The Untamed Dog

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In the deserted town of Aberrare, there was noise. HORRIBLE NOISE. Violence. Hatred. Prejudice. Here I bring your attention to a dog. A dog named YULARA. He was abandoned by his parents. Now in
this town, he fights for his survival, destroying anything that blocks him.

Submitted: November 10, 2013

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Submitted: November 10, 2013



I arrived in the town of Aberrare. At first sight, it gave me this negative impression. A mad, deserted area which I regret coming to. Sadly, I’d need some time to get out so, might as well see what goes on in this town. Ironically, Aberrare was horribly noisy. I might be a snail and you’d think that’s why the sounds are amplified, but I’ve been able to differentiate between that and what I’m experiencing. Considering the town’s rather deserted, I didn’t expect this much noise.

This noise, however, is not that of vibrant festivals, but the din that is conceived through violence, arguments and constant prejudice and hatred being expressed in very loud ways.

I wish to bring your attention to a particular thing in this town. Something I met in this disastrous town. This thing isn’t human, but a dog, whose name’s Yulara.

Yulara was abandoned by his parents and left in the doldrums. Those who walked by wanted him to rot, called him a poor sad orphan. He wasn’t the only one though. There were others who were disowned by their parents, thrown around Aberrare. All these dogs would have to fight for their survival. It would be the competition of their lives. They’d need to despise, kill, hate and destroy those who tried to overtake them. They had to crush those who stopped them. They had to stomp those in their paths. They had to reach that goal, the goal of survival.

All these dogs, started off like Yulara, discarded when they were born. They needed to learn how to live on their own. Yulara learnt from his ‘seniors’. He took from them and started to turn violent. The humans who had tried to stop the previous batches failed, only to become dog food. Yulara soon started to regard humans as his mortal enemy, the obstacle that prevents him from surviving, and the thing that stops him from progressing.

Yulara was different from the others in the way that he was smarter. The others took the offensive and most ended up dying. The humans tried to stop these acts and some even resorted to killing the dogs. Now, Yulara didn’t want to risk his life trying to reach his goal. He felt that if he wanted to die, he’d rather die competing with the other dogs than to die at the hands of the humans.

Yulara started to devise his horrible plan. This took quite some time, putting him at an obvious disadvantage, but he found that this plan was worth planning as it would bring him a large step forward into defeating all the others.

This day, Yulara started to take action. He made friends with the humans, showing absolutely no sign of offence and concealing his sly smile. When the humans got to know him and started to become friends, half of Yulara’s plan was complete. Yulara started telling the humans what the other dogs were doing and how they should be stopped. His answer to the problem: death.

The humans started despising the other dogs, hating them to the core, building up their hatred to kill them. Now, ¾ of Yulara’s plan was complete. Yulara began turning against the humans, attacking them when their guard was down. When asked who the culprit was, the innocent Yulara blamed it on the other dogs, hiding himself from the situation and killing an innocent soul.

Yulara took this to his advantage and destroyed the human race. Certain humans, a group of around 25 of them already saw what he did and have hidden themselves from him. They started spreading the word to the rest of the world. These 25 acted very nice to Yulara and Yulara didn’t even want to destroy them and regarded them as true friends. Behind that fact, they actually despise Yulara and wish to use his trick against him, to let him have a taste of his own medicine.

I, Leafy Snails, didn’t know what to say. I thought dogs were Man’s best friends. When did it turn around into a competitive society where everyone kills each other or gets them in trouble just to overtake them? The 25 and those who got the message, I hope they stop this madness and bring down Yulara. The competition is alright, that’s life, but what Yulara is doing is just wrong. Killing everyone so that he gets first place. Blaming everyone so that he is always right. Destroying everyone’s hopes and dreams to break their confidence. Yulara, if you know who I’m talking to, stop your madness and make friends, make true friends. Don’t rely on death to solve your problems. What you need to do is help each other, friendly competitions are fine, but killing competition are a no-no.

Will the humans stop Yulara? Or will Yulara kill them first? I’ve stayed long enough and do not wish to see the end, whether or not it’s good. Yulara needs to change for better. I hope the town doesn’t live to its name…

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