A story about Hearing

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I found this to be funny. Hope everyone likes it.

Submitted: January 29, 2014

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Submitted: January 29, 2014



A Story About Hearing


This old man is gradually going deaf.  His hearing degenerates to the point where he can still hear sounds, but has a lot of trouble understanding them.  Finally he breaks down and sees his doctor about it.  After the examination the doctor recommends surgery and having implants installed in his ears.  The old man agrees, then gets the surgery done.  The implants work, and within a relatively short period of time his hearing is restored close to normal.


A few weeks later he returns to his doctor for a follow up visit.  He tells the doctor "I can't believe how well it went.  The surgery was out patient and I was out of the hospital in less then one day.  These implants work great!  I can hear again.  I can understand what they're saying in church.  I can hold conversations without trying to read people's lips or asking them to repeat things.  And best of all I can listen to my Beatles and Rolling Stones albums without blasting the volume so loud it drives my family crazy!"


"I'm glad to hear that" the doctor replied.  "We have had a lot of success with this procedure and these implants.  Tell me, how does your family feel about it?"  "That's the thing, doc" the old man replied, "They don't know.  But I have had to update my will three times!"


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