Paper Roses

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This is for Anarchy Blues Seven Deadly sin contest, I chose envy. Aveline always had a huge crush of her best friend James, but sadly he is taken. He ask her if she could by roses last minute for him because he forgot to buy some flowers for his date. Before she brings him the flowers, she adds a little note in there. What does the note read and how would it effect James relationship.

Submitted: April 24, 2016

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Submitted: April 24, 2016



As I look at the brown paper bag wrapped around a cluster of exquisite roses, I begin to fantasize how it would feel if my childhood crush had given them to me. They smell sweet and intoxicating, which is similar to how I feel about him. Too bad little Ms. Perfect has caught his attention which is none other than Lila Steel. My childhood friend James has perpetuity had a puppy-dog crush on her ever since the seventh grade. I can't blame him for going googly eyes over her: She's beautiful, attentive, and always says the right thing. This situation leaves me in the friend zone, which totally sucks, by the way. Lila Steel is one lucky girl to get these roses from James and get to go on a lovey-dovey date with him.
My iPhone begins to buzz with its familiar ring tone, so I take it out of my denim jacket to see who's calling me. I glance at my caller ID while letting out a loud girlish squeal. Everyone in Walmart stopped and stared at me as if I was some crazy loon. I give them a blazing glare that sends their inquisitive eyes away from me. I answered my phone as I anxiously wait to hear the only person that can make my heart hammer like the wings of a hummingbird.
"Hey Aveline, did you get the roses for Lila yet?" He asked me in a low, husky voice. In case you're wondering why in the world would I buy roses for Lila, let me just take a moment to  explain. Well, James forgot to give her a bouquet of them  for their idiotic first date, and she made a big fuss about it and said that she wouldn't leave her house without those gaudy red roses. 
"I'm about to buy them now, so meet me out front," I told him before hanging up on him. There was no point in saying bye to him since we will see each other in the next couple of minutes. Or maybe I just didn't want to hear him say another cliche line about Lila being a sweet angel sent from above and how her farts smell like fragrant lilacs at aristocratic tea party.
"Sweet little angel my ass, " I thought to myself bitterly.  How many angels throw a ridiculous two-year-old temper tantrum over a bunch of frivolous flowers?  Whatever happened to romance and symbolism and not having to buy someone's love?  He would never have to do that with me, hell, I don't even require chocolates on Valentine's Day.  My idea date would be the both of us at home, playing monopoly and cuddling while watching Netflix. 
I grabbed the bouquet of roses and started heading towards the check-out line. As I reached the front end, an older cashier woman was giving me a warm smile when I handed her the flowers.
"Pardon me sweetie, are these roses for anyone special?" I could feel a rosy color tinting my cheeks, but I hope it didn't give her the wrong idea that her assumption was correct.
"I knew it; my women's intuition never fails! So are you going to use these flowers to apologize to your boyfriend or best friend?" My sapphire eyes went wide as flying saucers when she kept on blabbing this nonsense. I tucked a golden blonde curl behind my ear while trying to contain my laughter.
"I'm sorry lady, you got it all wrong. These are for my friend's girlfriend; he forgot to buy them for their date tonight." She gave me a long, examining stare through her thick round glasses, and then smirks to herself.  She hands me back the flowers as I give her the money for it.
"I can see you're head over heels in love with this guy, you should try to sabotage their date." Oh. I was already planning on doing that, but I was very shocked that she could read my intentions so clearly.  I had given her one of my famous Cheshire cat smiles before I was out of the store in a blink of an eye.
As I stepped outside to the misty parking lot, I had a hard time scanning for James's beat up pick-up truck. Come on Aveline, it's not that hard to spot that piece of junk he calls a car. After a long time searching for his ancient fossil of a truck, I finally located it. I sighed with relief when he pulled up in front of me, and I couldn't help but think that this reminded me of an Edward scene from Twilight.
"What are you snickering about, Aveline?" He asked me while getting out of his rusty old truck. I shrugged my shoulders for a response, even though I wanted to say that he resembles Edward Cullen and makes my knees shake. He could actually be his doppelganger: the perfect bronze hair, the golden brown eyes, and a smile that sends  never-ending shivers up my spine.
"Thanks so much for doing this for me, Lila really startled me with her little diva attitude." Poor guy, I have no idea how he fell under her spell, but I'm going to make sure he will snap out of it tonight, even if I have to shake him like a rag-doll.
"No problem, you better skedaddle out of here so you can make it to your dinner reservations on time." He nodded and went back inside his car and started to rev the engine. 
I began to walk toward my little black Jetta, but something stopped me.  It came from the gut, but it was probably my heart finally crawling on all fours until it merged with my brain.  I knew I had to do something, and the consequences may change our friendship forever, but I'm only going to be seventeen once.  I ran back to James' truck and  opened his door. He gave me a bewildered look as I gently put my lips on his and wrapped my arms around him. 
I was expecting him to pull back or push me roughly, but he didn't, his body just naturally responded.  It felt a bit like magnets, at least for a few moments.  Finally, we pulled apart because humans need to breathe in oxygen, and I smirked at him and said, "By the way, I actually prefer wildflowers.  Just for future reference." 

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