Rules of Writing

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these are the rules of writing.

1. Write what you know : Familiarity vs. hardcore knowledge.

2. Your characters must behave in a believable fashion. Setup is crucial - plot and character MUST mesh.

3. Your character must be challenged by a problem requiring resolutions. Story needs to be driven by an unswerving desire by the protagonist to solve his problems and reach his goals.

4. Movement equals growth; growth equals change; without change , nothing happens : Movement - some kind of action ( external,internal) - something must happen in every scene.

5. The strength of the protagonist is measured by the threat of the antagonist. Antagonist -generated threat/conflicts coupled with the fears and limitations of the protagonist (setup)

Show don't tell..

6. Avoid the grocery list approach describing characters. : Character description should "seep" in with the plot - give readers just enough to get by and trust them to fill in the rest of the Characters BIO.

7. Characters must always be in a story for a reason. : No matter how cool they are.. of they're not progressing the plot, they will be halting it instead.

8. Names are important : They should feel the right for the type of story as well as suggest something about the person, place, or thing they are attached to.

9. Don't bore the reader. : Can't get away with breaking this one ! very easy to do

A. Not enough action
B. Too Much action
C. Cardboard Characters
D. Over-complicated characters
E. Plot-less story-lines
F. Impenetrable story-lines
G. leaden prose
H . Purple prose
I. Unfathomable endings
J.Impeccable endings.

Submitted: April 07, 2011

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