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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

*COMPLETE* In the sleepy outskirts of Burlington, Vermont, two boys from strikingly different households have managed to fall head-over-heels. Bryan Harris, straight A student and star track member is willing to do anything it takes to be with Shawn Carter, the only son of the Baptist pastor. Including giving his life.

Table of Contents


Bryan Harris is in love. The only problem is, he seems to be the only one who doesn't see anything wrong with it. Read Chapter

Chapter One- Two Years Before

Chapter One: Two Years Before   Fifteen-year-old Bryan Harris was faking. He was smack in the middle of some dumb party at C... Read Chapter

Chapter Two: Extracurricular Activities

Chapter Two: Extracurricular Activities   At school that Monday, Bryan couldn’t concentrate on any of his classes. When he... Read Chapter

Chapter Three: New Ground

Chapter Three: New Ground Bryan was avoiding Shawn on purpose, again. He went the long way to classes and ignored him in the only cla... Read Chapter

Chapter Four: News

Chapter Four: News   The Harris house was ablaze with holiday spirit, except for Bryan for the first time in his life. He wa... Read Chapter

Chapter Five: The GSA

Chapter Five: The GSA   When Bryan got home from school, neither of his parents was home. A note on the refrigerator in his ... Read Chapter

Chapter Six: Details

Chapter Six: Details   The sound of his phone vibrating wildly on his end table pulled Bryan out of sleep at three in the mo... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven: Blood and Water

Chapter Seven: Blood and Water Christmas and New Year’s sped by in a blur, leaving only months until school let out for the summer.... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight: Summertime

Chapter Eight: Summertime Come summer, Melinda Carter had almost forgotten what her son looked like, considering he was never home. H... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Chapter Nine: Baton Rouge, Louisiana Bryan was helping his mother cook dinner, filling her in about everything that had been happenin... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten: Misfortune

Chapter Ten: Misfortune   In Bryan’s opinion, summer happened too quick. It was as though right when it was getting great,... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven: Standing Ground

Chapter Eleven: Standing Ground Shawn came home from school around five, like every other Friday. Except, when he walked through the ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve: Routine

Chapter Twelve: Routine   Shawn was five years old when his father hit him for the first time. He couldn’t remember ex... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen: Enamored Lies

IMPORTANT: A/N- If you want updated, PLEASE comment on this chapter. It makes my life a whole lot easier. Thank youu. -CW Chapte... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen: Private Property

A/N: So, this was a rather sucky chapter. I'm sorry about the length and the random flow and all that. I was rushing because I really wan... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen: Fast Times and Hard Crashes

Chapter Fifteen: Fast Times and Hard Crashes That summer, Shawn was so positive they were invincible. He loved his life, something he... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen: Tension

Chapter Sixteen: Tension "Tell me now, where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart?" -Mumford and Sons "Blank White ... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen: Application for Life

Chapter Seventeen: Application for Life "All the time that you were gone I thought about how things went wrong. Now you're co... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen: Party

Chapter Eighteen: Party   For a while, everything was going as well as it should’ve, considering. Owen was serious about e... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen: Deadly Intentions

Chapter Nineteen: Deadly Intentions   Bryan couldn’t find Shawn anywhere. The crowded house was ablaze with drunk and high... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty: Pure Panic

Chapter Twenty: Pure Panic   Everyone at the party had heard something loud go off, something that sounded like it could’v... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-One: The Promise

Chapter Twenty-One: The Promise Shawn woke up in a room with things beeping around him. As soon as thought slipped back into his mind... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Two: Direct Aftermath

Chapter Twenty-Two: Direct Aftermath   There was really nothing left for any of them to do except go home. That seemed relat... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Three: Shock

Chapter Twenty-Three: Shock   Jen didn’t wake up until about eleven the next morning. That was rather late for her, which ... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Four: Beautiful Nightmare

Chapter Twenty-Four: Beautiful Nightmare   He was running. The sound of taunting laughter filled his ears as his heart r... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Five: School

Chapter Twenty-Five: School   Shawn tossed the covers off at six thirty Monday morning, slapping the off button on his alarm... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Six: Revenge

Chapter Twenty-Six: Revenge   Owen was late getting to the Y. It wasn’t like he cared much anymore. He was leaving for bas... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Hopeless

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Hopeless   Years ago, when Jen discovered that she was pregnant for a second time, she briefly conside... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Outrunning

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Outrunning   Shawn was almost one hundred percent positive that he just bombed his history test. But i... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Losing It

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Losing It   He was watching the continuous slide show play, filled with pictures of Bryan ranging in ag... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty: Revival

Chapter Thirty: Revival   Backing away from the problem of pain, you never had a home You’ve been misguided, you’re ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-One: Recovery

Chapter Thirty-One: Recovery   “Another one, Timmy.” Todd Harris angrily shouted, slamming a manila folder down on his f... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Two: Revival

Chapter Thirty-Two: Revival   When Shawn and his parents got home from the hospital when he was released, it felt as though ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Three: Impending

Chapter Thirty-Three: Impending   Shawn was tired of lawyers. They constantly wanted to meet with him, just for follow-up qu... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Four: Trial

Chapter Thirty-Four: Trial   “…discrimination. The latest victim in this recent string of teenage deaths due to hate cri... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Five: Deliberation

Chapter Thirty-Five: Deliberation The news about the trial had spread like a wildfire. He knew what everyone was saying. He had heard... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Six: Verdict

Chapter Thirty-Six: Verdict Jen had eventually returned back to work after what felt like ages. She wasn’t herself anymore and ever... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Healing

        Chapter Thirty-Seven: Healing   After the trial had ended, Shawn began the steps... Read Chapter


E P I L O G U E: Fifteen Years Later   It was that time of the year that the ground was frozen solid. Shawn stood with his h... Read Chapter