A Dance in Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is my first stab at writing so please comment.
Have you ever been seduced into falling in love in one night? For Ryuu and Lily they never thought it was possible until they met. Ryuu, a Japanese businessman, is determined to unravel Lily's secrets whereas she tries to hide away and forget her feelings. Follow their journey through barriers of society and more importantly, their own hearts as they fall in love.

Submitted: January 27, 2015

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Submitted: January 27, 2015



Chapter 1: Mysterious Girl


Why did I come here? I shouldn’t have allowed myself to be dragged her by these idiots, really I would prefer to be home reading my books and enjoying my own company. Instead, I’m sitting in a cloud of smoke, surrounding by a bunch of rowdy guys who think getting steaming drunk is a great time. This place is...squalid. I have been to much better exotic dance clubs where the clients are high class, the service is top dollar and the dancers don’t reek of drugs and desperation. I should leave, grabbing my coat I stand not bothering to say my goodbyes to my company. Almost to the door then, “ Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t see you there.”

“Well you’re in a rush aren’t you?”, giggles a cloaked girl, “I know this venue isn’t the prettiest, but why don’t you stay for a while longer? You never know, you might be surprised at what you find.”

The girl walks off and leaves me perplexed. All I could see were her plump red lips, her voice, had a thick accent, obviously not from Japan. My temptation to leave was replaced by a big lump of curiosity I had to know who she was. My companions hardly noticed when I returned they were too busy staring at the stage where a man dressed in an elaborate, green suit was beginning his speech.

“Hello, fine gents and gorgeous ladies! I am Katashi Ichijo your host for the evening, as you may have guessed this night is a very special night. Tonight, we shall entice and delight you with our first, but by no means least, burlesque show! For those whom have never seen such a show before we have some rules, if you see something you like clap, if you see something that excites cheer!”.

The announcer does his part relaying the crowd for the first act. My knowledge of burlesque dance is not that extensive, I have seen clips on the internet but nothing more. My interest grows, is this what the shrouded woman meant? The first couple of acts are fun, upbeat but more comedy than tease, still it’s a far better night than I expected. The audience is roaring and laughing, taken in by the dancers’ charms.

“What beautiful women don’t you agree ladies and gentlemen?”, the compare walks onto the stage, shouts and whistles declaring everyone’s thoughts, “Sadly, we have come to our last act, but don’t fret, this was but a mere taster for months to come. Our final act, is the lady who made this whole night happen. She is a connoisseur of lust and desire all the way from the UK, give it up for this exotic beauty, Miss Lily Fae!”.

The lights and the crowd calmed simultaneously as the sultry music came to our ears. My breath became shallow, was this the mysterious girl I had encountered? People began to whisper from the back and everyone turned to see a small cloaked figure glide down the aisle. Occasionally, she would pause to stroke someone’s hand or whisper in their ear, as she walked her legs would slowly be revealed to give us a glimpse of what’s to come. I stared at my hands, strange they’re clammy, suddenly I felt fingers raising my chin and there were those red lips again. “If you don’t look up how are you supposed to be surprised?”, Lily breathed into my ear, sending delicious shivers down my spine.

As she reached the stage, the music changed to something darker, more forbidden. The cloak drops and everyone gasps but nothing is seen apart from a black feather fan that covers her body from neck to her knees. The audience cheer and I sit there mesmerised by her as the twirls around to show another fan, I don’t see her face. A delicate black mask surrounds her eyes so the only thing she reveals is her golden hair tied in a tight bun. She glides around the stage with only her pale, toned legs and passionate eyes visible. Chills run down my spine in anticipation for what’s to come. Miss Fae does not disappoint. The music’s tempo increases and her dancing becomes more risky, twirling and twisting, Fae teasing us with flashes of her sumptuous body. I feel her gaze resting on me as the music, again, changes to a slower more seductive tone. I’m enraptured. The entire audience remains quiet.

This enigmatic creature has me stunned like no other has before. Maybe I’m being stupid, this after all is part of her act, to seduce and entrance her audience into falling in love, no lust after her. I brush this sensible thought out.

“No, she is definitely giving me more attention than everyone else. Is she giving me a signal?,” these fantasies run through his head as Miss Fae begins to reveal a bit more of herself.

She lightly brushes her black feathers over her alluring body, to the crowd’s dismay (and mine) underneath she wore a jewelled black lingerie which barely secured her. Slowly, she caresses the fan along her then places on the floor, leaving one to cover her voluptuous chest. She turns, her hand gracefully undoing her bra whilst her hips sway. I hold my breath. She returns to her other fan and agonisingly enticing me once more. Our eyes remain locked through this whole maneuver and I can feel the tension rise as the end draws near. Just as she moves her feathers behind her and I catch a glimpse of her beautiful breasts the lights cut out and she slinks off stage. Finally, the breath that I seemed to have held for an age is released. The audience clap and cheer, all of them begin standing except me, who has something, ashamedly to hide.


“That was exhilarating! So much more than back home. That man, why did I continue to focus on him? I have I met him before and my subconscious was trying to tell me something?” Miss Fae ponders this as she makes her way back stage. Aimi, a newly fledged performer and Fae’s pupil, rushes towards her almost taking her off her feet.

“Oh my gosh! That was amazing, thank you so much Lily! I feel great!,” Aimi gushes.

I can’t help but grin back at Aimi, she was my first student and I am so proud of her not only as a teacher but as a friend. She was the first person I met when I moved here, she was so kind and generous I am glad to give something back to her. Aimi reminded me of my former self, timid, self-conscious and unaware of how attractive she is, but now we are both here doing something that we love and gives us confidence to keep going. As Aimi and I change into less revealing clothes she questions me about a certain man in the audience, “I didn’t know who to look at more, you or him. His gaze was so intense I thought he was going to grab you off stage and runaway with you. Why didn’t you tell me you found a boyfriend?”.

Startled, I corrected her, “He’s not my boyfriend. I have never met him in my life...I think.”

We get interrupted as we are announced back on stage for the final bow. The lights are now glaring in our faces, clouding the crowd from our sight. As the compare gives me a special mention and asks that I make a speech for the opening night, I blush and stammer my way through.


She comes on stage again with all the other performers and gives a final bow. This time, Lily Fae wears a long black dress with a plunging neckline which hugs her and perfectly show cases her figure. Her mask remains on. To my surprise, she seems like a completely different person as she gives an impromptu speech. Her cheeks turn a delicious red and her voice remains husky but is scattered with pauses and giggles. Damn, she is sexy. I glance around, looking at all the other men who are practically drooling in desire. Here is a petite, blonde foreigner who is not only sexy but can speak perfect Japanese, any guy would want her. A pain radiates to my heart, what is this?

“Ryuu-sama? We are leaving, are you coming with us?,” my subordinate, Fujiwara addresses me.

Hesitantly, I agree to go with them. I take one last look at the mysterious girl whom held my attention and our eyes connect, lust and intrigue passing through both of us. Then I am pulled away, never thinking I’ll see her again.


The lights are dimmed for my speech so I can see the fabulous people who helped make the night. It didn’t help me though, making a speech is utterly unlike dancing. It’s more nerve-wracking. What was worse was that I couldn’t take my eyes off the man I bumped into earlier. He had classical Japanese facial features soft dark hair, sharp nose and prominent cheek bones, yet his eyes weren’t a distinct brown colour and his jawline was strong and square. He wasn’t the normal guy I was attracted to, then again who was? However, there was something about him, a presence that caught and retained my attention. Suddenly, he was standing. His body was far more masculine than most other Japanese men, his shoulders were broad, his suit no doubt hiding a fine six pack and he towered over his friends. He seized me with his peculiar eyes which were filled with lust and another emotion I couldn’t place. Then he left, releasing me from a trance.

The night is not yet over. Drinking and less fancy dancing ensues as the girls celebrate a successful show. By this time, it is only close friends that remain in the bar and they take their turn to exhibit their skills. I remain at the bar, nursing a white wine as Aimi twirls towards me.

“Why such a long face Honey? The show was brilliant, the crowd loved us”, her grin turns into a suspicious gaze, “You’re disappointed that Mr Hunk left early aren’t you? I know there’s something going on.”

I sigh, “If there was you would be the first person I’d tell. Besides, you know I don’t do relationships.”

“You don’t do sex either,” Aimi whispers. “Where are you going? Your not leaving already?”

I smirk, “Don’t worry it’s nothing you said. I still have to unpack my things since moving and I’d like to get it done sooner rather than later. I’ll see you for lunch tomorrow yeah?”

Aimi pouts as I leave. I laugh, she always acts like a little sister I never had. I take in the Tokyo air, it’s certainly a lot dirty than Scotland’s but I like it here. Putting in my earphones I drown out the city sounds with heavy basses and hard drums and my thoughts drift towards ‘Mr Hunk’.




© Copyright 2020 Clara Nightingale. All rights reserved.

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