KEIRA IN THE CHEVAL GLASS ties together the issues of social anxiety, imperfection, broken dreams, and new beginnings in this dramatic coming-of-age novel. A twenty-four-year-old woman seems to have an ideal life with beauty and a successful career. Yet she struggles with accepting her flaws, including social anxiety issues, and moving on with life, instead of running away from the problems that only keep her back in the past. She learns to find solace in the stories of the people around her, whose sorrowful but strong spirits reflect her own life and inspire her to change. Clever and witty, intuitive and insightful, KEIRA IN THE CHEVAL GLASS brings a voice to the secrets of ordinary people and speaks a profoundly sincere truth about the meaning of acceptance.

Table of Contents

"Raise your chin just a little bit higher...that's right...and -- and maybe try giving that hot, seductive look you gave me when I acci... Read Chapter