the air. Finally the darkness gave up and I was back to myself. My face was burnt but Jen got Kati back over to us, Jeremy too. Kati healed me then had to sit down.

"Well, that was interesting" Jen said.

"Did you see anything we could do to help her control the ability?" Jeremy asked Jen.

"Don't get her pissed off, or scared." Jen grinned.

So, my ability was unpredictable and very dangerous. Jen said that when she was standing in the gas that came from me she had to fight to keep herself safe from it. She never had to concentrate so hard to keep from getting hurt by an ability. Jen became a sort of leader to us. We started travelling because none of us would be accepted us at home. We searched for people like us. It wasn't easy because most people thought we were crazy. Luckily the first person we recruited to join our band of gifted was a man who could see others like us. He could tell by the colour they appeared as when he used his ability. It was easy after that. We got a few more people and those who didn't join us we helped the best we could.

Let me tell you, Kati was very useful while helping others. This one man. His name was Marcus. He worked at a public indoor pool. His power was very inconvenient for his job. He couldn't actually go in the water. Thank god he never had to.

"What you got Marcus" Jen taunted.

The others circled around the two watching this play out. A strange light came up from Marcus's feet, up his legs, his torso and lightning came shooting out of his hands. Jen did not expect that and ended up getting her arm burnt. She was on the floor before Kati got to her,

"One second Jen" Kati soothed.

Jen winced at the pain, "occupational hazard"

Jen was fearless even when she did get hurt which happened a few times. Once she had this little girl turn into some weird little vampiric creature like in that movie. That ended with a lot of blood but when Jen was all fixed her and the little girl laughed about it.

Kati was also getting stronger. She didn't get so weak after using her ability and she no longer had to be close to a person to heal them. She can now heal a person with twenty feet between them which helps Jen a lot sometimes. I never got to use my ability. It was too dangerous for those around me, even the ones with abilities. Jeremy on the other hand was crazy badass. He got way better at aiming long distance and he could let out a steady stream of fire for twenty seconds before it burnt out.

We were in a city which doesn't happen often because when you have ten people with abilities that haven't mastered them yet, it can be dangerous for normal people. We found an empty house and decided to sleep there. Three in the morning when I woke up to the sound of rain on the window near where I lay. The room was dark, too dark. Mason, a guy we picked up a few days ago was supposed to be on watch. I sat up and looked around. The others we scattered around the room fast asleep but Mason was nowhere to be found. His ability was not invisibility, in fact quite the opposite. He could burn brighter than the sun and blinded all of us on multiple occasion. Thanks you again Kati for saving us. I got to my feet and silently made my way around the room. Everyone was there but Mason. I went through the house thinking maybe he went down for a snack. He wasn't in the kitchen.

"Mason?" I whispered, hoping not to wake anyone.

I decided to go outside, see if he went exploring the city. There was no sign of an exit. Something was up and I was a little scared but I kept calm knowing what would happen if I got frightened. I returned to the room where we all lay on the floor and two on the bed. I gingerly stepped over the demon girl who we kept for whatever reason, and poked Kati who was one of the ones on the bed. She startled awake but when she noticed it was just me she calmed.

"What?" She whispered tiredly.

"Mason is gone and something doesn't feel right." I quietly whispered.

"We're fine, go back to sleep. It's almost morning anyway"

I couldn't sleep. I felt like something bad was going to happen. I poked the little girl who immediately snapped at my fingers but when she saw it was me she turned normal.

"What is it?" She quietly asked.

"Can I ask you a favour?"

I told the little girl to go scout around the house. She was really creepy looking when she changed but she could do a lot of things while in that form. She opened the window and jumped out falling two stories to the ground. When I went to close the window I saw her just running away like the fall didn't even phase her. I heard foot steps on the roof, scratching on the walls as she searched the entire outside of the house. It seemed like everything was okay. Until she stopped moving around. I listened closely for anything but all I heard was the rain. I went to the window and opened it.

"Nadia!" I hissed.

A sudden scream ripped through the air waking up everyone. I stuck my head right out the window telling them to stay calm.

"Nadia?" I called.

A figure went falling from just above the window right down to the ground.

"Nadia!" I screamed.

Everyone was up and alert. I went flying down the stairs and out the front door to see little Nadia on the ground. She was in her human form, drenched and not moving.

"Kati!" I yelled.

She came out the door moments later. I heard the others gathering their things ready to leave.

"What's wrong with her?" I demanded.

"Blinded" Both Katie and I looked at each other, " Mason"

"Why is she not moving?" I asked.

"Maybe she got paralyzed"

"No one here can paralyze though." I said.

Just then more screams came from up in the house. I took off while Kati healed Nadia. The door to the room we were all in was closed. Why was it closed? I burst in and nearly shrieked. Everyone was on the ground eyes blank and bodies unmoving. Someone grabbed my hand and all went dark.

I opened my eyes to see I was on a bed. Sort of like a hospital bed but small like a cot. I remembered what happened and leapt to my feet. I was in some sort of glass cage. Others were in cells like mine, some were just waking up and others were going crazy. Nadia was climbing all around her cell throwing a demon child tantrum.

"Nadia, calm down!" I called over to her but she didn't hear me.

Kati was a few over still out cold, and I couldn't see Jen. Jeremy was right next to mine and he was awake sitting on his cot. He jumped up when he saw me get up. He came over to the glass that separated us and I did the same. He seemed to be talking but I couldn't hear him. I motioned that I couldn't hear him and he went and slumped down on his cot. Marcus was on the other side of me. Everyone looked so sad and I couldn't help them. I looked up and down for a way out but I didn't even know how they got us in here. Who are these people who abducted us.

I door slammed shut and a man, maybe late forties, short hair and big as in strong. He went up to Marcus's cell and put his hand on it. Before my eyes the man slowly made his way through the glass. Marcus backed away to the far corner of the cell but the man got him and dragged him out with him. His ability must spread to those he touches. Marcus immediately tried zapping the man but with this guys ability the bolts just went through him. They both disappeared out the door. I turned to see Jeremy with five fingers up then he put one down to only have four. It was only Jeremy, Nadia, Kati and me left. Where did they take everyone else and again who are they? I looked at Jeremy as he looked at me, both of us thinking.

Nadia was on the other side of Jeremy and thus I had an idea. I got Jeremy to watch me. I placed my hands on the glass between us and made it look like I was concentrating. He nodded to show he understood. I pointed to Nadia who was still going crazy. I banged on the glass between us and he understood. He went over to the other side of the cell, placed his palms on the glass and let his hands get really hot. The glass weakened enough that when Nadia hit it in her craze the glass shattered. Nadia finally stopped and we told her what to do. They went and got Kati out next because she was still barely awake. Then they came for me. When the broke the glass an alarm went off. Guess I was special. We broke out and headed for the door. There was a hallway.

"Guys!" I voice screamed, but it was very quiet.

I went and looked in another cell that was in a far corner of the room and there was Jen. We broke her out but by the time we got her out there were three men in the room with us.

"Jen, can you try and spread your immunity to the others" I demanded.

"Yea! But what is that going to do they can still grab us!" She screamed.

The men advanced cautiously. My eyes went dark and I saw Jen realize what I was doing and she started to concentrate really hard to keep the others safe. One man grabbed me but dropped to the floor dead within seconds. The other two weren't going to make that mistake. One held a ball of acid, obviously his ability. He yelled out to me to stop or be would throw it at me. With that threat the gaseous toxin seeped through my skin. The men took off for the door but a second alarm was going off and the door was barred shut. "Gas alert, gas alert" the automated woman said over the speaker. The men were dead within seconds of the cloud reaching them.

I willed myself to stop and for the first time it worked. My vision cleared up and I turned to see my friends were all safe. Jen looked a little tired but she was okay. The door was still blocked but nothing a little demon child can't break. She only had to hit it twice and the door was broken. We ran down the hall and came to another door which we broke as well. This one led to a huge room. The walls started to move and I realized that they were blocking us in too late.

A voice came over the intercom "I hope you like our little arena, not even your little munchkin can get passed these walls of steel. Just to let you know, your 'friends' are dead or are being killed right now. Sorry about that, but it has to be done because you are all dangerous. Although I guess what we have created isn't much less dangerous, but it is more controllable than a bunch of you! It's a shame we have to waste your talents but there are more like you elsewhere in the world and well get them later and add to our collection. For lack of something better to do and staff to get you back in your cells I hope you enjoy the gift I give you!" There was a sinister laugh, or at least an attempt, before the mic clicked off.

"What does he mean?" Nadia tugged at my pant leg.

I knelt down, "I don't know Nadia but you need to be strong, okay?"

The little girl nodded. Jen was already tired from protecting everyone from the gas and I didn't know how much healing Kati could do before she ran out of energy too. Whatever we were about to face, I had little hope that this gift would be a puppy. A loud blaring horn went off and the floor in the centre of the arena opened. Nadia went to run for it but I grabbed her. Slowly a small figure appeared up from the floor. The hatch closed once the figure was all the way through. I couldn't quite see what it was, all I knew is it was small but a little bigger than Nadia.

Jeremy took the first crack at getting this thing to move. He made a huge fireball and hurled it at the figure. It got maybe a foot away from the figure and disappeared, sort of like when Jen absorbs something.

"Oh great!" Jeremy complained.

We didn't really have all that much long distance offence and apparently this thing can stop fireballs so we sent in Nadia. She screamed and changed at the same time as she normally did. She looked to me for the go. I'd never seen her so close and still before in this form. Her skin is pale and her features have changed completely. Her eyes a burning red and she bore her teeth like an animal. I nodded and she took off.

"Jeremy, keep that things attention" I ordered, "Kati you can heal from here"

She concentrated a moment, "no I can't reach her"

"Jen bring Kati closer and protect her the most, we can't loose Kati!"

I screamed and started to run in the the centre of the arena. Nadia was already there. As I got closer I saw Nadia was fighting another little girl. This girl wasn't demonic but was strong anyway. A burst of flame sent Nadia flying. At first I thought Jeremy missed but it came from the girl. I glanced over at Kati who was desperately healing Nadia. The girl moved from her spot in the centre for the first time and went after Nadia. Nadia leapt to her feet and they met half way. The girl had many abilities and she was using them all the try and get Nadia off her. Tried lighting, fire, poison and even tried to freeze Nadia but with Jens protection and Kati's healing Nadia was getting things done. Jeremy was throwing fireballs mostly to distract the girl, careful not to hit her because he could get Nadia too. Watching this was amazing but I felt kind of weird just watching. The others were doing so much and I'm just standing there.

Finally a zap his Nadia and she got sent flailing across the arena. The girl changed her attention to me because I was the closest. She stood and watched me for a moment. The way she did so was frightening. She titled her head side to side as if studying me. All of a sudden she came at me with great speed. Jeremy couldn't hit her even when he was trying. The girl tackled me down to the ground. She put her hand on my neck and sent a high voltage blast into my body. I began convulsing uncontrollably and don't even get me started on the pain. Jen was taking some of it away but I could tell she was getting weak.

The girl then got thrown aside by Nadia who was healed and ready to go again but the girl took no time making Nadia suffer intense pain. Jen couldn't help anymore not that way and Kati could only do so much. The girl glared at Nadia which made her collapse to the floor in agony. I still was having muscle spasms so I couldn't do anything but watch. The girl finally got tired of Jeremy's fireballs. She raised her hand and with it Jeremy flew up in the air. With a flick of her wrist Jeremy was thrown roughly against a wall. One sound filled the arena at that moment. SNAP!

"Nooooooo!!!" Kati screamed and ran to her brothers side.

Jeremy's neck snapped and he was dead, there was nothing Kati could do to save her brother. With that she gave up trying to survive. She ran towards the girl knowing she would get killed. With one burst of fire from the girls hand Kati was falling to the ground burning to death. Nadia was out, the pain from whatever the girl did made her pass out. Jen ran up to me and pulled me to my feet. I still had a little bit of a sting in my body here and there but I could walk.

"Mmm" the little girl spoke, "too bad about your friends, say goodbye to this one!"

With a quick movement the girl set Nadia aflame. She burned up faster than Kati did. Maybe she was a vampire. Jen and I stood maybe fifty feet from the girl. She flicked her wrist and I went flying. She knew that she couldn't hurt Jen with an ability without the surprise so she pulled out a sword that had been hidden by the girls dress. I hit the ground hard and had all the air knocked out of me. I could barely move. When I recovered and looked to Jen she was barely getting out of the way of the girls sword. This time I pulled the darkness out of me and somehow sent a shadow towards Jen. It hit her and she knew she has my ability right away. She had to touch the girl and this would all be over but she was exhausted. I jumped up and ran towards them to touch the girl first but I was too late. The sword sliced through Jens stomach and blood gushed. What Jen did next probably saved my life. With the last of her strength and life she thrust herself farther onto the blade bringing her face to face with the girl. Jen grabbed the girls arm, her eyes went dark. The darkness spread across the girl and they both collapsed. I slid to a stop on my knees near Jen.

"Keep saving lives." And Jens last breath was spent.

Tears slid down my cheek as I looked around to see the lifeless bodies of my friends. A huge door opened.

"You earned your freedom girl" the voice over the intercom said.

I sat a moment longer before I realized the girl was still alive. The hand was chocking her but wasn't killing her. I pulled the sword from Jens lifeless body and held it above my head ready to bring it down on the girl. The hand retreated and colour came back to the girls eyes. She took a deep breath. I couldn't bring myself to kill her. I guess this was my end instead of hers. I dropped the sword and waited for the girl to kill me. But she didn't. In fact she got up and hugged me.

"You saved me!" She cried.

Turns out the little girls ability was to listen to whatever someone says and do it. Then when she was captured by the man on the intercom he used science to add more abilities onto hers, hence why they needed the others. My ability killed normal people but took the abilities away from people like me. I guess that means the men from earlier are fine, they may loose their job though. The little girl Amanda was fine, her ability was gone along with the ones that had been added and her parents were really happy to see her home safe.

I still couldn't go home because I was still wanted in that state but I moved around. Word spread like wild fire and soon many people like me were recruited to go after the intercom man. We stayed apart this time, knowing that having so many together wasn't safe but we all stayed in contact. They all waited for the word from me to go after intercom man and I had never felt so much power in my life.


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