You interpret it.

what happened to Karl Marx? have you seen him?
I looked for him under the bed
and behind the couch
he doesn’t seem to be anywhere
he called me the other day
but he didn’t say anything on the other line
I knew he would be late for dinner
so I went into the forest and searched for him
and when that wasn’t good enough
I walked to China and called his name
but heard no answer
after many nights, I found him
I seemed to see him everywhere
he was trapped in a photograph and kept saying my name
asking me to help him get out
then I saw him at the subway station
he had tried to throw himself in front of a train, but he fell underneath
poor Karl Marx, always so clumsy
then I found him sitting next to Lenin and I asked him what he thought about the way things turned out
he asked me if we could leave now.
I took his hand, his frail-wrinkled-warmishcold hand,
and led him to the stairs
and we gingerly walked past the revolutions waving hello to us
the smiling corpses (they knew of their victory?)
the dirty rags, bicycles, and people
the kings and emperors soaking their feet in a communal sink
the lawyers and artisans hung like swaying leaves and cherries
I bought Karl Marx a cup of coffee
and we talked about the weather.

Submitted: April 21, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Claire van der Kerc. All rights reserved.

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Gothic Butterfly

Fantastic!! I love it when there is interpretation!!! Great use of capitalization, parentheses, and phrasing. I'm a very interpretative writer myself. Huzzah for making Thinking Poems!!!~

Fri, April 22nd, 2011 3:55am


Thank you so much!!

Fri, April 22nd, 2011 8:40am


to me, your writing seems very political.
i don't know too much about the subject-matter.
yet i find myself intrigued.

Sat, April 23rd, 2011 7:04am


Thanks. This one is definitely more political, I have a few that are philosophical, etc. But I'm glad you're intrigued! And also, in response to your other comment, yes, the book WATER FOR ELEPHANTS is the same as the movie.

Sat, April 23rd, 2011 8:24am


is "water for elephants", the book, the same as "water for elephants", the movie?

Sat, April 23rd, 2011 7:23am

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