Playthings (Scene 1-3)

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Ever heard of voodoo dolls well this is about an old Hotel shutting down had it's history in death involving creepy ass dolls.Are they actually the ones causing the murders on the hotel grounds or something like death omen's haunting the object?

Submitted: April 11, 2010

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Submitted: April 11, 2010



Chicago Illinois,

A movers truck pulled up to an old hotel had a old mansion feeling mostly like a Bed N Breakfast type.

Moving guy: I still can't believe you are shutting down the place. You Know my parents were engaged here my grandparent's too.

Owner: A lot of people did.Boxes are at the end of the hall do you need help?

Moving guy: No ma'm I got thanks.

Two young twin blonds maybe about the age of six were sitting on the floor with their legs sticking out of the railings looking down at them as the moving guy went into their room to get the boxes.

Tyler (Twin 1): He's gunna take our toy's?

Owner: Only the ones you don't play with anymore. It's like you don't have enough already. She said as she continued walked down the stairs to the first floor of the hotel. About half way down the stairs both of the twins scoffed and said

Twins: Son of a bitch.. under their breath their mom looked up at them shocked and just let it slide just this once.

Owner: Watch your mouth girls..

Tyler: Maggie said it first though!

Owner: You too Maggie

Scene 2: As Tyler walked into their play room on the shelves their were old antic dolls and a replica of the hotel as a doll house. She gathered up the four small dolls that were standing on the stoop in front of the doll house placed them in the hotel replica. She placed a doll who dressed up like a room service guy in a white small walking chair and the other in a small crib Tyler: Good night Tepetha, Once she looked back at the white rocking chair the room service guy was missing.She found him at the bottom of the first floor stairs with his head turned complete 180. A Distant scream from downstairs was heard from the little girls room. Tyler walked over looked down over the banester not even frightened at all. Scene 3: Owner : Yes I'm calling about an accident that happened in the hotel your gunna need to send someone over now! The owner's voice sounded like she was in shock Owner:Tyler don't look sweetie go back to your room! The moving guy's head was turned in a complete 180 he was surrounded by the twin's old dolls and a pool of his own blood draining from his neck.

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