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A short story of lust and betrayal.

Submitted: June 24, 2013

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Submitted: June 24, 2013



The things that happen in life, whether significant or not, happen for a reason. Fate, some may call it. Now this is not a tale about fate, or love, its quite the opposite in fact. This tale is about how all those fairytales, have the potential to come true, prince charming, he’s real. But this little thing called Life, always fucks it up. I know, I know theres always an exception to the rule, the stories you hear about true love finding its way; real life, i might add. But as human beings its a part of what we do, to make mistakes. So i guess this is a short story about my encounter with the big mistake (or number of them) that kept me from my real life prince charming. My happily ever after. 


Mid 2011. My usual friend, Sera was on holidays with her aunt, which influenced me to arrange an evening with an old friend of mine, a sweet, polish girl. Lets call her Helena. As i arrived at her house she unintentionally suprized me with two of her own friends being there; therefore being included in our evening together. Lets call them Kiara & Kel. So we relaxed at Helena’s apartment for a few hours, drinking sherry and exchanging stories. Kiara announced that she had received an invitation from a male friend that lived close by that he had some friends over and was wondering if we would like to join them. Of course we all agreed. 


As i walked through the front gate of the house i had no idea what i was getting myself into. Arranged around a stained glass table on the outdoor patio were four boys, two in which have no influence on this story other than they were both there, witnesses you might say. But the other two, well thats who this story is about. Michael, he said nothing the whole evening, a few smirks, a laugh every so often. I thought nothing of him and i couldn’t even tell you the color of the shirt he was wearing if you paid me $50 to. But Michael plays an important part in this story as i’ve been dating him for 1 year, 55 days and 9 hours  now but not one of those hours spent with Michael has been as memorable or as special as the few spent with Chris. 


It took 5 minutes after being roughly introduced to Chris and i knew i had never been this comfortable with a person ever before, i knew there was something interesting about me and him. As the evening went on, it progressed into myself and Chris being the only two talking to each other, like there was no one else there. Like we were the only two that even existed. 

We exchanged numbers and i left. 

Thinking i’d never see Chris again. 


I was living 3 hours out of town at the time, studying to become an artist at a rural institute. One month passed and i decided it wasn’t for me, Art yes, but not the place i was studying. It was so lifeless and i was so wanting to be alive. I made the decision to move back home, a thoughtless and emotionless decision. I enrolled into the local Arts and design institute where my friend Sera had just got accepted into and i got accepted almost instantly too.


My first day, and as i was walking to my first lecture i noticed a familiar face through a crowd of thick brim glasses and tight fitting sweaters. Chris. Suprized by the smile on his face i approached him slowly, nervously. We exchanged a brief conversation and went to our individual classes. Over the next few weeks our effortless friendship sparked, we could talk about anything. 


Now by this time my stories probably feeling a bit too ‘happily ever after’ style. Well don’t worry because soon enough my ‘best’ friend Sera had noticed how great Chris and I were together, naturally for her she wanted what I already had.

The following weekend i was invited out for a few drinks with Chris and some other friends from Art school. Instead of going i had a night at home, bath salts, candles, that sort of ‘me’ time, that everybody has once in a while. 

Now staying home that night changed my life, everything from now on, went 




Of course, that one small social outing that i blew off was the one small social outing that Sera ‘happened’ to go to.


The big mistake.


Monday morning Sera was so excited to tell me all about her evening with Chris. They went home together, slept together, she cooked him breakfast, spent all of Sunday laying in the sun on his beautiful wooden veranda. Sera spared NO detail. And of course, i smiled and ‘awww’-ed and laughed the whole way through her romantic story. And of course my heart was eroding the whole way through. 


From then on the story turns sour. So close the book if you’r heads still in the clouds about love because you’ll find no happy ending in the next few pages.


Have you ever watched the one you love, love someone else ? Seen it in a movie ? Read it in a book or heard it in a song ? I’m sure you have. I’m sure you have an idea about how fucking horrible it feels. But if not, here you go... 


A short list of things that compare to the horrible torture of watching the one you love, love someone else: 


  1. Finding a dead baby bird on your front door step
  2. Finding out Romeo and Juliet were cousins
  3. Hearing you’r mother tell you’r father that she’s leaving
  4. Seeing a homeless person cry
  5. Running out of hot water, in the peak of winter
  6. Throwing up
  7. Cancer


November 2011. The past two months had been a painful misery that i could not solve nor forget. Watching Sera and Chris, hurt. 

Noticing i was alone, Chris set me up with Michael, his best friend. I treated him as though he’s a friend and he treated me the same, until Chris forced myself and Michael together so much that we both developed the illusion of lust. 

Now lust is a very powerful thing, it ties you up. Whether your tied up to someones bed post with fully hand cuffs, or your tied up in the ever so amusing mistake of thinking lust is in fact love. You’r tied up, and when people are tied up they usually run. And me, well i didn’t. I stayed. I kept the lust between myself and Michael going so strong, that we both thought we were falling for each other. 


Now you may wonder why, why on earth would i pretend to myself that i had feelings for Michael. Well, its simple, in my head subconsciously i pretended he was Chris. 


1 year, 55 days and now 11 hours with Michael, still thinking he’s Chris. Well thats got to fuck you up one way or another.

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