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Elise is all alone.

Submitted: June 22, 2013

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Submitted: June 22, 2013



November 5th, 1945.

London, England.



Elise dragged her feet through the streets of London. Her white leather shoes glowed in the dark eclipse, as well as her white sundress. She was wearing a lovely light grey hat, the thin fishnest covering her eyes. It was 4 years after the war, and everyone was still recovering. And for some strange reason, London was filling with murders.


She was just coming back from a visit to her grandmother's grave. She always goes out late, even though her mother did not approve. The 18 year old never obeyed. She continued her way back home, the alleys passing her with dripping oil and crows. 


It all seemed strange. No one was out. Usually, there would be a few stragglers out at this  time of night. Maybe it was better this way. So she would never have to pass a man, and get a comment like; "Better get home young lady".


Her hand gripped the lonely rose that she always brought back home, a bright red flower. She exhaled deeply, passing another alleyway. This time, she could've sworn she saw a man facing her. Stopping in her path, she took a few steps back to double check. Nothing.


She was just hallucinating, of course. She continued her way, head down as she made each step. A loud bark came from her side. She jumped, frantically looking around for the dog. She spotted the large canine in another alleyway, tied to a post. A man was sat beside the dog. But, the dog wasn;t barking at her. The dog was barking at the wall.


Elise bit her lip and began to walk faster. First, a creepy dream of a man in a alleyway. Second, a dog who wouldn't stop barking at the wall. Her house was still a ten minute walk.


She continued, and less than 3 minutes later, a man was behind her. She looked behind her, hoping it was a casual look back, until the guy looked straight at her. His head snapped up and he stared. 


She gave a small gasp and began to run. Her legs took her as fast as she could go, but something snatched her dress. She turned around and fell. The man had a fistful of her dress, and the fabric was ripped.


A scream left her mouth as the man grabbed her legs. She tried scrambling away, and the man managed to get on top of her and cover her mouth, muffling her screams.


She grunted and wiggled around, the man ripping off her hat. She gasped and thrashed around. The man pushed all his weight on her, and air rushed out of her mouth, heating his hand.


He pulled out a blade, and pushed it against her throat, the skin evaloping around the thin metal. She cried, shuting her eyes tightly.


Then the man rose the blade above her chest, right above her heart. He slashed the knife down, contacting her heart and stabbing her. Four times. The man watched as her screams softened, and eyes became distant, and white dress became red with blood.




She dropped the rose.

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