Forever is a very long time

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

367 years ago Jamie og Luke fell in love with the same woman, at first we dont know what she is, but as we get into the story we find out.
Now. Quin is dating Jamie,and so fare there has been no problems, but now he starts to pull away from her. Quin is determint to find out why, but the situation escolates when Luke shows up.

Forever is a very long time.
By Claire Byron.
This is wrong. It shouldn’t have ended like this. I made a mistake. I should have chosen you, Jamie. I fear for my life. He scares me. He has not been himself recently. The force has taken over he has lost all his compassion for people. Jamie, you'll have to come back. I need you.


367 years later. USA. Duke University.
Quin really tried to concentrate on the test. She really did. But who started the French Revolution did not seem particularly important when we had real problems in the present. There was something wrong with Jamie. She just knew it. When they were together yesterday, he just sat on a chair, staring blank into the air with that pained facial expression he always put on when he was down. Which was fairly often ... but she always used to be able to get him in better mood by saying something funny, or making a scary face. But yesterday none of it had worked. He just sat there on her bed, and looked like the thinker. He sat so still that she actually thought about painting him, but when her artistic ability was not something to brag about so she didn’t.
She had to find him after the test and confront him. Ask him what was wrong and force him to respond. If she had to use the "no sex card” then she would be able to get the truth out of him. She leaned back in her chair and breath in relieve.
"1 minute before the test is over," said the teacher who sat down at the bottom of the room in a big ugly, but certainly comfortable, chair behind a desk. Fuck! Oh no! Quin rushed forward in her chair. What?! How could she not have answered some questions at all?! She hadn’t spent that mush time to sit and think of Jamie. She looked in accusingly all sides, as if another were to blame, that she had not written anything. "30 seconds," she hurried to cross out all the question boxes and wrote her name. “Times up. Pleas lay your test on the table and exit the room quietly,” Quin stood up and stepped down and handed the test over. She walked with staggered steps out of the room.

Quin went down the hall on campus and was on her way over to her sorority house when she saw Jamie walking down at the end of the hall. She races after him. "Jamie," she cried. He stopped and waited for her. "Hello." She said and kissed him. The kiss didn’t last as long as Quin would have hoped but at least he kissed her again, in the two seconds it lasted.
"Hi. I don’t have time right now. See you tomorrow night. "He said, and sounded as if he recorded a message on an answering machine. He loosened her grip on his body, and moved on.
"What the hell?" She said aloud staring after him with her mouth open.
"What happened to lover boy?" Angela asked walking up besides her.
"I have no idea Angie," Quin said.
"Hmm. Well how was your test?" She asked.
"Oh, let's not talk about it ..." said Quin evasive. "Let's just go to ZBZ,"
"Okay. I need to change clothes anyway I have had this jersey on at least three hours," said Angela and created a distorted expression. Quin smiled. Angela could always get Quin to laugh.

They went together to ZBZ house where they lived, along with a bunch of other girls. They walked up the long stone-paved path, with grass on each side, and up to the house. There were a lot of girls out front sunning themselves. When they came into the house, there were a lot of girls down on their knees scrubbing the floor. Angela stopped. "Oh, can you remember when we were freshmen’s?" She asked dreamily and looked down at the working girls.
"Yes, unfortunately," Quin said, looking skeptically at Angela. "And why do you sound so happy about it?" Angela shrugged her shoulders.
"I don’t know. Come let us go up and find out what kind of clothes I should wear tonight. "
"Where are you going?" Quin asked while they walked up the stairs.
"On a date," said Angela happily.
"Again?" Quin asked.
"Yes, it's not all of us there settle down with the first and the best. Some of us would likes to ... keep our options open,"
"Yeah, whatever,"

Angela tried every outfit in her too tightly packed closet and she decided on a red dress that suited her black hair and slim figure. Being an hour to choose clothing that was of course not so long, Quin thought ironically. Quin sat on her bed and Angela sat on hers opposite Quin. "What's wrong grumpy?" Asked Angela and pulled her legs up under her.
"I don’t know. It’s something about Jamie, there’s something wrong... He seems so wired."
"Frankly, I think just the boy is strange," said Angela. Quin threw a pillow at her head. "HEY!" Said Angela and grinned. "I'm just saying that there has always been one thing or another about him that does not make sense."
"Maybe..." Quin said thinking.
 "So I assume that he is not coming over tonight?" Quin shook her head. "I'm sorry. But I'll have to go now. Are you gonna be ok? "
"Yes, yes of course." Quin said, and took a pillow in her arms and hugged it. "I can always make the freshmen´s do a movie tonight."
"Yes, of course you can."
"You just go, I´ll be fine. I actually think I'll go for a walk. I can follow you to your date."
"Si, si," They both stood up and walked down the stairs. When they reached the hall, they met the house president.
"Hey girls, wait just two seconds." She said and then went up the stairs. She stoped in the middle of it, calling out. "Zeta Phi Beta, get over here, I have something to announce." A lot of girl joined them and looked up at the president. "I have some good news. Omega Phi Kappa has invited us to a mixer," all the girls started to cheer. "Silence!" They all became quiet again. "The mixer will be held on Friday at their house. You must all attend, and formalwear is required. Dinner starts at 18 and after that the party starts. Thanks, that's all," the girls immediately began to talk all at once and parted in all direction. The president came to Angela and Quin. She sighed as she came up to them. "It's not easy to be president. I'm so tired of all the mixers. They are killing me," She said.
"I like them," said Angela. Quin gave her an elbow in the side.
"Aha," said the president and moved on away from them.
"Why must you always say something like that?" Quin asked Angela.
"But I do like them," Quin shook her head and pulled Angela towards the door.
"Come, I'll follow you to your date." She said.

They reached the cafe where Angela was going to meet her date. He was there already. "There he is," said Angela, smiling, she kissed Quin on the cheek and ran over to him. Quin saw them embrace each other and went away across the street.

She had almost reached the other end of campus when it started to the rain started falling down violently.
"Great," she sighed. It was of course now that she only had a little top and low cut jeans on. She hurried to turn around and started walking back to ZBZ. She had not gone 5 feet before she was already soaked and her hair hung down in her face. She put her hands into her pockets angry. She was the only one on the road all others had sought shelter and she was the only one stupid enough to be out. She kicked demonstrative a stone and it rolled onto the road. She went on with stamping steps. She saw a familiar car materializes at the end of the road. "Oh thank god!" She said and stood up to the sidewalk edge. "Jamie," she shouted, waving her hands. He came closer to her. When she was sure that he would stop, she went right up to the roadside. He came closer and she smiled. At that moment he raced passed her splashed mud and water, right in her face. "Ew," she said and spat. She dried the water out of her eyes and stared gloweringly after him. Why the hell had he not stopped. He could possibly have not seen her.
She walked on depressed further.
She walked down the road in her own thoughts when a man came running out to her from a house.
"Hello," He said.
She stopped and looked at him. He had an umbrella in his hand and motioned for her to get in under it. He could not be much older than 20. She went under the umbrella.
"Hi," She said looking up at him. He had dreamy hazel brown eyes. Quinn heart stopped for a few seconds and then restarted with a hundred miles per hour. She looked down at the ground and threw curses after herself.
"Will you come in?" He asked.
"Uh, no, I do not know ..."
"Come on, nobody should be out in this weather." Quin looked up at him. Normally she would not have done it, but she was so cold, and her boyfriend had just sprayed her with mud! Besides what was the worst that could happen? She thought, but she could see the irony in it.
"Okay," she said, and walked with him into his house.
She took off her wet shoes in the hallway, and he sat down the umbrella in the umbrella holder. He walked into the room. Quin followed him and left drip stains on the floor. "Would you like some warm clothes?" He asked.
"Um, yes," she said looking around in the small warm room. There was fire in the fireplace and a stereo playing soft music. She walked over to the piano and let a hand slide over it.
"Do you play?" He asked. He came up to her and gave her a sweater and a towel.
"No," she said and took the sweater. She did not really know what she should do. It would not seem comfortable to take on a sweater without taking of the wet top but she wouldn’t get naked in front of him. She pulled the sweater over her head and enjoyed the warmth it provided.
"Would you like to sit down?" He asked and motioned to the couch. Quin walked over and sat down and noticed how she made the couch wet underneath her. "Would you like to have some hot cocoa?" He asked.
"Yes, please," he went into the kitchen and came back after 2 minutes with two cups. He gave one to Quin. "Thanks," she said, pulling her legs up under her. He sat down beside her. Quin thought for a moment while she drank from the cup. "Wait, I do not even know your name, and here I am sitting in your house drinking your cocoa, it´s rude,” he smiled.
"Luke. My name is Luke,"
"My name is Quin," she said.
"Quin ... nice name," said Luke and looked at her.
"Thanks," she said as she looked down into the cup. They talked on for half an hour, then Quin looked out the window. "The rain has stopped," she said and stood up. "I'd better get home," Luke stood up also up.
"Yes of course." They went out in the hallway, stopped and looked at each other. Quin leaned back up against the door. Luke took a step closer to her and stroked one of her tufts of hair behind her ear. Quin pressed, by mistake, the handle down and rolled out the door. It was as if she awoke from a trance, she quickly turned away from him and raced out of the garden.

She hurried back to the ZBZ house.
The first thing she did when she came home was to take a long hot bath. After that she threw her clothes in the laundry basket and went into her room. She took some night clothes on and went to bed. She looked over at the clock. It was only eight pm. She turned on the other side and pulled the covers over her head.

She stood in the middle of a meadow in over a white dress. Her hair was curled and the wind blew in it. A man wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck. She turned her upper body slightly so she looked into the familiar brown eyes. She smiled putting a hand on his cheek and kissed him. He laid her down on the grass and let his hand slide up her thighs and up under her dress. His kissed her on the neck and Quin bit her lip. "Oh, Luke," she moaned.

She awoke with a jump and fell out of bed. She sat up completely wrapped up in blankets. She feverishly wrung the blanket off and threw it up on the bed. She stood up and looked over at Angela's bed. It was still empty she had not come home from her date yet. Quin looked at the clock, it was just past midnight. She rubbed her temples and closed her eyes. She walked with heavy steps into the bathroom and splashed some water in her head. She went downstairs and out in the kitchen when the missed dinner began to rumble in her stomach. She did not feel like eating real food so she took a Ben and Jerry's out of the freezer and began to eat from the cup. She ate a few spoonfuls and began to just sit and mess around in it. She closed her eyes slowly and collapsed on the table.
"Hey, Quin," said Angela and shook Quin a little. Quin slowly opened her eyes and looked up at Angela, who sat down in front of her. Angela took Quins spoon and put it in ice. "Ew, it is completely melted. What has the ice ever done to you?" She asked. Quin shrugged her shoulders. "What's wrong, you look very sad?" Asked Angela and took yet a spoonful of ice. She grimaced. "Disgusting," she said.
"I had a nightmare," Quin said.
"Really? What was it about? "Asked Angela and took another spoonful of melted ice.
"Nothing," replied Quin and looked down at the table. Angela looked at her with mistrust in her eyes.
"You had a nightmare that was about nothing?" She asked.
"No, it was about something. I cannot remember," Quin tried to save it. Angela raised one eyebrow.
"Don’t you wanna tell me?" She asked. Quin sighed. She might as well tell the truth. She couldn’t take an Angela cross-examination right now.
"It was a sex-nightmare," said Quin and looked shamefacedly at her hands.
"Aha, for sex-nightmare's is very normal. I mean that dreams about sex. Puh! It's a tough game. Especially when you have a boyfriend ... "said Angela.
"I did not dream about Jamie ..." muttered Quin.
"What? Who did you dream about? "Angela asked.
"One I've just met ... he offered me shelter when it rained."
"Aha," said Angela and stood up. "It's probably very normal. It's probably just a sign that you miss Jamie," Angela went over to Quin and pulled her up."Come let us go to bed."

Next day Quin was meeting with Jamie at a cafe. She was sitting at the table they usually sat and waited for him. He had not come within the first ten minutes, so she ordered a drink for herself. She drank half her glass as she anxiously looked at her phone. Half an hour late, she thought to herself. She sat and stared into her glass when someone sat one down in front of her. "Well it’s about time," she said looking up but it was not Jamie. "Luke," she said.
"Were you expecting someone else?" He asked.
"Yes, my friend ...." she said. Why had she lied? Why hadn’t she said boyfriend?
"Is he late?" He asked.
"Yes. He has tended to do be so in recent times," said Quin. Luke looked into her eyes.
"Quin?" Quin looked up. Jamie stood and looked down on them. Quin stood up quickly.
"Jamie," she said and hugged him but he didn’t return the hugged. Just stood there and stared down at Luke who was looking up at them smiling. Quin pulled away from Jamie and looked at him. "Jamie?" She asked. She did not like the way he looked at Luke. "Are you okay?" She asked.
"Yes," He said dryly. "Let's go," He took her coat and bag in one arm and pulled her along with the other.
"But I have not got anything to eat," Quin protested.
"Let's just order something,"

They said nothing to each other on the way to Quins. When they reached the house Quin stopped and looked at Jamie. "Why were you so rude?" She asked.
"I do not know what you mean," Jamie said.
"You did not even say hi to my friend. You just stared at him. What is wrong with you?" She asked. He did not answer her. "And yesterday you just drove right past me and sprayed me with water. Didn´t you see me?"
"I wasn’t out driving yesterday," he said.
"Why do you lie?"
"Let's just go in, Quin," he was about to go through the door, but Quin stood in his way.
"I think you should go now ..." she said and looked into his eyes.
"Okay," He would bended down to kiss her but she turned her cheek. He withdrew wounded and turned to walk down the path. Quin got a bad feeling in her stomach when she saw him, but there was nothing to do. He couldn’t just behave that way without consequences.

Jamie came into her apartment just outside the campus. He threw his jacket in the hallway and walked into the living room. He just managed to get both feet in there before he was hurled into a wall. He fell hard onto the floor head first. It took him some time to gather himself. He half rose up on his knees and looked over at the other end of the room. Luke stood leaning against the wall and looked down at his hands. "You've really gotten rusty with age," he said and walked over towards Jamie. Jamie was getting up, but Luke forced him down on hands and feet again by moving his hand. "Hey now not so fast, sit down and relax,” he freed Jamie from his hold on him so Jamie could support himself against the wall. Luke reached out for a chair that stood at the other end of the room and got it to fly over to him. He down on it and looked down at Jamie. "How long ago is it that you have used your powers last?" He asked.
"I do not use my powers. Some of us know what the best is," Luke grinned.
"And how can it be the best?" He asked.
"You cannot use your powers for personal purposes," Jamie said.
"Why not? Who could ever stop me?" He asked arrogantly. Jamie looked malevolent at him. "Do not look at me that way," he said. "Do not pretend you're innocent. You know what happened 367 years ago and it was as much your fault as mine,"
"Just keep saying that to yourself. But we both know what the truth is," said Jamie. Luke looked at Jamie and smiled. A sudden tightening began in Jamie's neck. He grabbed frantically at it. He looked up at Luke whose eyes were now black. Jamie could no longer breathe. It began to dizzy his eyes and his head became heavier. His hands fell limply down his sides. "Luke ..." he whispered. "You´re ... killing me ..." He forced the words out. Luke stopped and blinked a few times. Jamie pulled a fast breath and coughed.
"God, you're right. What was I thinking? I really do apologize,” he said sincerely. Jamie looked up at him with a faint hope that his old friend was still somewhere in there. Then Luke began to laugh. "HA! You should have seen yourself. Did you really believe me? Oh you never learn do you. But more importantly, you must refrain from saying such annoying things to me. I would not want to kill you before you see your worst nightmare. I'm going to steal something from Quin. You know what she is right?" Jamie looked scared at him. Luke smiled. "Obviously, you know. Stupid me! You know, I think I'll visit her now," he stood up. "Don’t try to get in my way again," he said and walked into the hall and out the door.

Quin woke up and looked down on all the angry people who looked up at her. She was tied to a wooden pole both hands tied up over her head. There were a lot of branches stacked beneath her. She began pulling on ropes. "What are you doing? I am innocent! Please, let me down! "A man walked over to the bonfire with a torch in his hand."No, no!" cried Quin while he lit the branches on fire. The flames began to slowly climb. They reached her feet and she began to scream. There was fire in her dress and she staggered back and forth. She looked down into the audience and saw Jamie look up at her. She screamed his name but he did nothing. He would not help her. She began to cry. The flames reached up to her stomach and an indescribable pain went through her. She was dying. Her skin was burning. She closed her eyes and the flames consumed her.

Quin sat up in bed and began to scream. Angela woke up and hurried over to her. She put her arms around Quin who began crying and shaking. "It was just a dream," Angela tried to comfort her.
"No ... no. I burned. They’d killed me," she sobbed and trembled violently. "Jamie, he didn’t fo anything. Jamie ..." she said and laid her head on Angela's shoulder.
"Essay now it’s ok," she said. "It's over now."

"Are you sure you don’t want to come?"Angela asked before she left for class.
"Yes, I´ll be fine. I'm just not felling very well right now. "
"Ok," said Angela stroked her cheek and went to class.
Quin walked restlessly around the house while she thought about her nightmare. She suddenly had a severe nausea and went out and vomited in the toilet. She sat down on the floor and touched her stomach and head. She felt as if her body weren’t her own. She was just about to get up and go to her bed when the doorbell rang. She went tumbling down the stairs and opened the door.
She had almost gone backwards and tipped over when she saw who it was. "Luke," she said confused. "What are you doing here?"
"Well you took off with my sweater so I just came to get it back,”
"Oh," Quin said, and went placed a hand on her head. Luke looked at her worried.
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah ..." said Quin and staggered backwards.
"I'm just ..." She did not finish the sentence before it all went black and rang in her ears. Luke just managed to catch her before she hit the floor.

Jamie went purposive
up the path that led up to ZBZ house. He had to talk to Quin. Even if she didn’t want to talk to him he had to think about her safety. She could not be alone. Not right in the middle of the transition and certainly not when Luke was in town. Jamie clenched his fists at the thought of him.
He´d reached the middle of the path when he saw that the door to the house stood open. He started running and rushed into the house. "Quin!" He shouted. "Quin where are you?" He said as he quickly looked around. He ran up the stairs and into her room. He stopped abruptly. Luke sat on the bed bent down over Quin. He calmly looked over at Jamie as if it did not surprise him that he would show up. "What have you done with her?" Asked Jamie and stepped further into the room. "I swear, if you´ve so much as touched her, so help me god I will ..." Luke stopped his bickering by conjuring up a fireball and let it hover over Quin.
"Do not threaten me," he said anger in his voice. Jamie stopped petrified and looked at Quin whose head was only inches away from a fireball. Luke grinned and fireball vanished in a puff of smoke. "Relax, I would never hurt her," he said and kissed her forehead. "At least not yet," he stood up. "I still haven’t gotten what I want from her."
"Arrogant bastard!" Said Jamie and threw an arm out toward Luke. It had no great effect, Luke was only forced two inches back. Luke looked unimpressed with him. He sighed.
"Now why did you have to go and do that? Now I´ll have to kill you in front of your girlfriend." Luke suddenly had a knife in his hand. He threw it through the room so it burrowed through Jamie's jersey and pinched him to the wall. Luke was just about to make his next move when Quin woke up.

Quin had awoken just in time to see Luke throwing a knife through the room.
"What the heck is going on?" She asked and stood up. Luke shrugged.
"I'll have to go now," he said and walked out of the room. Quin looked at Jamie, who pulled the knife out of his shirt.
"Jamie?" She said. He looked at her.
"Not now, Quin,"
"What do you mean not now? You just got to nailed my wall! "Jamie sighed.
"Quin," he said and walked over to her. "You can never, never see Luke again."
"What?! You do not decide who I can see and can´t see!" Jamie did a weirdly angry but pained facial expressions.
"Quin, he just tried to kill me," he said through his teeth.
"Yes, but he must surely have a reason," Quin said. Jamie looked like he was about to explode.
"No Quin, he does not need any reason, he is a psychopath. He does not need a reason,"
"That, you know nothing about! You don’t even know him!" There started to get a small crack in the wall. Jamie let out a little irritated sneer and clenched his fists.
"I know him much better than you do. Goddamn it Quin, why do you need to be so Brain death?" The crack widened.
"Brain death?! How dare you?! Why are you here at all? We are on a break. This means that you do not come near me. At all!" The whole wall split but none of them took notice of it.
"Quin, sorry ..." he said and put his hand on her arm.
She shook it violently off her and pulled away from him.
"No, just go." She said pointing at the door. Jamie looked pleadingly at her. "NOW!" Cried Quin and her mirror smashed. Jamie backed slowly out the door.
"Quin you do not understand ..." he began, but backed out of the door and out of sight. Quin sat down heavily on the bed.

Quin sat and stared intensely at her reflection while Angela curled her hair. "Quin..." said Angela but Quin didn’t hear her. Angela padded her in the head with the curling iron. "Quin!"
"Auw!" said Quin and touch her head. "What was that for?"
"You ignored me,"
"And then you go psycho on me?"
"Yes, I dislike it when people ignore me ..." said Angela murderously.
"What did you ask?" Quin asked. Angela began to curl her hair again.
"I would hear if you wanted your bangs down or up." She said. Quin stared disbelievingly at her.
"And that you have to hit me on my head to find out?"
"Perfection is everything. Well down or up? "
"Ok then,"

Quin sighed as they walked along the sidewalk.
She stopped and looked up at the Omega Phi Kappa house. "What now?" Asked Angela and stopped. She looked regretfully on Quin.
"Do I have to come with?" Quin asked picking nervously at her bracelet. Angela pulled Quin away from the people and looked worried at her.
"Honestly Quin, what´s wrong? You used to love mixers." Quin looked down at the ground.
"Me and Jamie have broken up ..." she said.
"What?" Angela asked. "Why didn’t you say something?"
"I guess that I've been too busy starring out of my window…" she said.
"Oh, sweetheart," said Angela and spreading her arms. "Come here," she said and hugged Quin.
"Is it because of the dream guy?"
"Something like that…" said Quin.
"It will be alright. You will find a new guy soon. And one does not have as many problems." She said, and tapped on her forehead."Can we go now, these shoes are killing me," Quin smiled.
"Yes," She said and they went to the house.
"Which one of you broke up?" Angela asked while a freshman took her jacket.
"I did," Quin said while another took her jacket. They walked together into the dining hall.
"You just find your seat I forgot something in my bag."
"Ok," said Angela. Quin went into the hall. Most was already in the dining room so she did not have to go through that many people in the hall. She found her jacket and took her mobile from its pocket and saw that nobody had called nor was there any text message. She sighed. Why´d she looked at all? Of course Jamie would not ring. She had made it very clear that she would not have anything to do with him. But why´d she felt so disappointed. She certainly didn’t want him to call. It was over. She´d broke up with him. But wouldn’t it be normal if he tried at least a little to get her back? It was only normal if he really loved her.
"Quin?" Quin got a shock and she nearly dropped the phone. She spun quickly around and bumped right into Luke. Her mouth fell 13 floors down and she stared gaping at him in a while then she pulled herself together.
"Luke, what are you doing here?"
"I was invited. They have tried to recruit me for a while now so I figured I'd better come and see the place. "
"Oh, yeah, of course," Quin said and put her mobile back in her jacket pocket. Quin felt that it was a little uncomfortable to be alone with him in the hallway. "I think dinner has started,” Quin said, pointing to the dining hall. "Want to go in and find our seats?" She asked.
"Yes, lets," he said.
They found their seats. "Well, look, we sit beside each other,” he said cheerfully, pulling out the chair for Quin, but something told her that he already knew. She quickly shook the thought from her and smiled.
They had reached the first course, which consisted of lobsters and shrimp cocktail when Quin began to feel ill. It began to dizzy for her and she began to sit and stare at lobsters. They were however completely disgusting as they laid there completely lifeless and ugly. Even though watching them made Quin feel I´ll she couldn’t stop staring. She could swear that she saw one of them move. She leaned her head at an angle so she could study them. Now they all began to move and come alive. Quin could hear people scream and get up to the table but she sat spellbound gazing on lobsters there was crawling around on the table in a large swarm. Panic spread in the room all shouting in the mouth of another. Quin was torn away from the table and pulled out of the house. First when the cold air hit her she came out of the trance. She collapsed on her knees and looked up at Luke. "Did I do that?" She asked. Luke nodded. Quin straightened up. "Oh god," she put her hand to her forehead.
"You are stronger than I thought," said Luke.
Quin looked briefly at him then she started to run and didn’t stop running until she reached the library building. She figured that there would be locked but tried the handle anyway. To her surprise the door opened as easily like nothing. She continued to race into the library until she reached the grand reading room. She lay down on the floor and stared at the ceiling. It was completely quiet in the big open room so Quin closed her eyes. It was not long before she heard something at the other end. She sat up. "Luke?" She asked and looked around. "Jamie?" She stood up and started walking. There was a shiver down her spine. She quickly took off her high heels and laid them gently down on the floor. She continued forward in between the bookcases. She looked carefully behind every corner. "Whoever you are then you just know that I can defend myself." Not true but it couldn’t hurt. After she had looked behind every bookcase, she went back to the open room. She stopped abruptly. Down at the other end stood a person dressed in a black suit which covered its face. The person slowly pulled a samurai sword forward and straightened it against Quin. "What ..?" Quin did not get a chance to think twice before the ninja sprinted forward toward her with superhuman speed. She just managed to duck before the sword beheaded her instead it got stuck in a bookcase. Quin took the chance to run, but the person quickly got the sword free and ran after her. Quin had to throw herself down on a table, in order to avoid being hit. And then she rolled to the side when the black-clad threw the sword down at the table. Quin rolled off the table and started running again. She reached down to an umbrella holder and pulled an umbrella out of it. The person stopped, his or hers head tilted to one side and studied her. "Who are you? What do you want?" Quin cried to the person. The person walked slowly towards her and began to circulate around her. Quin twisted so she always had eyes on the person.
"My name is Lin," a female voice said. "And it's my destiny to kill you,"
"Why?" Asked Quin, but Lin threw her sword at her. Quin took off with the umbrella it broke in half. Lin kicked out quickly after Quin. Quin then fell backwards and onto the floor. Lin raised her sword and was about to hack it down in Quin, when she suddenly stopped. She froze slowly into ice and was then crushed into pieces. Quin saw Jamie stuck with a hand stretched out before him. Quin was pressed the umbrella releaser so it opened on a screwy way. Jamie looked down at her with sadness in his eyes. He reached down to her. She looked doubtfully at it but took it anyway allowing herself to be pulled up.
"Are you okay?" He asked.
"No I'm fare from okay," said Quin upset and threw the umbrella. "What the hell is going on?"
"Are you sure you want to know?" Jamie asked.
"I've just been attacked by a fucking ninja! You just froze for a person to the ice just by touching her. And I just got a lot of lobster to come to life. Lobsters! Jamie! Lobsters," There was starting to get tears in her eyes.
"That hit man, Lin was sent to kill you because there are those who believe that you are too dangerous to live," he said.
"What do you mean?"
"You are the world's most powerful witch, and I'm here to protect you,"
"I'm a what?" Quin asked.
"It's a little long story. Can we go to my place so I can explain this to you?" Quin nodded. Jamie put his jacket around her and together they went home to his apartment.

Quin had sat at the other end of the couch, so far away from Jamie as she could. "Well, are you going to speak now?" She asked after a few minutes of silence.
"Yes. Nearly 400 years ago, I and Luke lived in Paris. We were best friends and had been for a lifetime. It seemed that nothing could come between us. But then one day a woman came to town, a stunningly beautiful and enchanting woman. Her name was Annabella Wilkins. Both I and Luke fell in love with her and she fell in love with both of us. One day she took us both out into the woods, and performed a ritual. She got us to drink some of her blood. None of us knew what we were doing, and we didn’t care … we were just so in love with her. It turned out that she was a witch and that she had given us both a part of her powers. Luke was immediately fascinated by his new powers, and took every opportunity he had to use them. I on the other hand had a hard time getting used to it. Unfortunately for me, Luke has always been better to charm than me. He filled Annabella´s head with a lot of promises of adventure and riches, so she chose him over me. They married and moved further into town."
"So you told her about the police," it wasn’t a question but a statement. Jamie looked puzzled at her.
"What do you mean?" He asked.
"I had this dream where I was burned at the stake. And you, you just stood there and watched." Quin said. Jamie moved closer to her.
"No, no, I would never do that. I would never just watch."
"But you did," Quin said.
"No. Let me finish the story. A few years went by and then I received a letter from Annabella. She was afraid of Luke, and had indented to return to me. We had planned to run away together, some days later. But Luke had got wind of it. He killed a girl and made it look like I had done it. I was thrown in jail. Luke immediately went to the city council and told them about Annabella´s powers. You know how it was back then, all you had to do was to cry witch and the person pointed at would be burned at the stake. And she was so ..." He paused. "I was in jail unable to help her. I wasn’t strong enough for her. To get free," Quin moved closer to him and took his hands. His eyes had begun to wet and his voice was only a whisper.
"Jamie, it was not your fault,"
"Yes it was. Luke changed shape so he looked like me. The last thing Annabella saw was my face that smiled at her as if I wished she would die. She died with the thought that I didn’t love her." Quin put her hands on his cheeks and made him look at her.
"Jamie, I know she knew you loved her," Jamie nodded and pulled himself together.
"When I was freed, I discovered that Annabella had born a child before she came to Paris. I swore to myself that I would always take care of the child and all its children and grandchildren. So that when one of them got their powers Luke would never get them. So he could never steal the power from them."
"And that person is me?" Quin asked.
"Yes, I'm sorry,"
"This is all so strange ..." said Quin. "What should we do now?" Jamie stood up.
"I'm not sure, but you will have to stay away from Luke."
"Yes I will," Quin said and stood up. She stood up and began to play with Jamie's pants button.
"I should drive you home,"
"Yes, you should," Quin said and kissed Jamie.
"Angela is probably very worried," Jamie said in-between the kisses and took his hand up under Quinn dress.
"Very," Said Quin and unbuttoned Jamie's pants. Jamie pulled Quin dress up over her head and threw it onto the couch. They both took his t-shirt of and kissed each other again. Jamie lifted Quin and carried her over to his bed. Jamie lied down on top of Quin, who frantically pulled at her panties.
"Wait Quin. We really should talk about what happened today," Quin stopped and looked up at him.
"Jamie, shut up and make love to me."

Quin awoke the next morning and looked at Jamie. "Hello," She said and snuggled closer to him.
"Hello," He said and kissed her forehead.
"Oh, how nice," Luke said. He sat on end of the bed. “You two make my heart melt," He said and touched his chest. Quin quickly pulled the covers further up and Jamie sat up abruptly.
"What are you doing Luke?" Jamie asked.
"I just wanted to see how Quin had it. She disappeared so suddenly yesterday," Jamie looked at Quin.
"It's probably best you go now," He said. Quin nodded.
"No," said Luke. "Quin needn’t go anywhere if she does not like," he said and forced Quin back down in bed with his powers.
"Just go Luke Quin would never fall for you like Annabella did,"
"What? Oh. I do not have to get her to fall for me. I could always just use my powers on her. I could even get her to have sex with me, right here, in front of you if I wanted," He looked over at Quin, who hugged Jamie. "Don’t look so worried Quin. I'm much better than Jamie in bed." He said and grinned. "And besides, I'm not so evil that I would actually do it. I do actually have a heart, even though Jamie try to make it seem like I haven’t." He stood up. "But you must excuse me. I have more important things to do. See you later."He said to Quin and kissed her hand.

Jamie sat Quin of at the ZBZs a little later. She only barely got in the door when she was attacked by Angela. "QUIN! OMG! Where have you been?! Screw that! Do you realize how worried I have been?" She said as she hugged Quin and nearly squeezed the life out of her. Quin didn’t really know how to answer. Angela let go of her. "Can you believe it? The lobsters came to life! They were fucking alive! All the people went crazy! They ran and screamed. I tried to find you but you were already gone. I was fucking upset! I thought you were dead that you had been abducted or something. And you didn’t answer my calls or text messages ..." She continued to ramble on and finally Quin had to interrupt her.
"Angela! Relax," she said. Angela took a deep breath.
"Yes ... Where have you been?" She asked.
 "I was just so shocked that I ran away. And I didn’t really know where I should go, so I went back to Jamie and stayed with him all night. "
"So you’re together again?" Angela asked.
"Yes," said Quin. Angela had finally let Quin enter the house. They went in and sat down in the living room.
"It was just too weird yesterday. Do you think it was something boys did on purpose? Just letting the lobsters be alive when they were served so that they could scare us?" Quin nodded.
"Yeah, what else could it be?" She said
"You're right," said Angela. "I overreacted. The other haven’t commented on it. It's just as if it never happened. It's only me. I probably would have gone out and look for you if it wasn’t for Luke," Quin heart froze to ice.
"Yes, he was with at dinner, you sat right next to him. He was with me all night and got me to calm down. He is a real gentleman. I was so ready to jump into the sag with him but the only thing we did was sit up all night talking. It was just so romantic." She said dreamingly. Quin stood up.
"I'll have to get some air," She said leaving Angela.

She ran across the park and began to run around the lake. She had turned the music up to full volume and ran in her own thoughts. There was no other than Angela who could remember the previous evening. Luke had spent the night with Angela who was now in love with him. She had to warn Angela on one way or another. But what would she say? That he was a psychotic murderer who wanted to drink her blood so it could give him more power? She had just barely finished the thought when she was pulled away from the path and before she knew what was happening she was pushed up against a tree. She glanced around quickly trying to figure out what had happened. They were meters away from the path no one would neither be able to hear them nor see them. She looked at Luke. "What do you want Luke?" She asked, she had tried to sound angry but she could hear how her voice shook. She clenched her fists to keep them from shaking.
"What´s wrong? You’re shaking. You're not afraid of me are you?" He asked and grabbed a lock of her hair. Quin did not answer, just stared at him. He bent down and kissed her without getting anything in response. He pulled away again. "That was disappointing," he said. "Let's try it again," he said and kissed her again. This time Quin could not help but kiss him back. It was as if there was an aura around him that compelled her to him. Suddenly she could not get enough of him. All she could think about was how much she wanted to be near him. She just wanted form them to become one, right there and then. She did not care where they were. Nothing mattered. Jamie didn’t matter. Jamie, she thought, and broke the kiss. She quickly got her own thoughts back and was ashamed to death. "See that was a kiss," said Luke. Quin quickly kicked him in the couch. He bowed together and took a step sideways. Quin saw her chance and ran as fast as she could. She had hardly ran a meter before Luke had gotten hold of her again. He grabbed her from behind and lifted her up with two arms around her waist her belly. Quin screamed and kicked her legs. Luke turned so he stood in the way of her only way out and released her. "Okay ... So I assume that Jamie has told you about my plan. I'm sure he told you that I would drink all your blood. But that's not how it is. I need just a little." He said. "It will not hurt in any way. You will still have all your powers I just want a share in them. It´s not unreasonable. No one is going to be harmed by it. And it would be easier for everyone if you just did it voluntarily."
"Do not think I don’t know what your true intentions are. If I give it to you, you will have so much power that you can do whatever you want. So you can kill anyone you want without being judged."
"Why on earth would I kill someone? Have you heard of anyone I've murdered? "
"You tried to beat Jamie to death, and you told everyone about Annabella so she would be killed just because she loved Jamie more than she loved you."
"Annabella did not love Jamie more than she loved me. Annabella was evil. I had to stop her. I could not bear to kill her so I told the people of her. I had to get Jamie arrested so he did not do anything stupid, so I got an already dead woman to look like a victim and had him charged with murder. I've never killed anyone."
"You're a good liar," a voice said. Quin looked and saw Jamie come walking towards them. He walked over and stood next to Quin. "But you can never deny your wickedness. We all know that you're a bad person. If you could even call you a person. If you were so holy you would have never messed with Quin dreams and given her vivid nightmares about Annabellas death." Quin stiffened. Was it Luke that had given her nightmares? Could he really control her thoughts in that way? She took Jamie's hand automatically.
"Jamie! How nice that you show up and cast false light on the situation," Luke said. "But I can see this isn’t going anywhere so I´ll retire. It's been real." He turns his back on them and takes a step forward. The next second he is gone.
"Are you okay?" Jamie asked. Quin nodded and hugged him. Jamie wrapped his arms around her. Quin tried to resist but she couldn’t hold back the tears. She was so afraid that her whole body shook. One moment she had actually believed in Luke's lies. Thought that maybe he actually was just misunderstood and that he perhaps wasn’t so bad. But there was no doubt in her mind now and she knew that her life was in danger.

Luke walked silently and focused across the floor of the library. She sat at the other end of the hall and read on some homework. It was almost so easy it was boring. But it had to be done. Asking nicely did work apparently so now he had to take other methods. Not because he had anything against it. On the contrary he enjoyed it. Scaring teenage girls were always good Friday entertainment but in a way it had become too easy. There was no challenge in it. Maybe he had to do something about the Jamie situation. But then again if he killed him then whom could he plague the next several hundred years? Anyway what good was ultimate power if he had no one to brag about it to? He had reached the girl now. "Hi, Angela," He said and smiled at her. Her cheeks reddened as he knew they would and she drop her pen into her glass of water by accident. All too easily, thought Luke. Even though he had gotten Quin to kiss him back in the woods it had been quite the challenge. He had tried to use his powers on her first time but it hadn’t worked. Only when he used all his strength he could get her to do as he wanted. That was at least interesting. This seemed too easy in comparison he barely tried. "How are you?" Angela just sat with her mouth open and stared at him. He was a bit annoyed. "Did you get a hold on Quin?" He asked but Angela just sat still and stared. What was wrong with her? Maybe he used excessive force on her. "Are you okay?" He asked her she just nodded. "Come on just go out and get in my car," he said in the end disappointed over her lack of power. She stood up quickly left all her things on the table and went towards the exit. Luke shook his head and went after her.

"I don’t understand why everyone says that I am a powerful witch, when the only thing I have done is to get a lot of lobsters to come to life …" said Quin. She and Jamie had gone over to the ZBZ and sat in her room. Quin had switched to a white summer dress her other clothes had gotten dirty. "You and Luke are much more powerful than me."
"No, it differs from person to person what they can do. Most witches and wizards can teleport and move things with mind. Annabella was able to control people's thoughts and get them to do as she wanted. The power she gave to me and Luke. But what none of us knew was that we would develop additional forces our own power. Luke got fire, I got ice."
"So if Luke for some of my power he will then get a new power?"
"No, he would only get the one you have, he has already developed his own power. Its hidden in all humans."
"And which one do I have?" Quin asked.
"You can heal people even the dead. You can get stuff there has never been alive to be alive,"
"What do you mean` never been alive? "Quin asked. Jamie grabbed a teddy bear lying on the bed. Quin looked at him. "You want me to make Mr. snuggle real?" She asked skeptical.
"But I can’t!"
"Yes you can," Jamie said and gave Quin the teddy bear. "Just concentrate," Quin looked down at the teddy bear. "How did you do last time?"
"I dunno know. I just looked at lobsters and imagined how incredible gross they would be alive. "
"Good. Do it again. Imagine the teddy alive," Quin tried and tried to do it but nothing happened. "Think about it being alive," Jamie said.
"It's actually not very easy, you know. You try making this teddy come alive ... " Begun Quin but suddenly started to go into a trance. She stared into the teddy bear eyes that suddenly blinked. Quin quickly let go of the bear so that it landed on the bed.
"Hey! Watch out! "It said. Quin looked despairingly at Jamie who just stared at the bear. It had set itself up. Suddenly the door opened and the house president entered. Quin hastened to take the teddy bear and throw it away. "Ouch," it said from where it had landed.
"What was that?" The president asked.
"What? I didn’t hear anything," Quin said. "Did you hear something?" She asked Jamie.
"No, absolutely not," He said. The president looked suspiciously at them.
"Okay ... I came just to see if Angela was here. But I can see that she has not come back yet. So ..." She stood and looked. Quin saw something move in the corner of the room and looked over. She saw the bear go wobbly around.
"Was there more?" She asked quickly.
"No, but Quin you know the rules. No boys in the room."
"Yes, of course."
"Well, Jamie, I expect to see you downstairs in the least 5 minutes," she said.
"Of course," Replied Jamie and nodded.
"Good, then I'll go now," she turned and walked away. Quin breath in relieve. Jamie stood up.
"I'd better go. I'll have to find a way to stop Luke,"
"What? You can’t just leave me here with a live teddy bear! What the hell do I do with it?" She asked. Jamie shrugged his shoulders.
"I don’t know. But I don’t think Mr. snuggle will hurt you." He said and grinned.
"It is not funny," said Quin. Jamie leaned over and kissed her. He was about to pull away but Quin wouldn’t let go of him. She pulled him down such as he lay on top of her.
"Quin, I'll have to go now," He said and loosened her grip. He kissed her forehead. "I'll be back when it gets dark," He said. "Leave the window open," He went and left her lying there on the bed. Quin sighed resignedly. Then she felt something vibrate beneath her. She put her hand under her back and pulled her mobile out. It was ringing. She didn’t recognize the number. She flapped phone up and answered.
"Hello?" She said.
"Hey, Quin," replied Luke. The hairs stood up on Quin's arm and she sat up.
"What do you want?" She asked.
"What I want? It'

Submitted: September 20, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Claire Byron. All rights reserved.

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